2010's last day, hmmm

quick post since I'm on the go. In NYC right now, will be back in MTL on the 3'rd to write more decent posts. Hope you'll party the shit out of tonight.
Have fun

droppin' random hiphop and 1 dubstep song that I've been listening to in the past days

Planet Asia - Be Careful
Brand Nubian - Soldiers Story (Hellfire Machina Remix) <-- Dubstep
O.G.C - No Fear
Big Boi - Afraid of the General (Wick-it Remix)
Big Boi - Everlasting Shine Blockaz (Wick-It Remix)

happy new year in advance



All apologies

As you've surely guessed, the holidays have been taking up all of our time. Family, suppers with friends, partyin', the works. Unfortunately, we have not really been on our A-game in terms of posting. Cal is in NYC until January 3rd, so you'll have to wait until he gets back to get your underground hip-hop fix.

I'm going to be starting night shifts for at least the next year, so I'll be able to post a lot more, hopefully. Anyways, to make up for our lack of posting, I've included a lot of tunes that I've been listening to over the holiday period.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Amerie- One Thing (French Fries remix)

I've been impatiently waiting for this one for a few weeks, and I was so pleasantly surprised when Brodinski released it for FREE on his Best Of Everything Part 2 mixtape. You reaaaally need to check it out, it's a really dope collection of amazing rnb refixes. Although this is a really simple re-edit, it's one of my favorite releases of the year, for some odd reason.

Gil Scott-Heron- NY is killing me (Jamie xx remix)


Jamie xx and the icon, proto-hip hop legend Gil Scott-Heron. Jamie xx will release a remix album of Gil Scott-Heron tunes, and it will definitely be one of the best mixtapes of the year. Scope it out!

Billy Paul- Let the Dollar Circulate

Snowman, bitch, need I say more?

Drake- Fireworks (Deadboy Slo Mo House Edit)

Spooky, ethereal, bassy. Who would have thought a Drake remix could be as good as this?

The 2 Bears- Follow the Bear

Pretty standard tech house, but fun nonetheless.

Larry Harlow- La Cartera

One genre that I've never really had the pleasure of properly investigating is salsa. I saw an interview with the Mars Volta where they namedrop Larry Harlow and the Fania All-Stars, and I've been trying to check out more of the huge selection of dope shit that Salsa offers. I'd love to hear any of your suggestions of good salsa, if you have any. Let me know in the comments!

Jawbreaker- Accident Prone

One of those guilty pleasures. Blake Schwarzenbach is forever gloomy and depressed, but he made great post-punk music with Jawbreaker back in the day.

Happy New Year, people. 2011 will be a huge year for us, if everything goes as planned.

Much love!



Laid Back Sunday : Xmas

This marvelous time of the year has arrived. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. ah ! Its the final edition of Laid Back Sunday 2010; the big rap up of everything that has been posted in the last 15 weeks of this "hip hop" segment.
Sure Christmas is nice too, but music is better ! (Big statement right here).

Anyway since you probably have something better to do during your holiday than reading my crap, I'm dropping a shitload of songs and leaving you with a ZIP file combining all the songs shared during the past weeks.

A bit of everything, randomness to the core.

Grits - Ooh Ahh (ft. Toby Mac) <--- Ahahaha yeah, I know

Das EFX - Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)

Devin The Dude - Nothin' To Roll With

Strong Arm Steady - One Step (Remix featuring Crooked I, Jay Rock & Turf Talk)

Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm No Good (feat. Amy Winehouse)

Danger Mouse & Jemini - Copy Cats (feat. Prince Po)

GETEYE X Jay-Z - December 4th (Dee War Remix)

Tommy Tee - Takin' Ova <--- Norwegian rapper

Talib Kweli & Mos Def - Bright AS The Stars (DJ Critical Hype Remix) <--- Montreal DJ

Common & Sadat X - 1-9-9-9 (Calibar Remix) <--- Remix I did, hope you dig

And the ZIP file with the past 15 posts' songs (doesn't include today's tracks).
You have to wait the 45 sec countdown to download, in case you're not familiar with megaupload

2010 was a great year people, thanks again for all the support. Greatly appreciated !
2011 will be even better ; big shit poppin'

Enjoy the rest of your holidays,





Oh how I've been slacking off for the past weeks. So quick update before heading to my family
2011 is right around the corner and I think it's time to drop a bit more Nero. Seems like a logical thing to do since I saw them in Montreal with some friends not long ago and they will absolutely be killing it in 2011.

The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

Plan B - Recluse (Nero Remix)

Nero - Me and You 

Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)

Here's a nice little jumble of songs for you, from old to new, they're all banging! Blinded by the Lights has the dopest (pun intented) video. Recluse is my favorite for sure. Me and You is going be released on their upcoming work on Chase and Status' record label MTA. Dressed to Digress must have the most illogical lyrics of all time.

Oh and don't miss the Essential Mix they did a month ago. They play a bunch of their remixes, unreleased shit, body&mind pounding dubstep, all the way to french electro and back. This must be one of the greatest mixes I've heard in my life.

Nero - BBC Radio1 Essential Mix 11/13/2010 by Ear Cande

Merry Christmas my fantastic followers.



OFWGKTA pt 7: Jet Age of Tomorrow

Here we are, we are on the last leg of our tumultuous journey. Odd Future Wolf Gang has been omnipresent in this space for quite some time, but alas, the segment ends tonight.

I was supposed to finish it last week, actually, but I forgot about the members of Odd Future that are behind-the-scenes. Besides OF in-house engineer Syd, Jet Age of Tomorrow/Super 3 are responsible for a big chunk of Wolf Gang beats.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- Can I Hold Your Hand?!

Matt Martians and Pyramid Vitra are the highly creative, highly experimental, highly tripped-out duo formerly known as Super 3, and now known as The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Their material sounds a bit different from most of the collective's stuff, but that's just because you're used to hearing spitting about dismemberment and vandalism over the beats. This is pure OFWGKTA creativity run wild, a group of forward thinking teens who are only limited by their imagination.

Beat4Clothes ft Tyler, The Creator- Rest Stop Flow (Matt Martians remix)

When I first downloaded their album off of the OFWGKTA site, I was expecting something totally different. Tyler dropped a word of warning that it was 'spaced-out and cosmic', but I was not ready for this shit. When I popped it into Itunes, it fell into the genre of Acid Jazz. What the fuck? What followed was a trippy journey into instrumental funk/jazz/hip-hop/funk/the future. Still, you can still hear the dopeness dripping out of your speakers when you bump it. That trademark Wolf Gang swagger, though not in its usual form, shines through.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- My Good Girl

We're not usually one to quote other blogs, but this quote from A Half-Warmed Fish pretty much nails it. Get on the bandwagon, kiddos, and show some love.

If you're a fan of N*E*R*D, of jazz, of experimental music,
or of good music in general, you might want to get on this
before they start showing up on Fader and Pitchfork and you feel
like a dick for not listening until a big blog appropriated their tracks

Jet Age of Tomorrow- But She's Not My Lover

You can download their album Voyager right below. This is definitely a sleeper of an album, but it grows on you a lot after a few listens. Cosmic acid jazz for the young reckless stoner/dreamer in all of us.

Jet Age of Tomorrow- Voyager

As well, they've very recently released a little teaser of their new album on their bandcamp page. Journey To The 5th Echelon will be dropping on December 31st on the Odd Future site, so keep your eyes peeled for that. If these 4 preview tracks are any indication, the album is going to be massively rad.

And finally, I just want to shine a little spotlight on a young Californian rapper who I believe is affiliated with OFWGKTA, though not an official member. He shows up quite a bit on the first Odd Future tape and makes a few appearances in everyone's albums and mixtapes, but there is not too much mention of him on the Odd Future site. No clue why, to be honest. He probably reps OF but is off doing his own thing on the side, I suppose.

His name is Casey Veggies, a 17 year old rapper from California, and he's mighty dope. Scope out some of his material right here.

Casey Veggies- The Panties

Casey Veggies is another talented young gun who is unnaturally talented for his age. He is, as he puts it, "a young n***a with an OG flow", probably due to his extremely relaxed and confident demeanor. He's got a great handle on the metaphors, and isn't too obsessed with the posturing like a lot of rappers that are just getting in the game. Basically, dude spits like he has nothing to prove, even though he has everything to prove as he's just a young buck. His laid-back lyrics and smooth California vibe is probably what's going to put him ahead of a lot of his peers. Only time will tell, but he's definitely one to watch in the underground Cali rap scene.

Casey Veggies ft Ace Creator- Remember Me

As always, you can grab all of the OF mixtapes and albums, and a few little write-ups below. Thanks for stickin' around for the ride. Hope you enjoyed the segment.

OFWGKTA pt 1: Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis
OFWGKTA pt 3: MellowHype
OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G
OFWGKTA pt 5: Tyler, The Creator
OFWGKTA pt 6: Odd Future Wolf Gang

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All




Earl Sweatshirt ft Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator- Fuck this Christmas


I'm out!



mein head

Good evening.

I've been workin non-stop since my last post, which is why you haven't been getting too many updates from me. Tis the season to be forgiving, though!

Tonight I'll be throwing up a few tunes that should give you an idea of where my head is musically. (Which is, as I'm sure you can surmise, all over the place)

Brenmar- Taking it Down

Brenmar is no stranger to Avenge The Virgins. Besides having one of raddest drops in recent memory, he also happens one of my favorite producers these days, and each of his new productions is better than the last. Look for this guy to blow up in 2011. (Although I can't help hearing "taking a dump" instead of the obvious). This release is on Discobelle Records as well.

The Dream- Fancy

The Dream is a genius. What more can I say. Modern rnb's greatest songwriter/producer/performer. Completely unfuckwithable. Kingdom finished a mix with this tune last year, and I've been bumping it ever since it came out on his Love vs Money album. The last minute is soooo dope.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Round and Round

This won pitchfork's Best Song of 2010 award. I do not share the same opinion, but it is a fine tune nonetheless. L-A's resident avant-garde weirdo Ariel Pink has been making awesome music for a few years, and it's nice to see him get some notice. Especially since he's been pushing this sound for a while, and a lot of artists are riding his coattails. Round and Round is one hell of a catchy tune, though, I must admit.

the xx- Islands (chllngr remix)

I've been posting about the xx ever since this blog was started last year, and I still listen to their stuff all of the time. Their brand of minimal awesomeness fits any type of weather or mood. Their remix of You've Got the Love is probably my most listened-to song this year, too. By the way, The Fader's recent issue has a feature on Jamie XX that you should really scope out. Really interesting insight into the xx's mastermind.

Bombé- Lakes

Well, look who's making a reappearance on ATV. Bombé's tune Brighton was well received when we posted it last, and he just happened to send this little gem over a few days ago. While not as much of a dancefloor destroyer as Brighton, Lakes is a great piece of tropical bass. It starts off as atmospheric, spacey 2-step, then transforms into a double-time carnival frenzy of a tune. Bombé's mastery of percussion/drum programming is unrivaled. I've been digging all of the tunes on his soundcloud as well.

The Smiths- There is a light that never goes out

I'm a sappy dude, but I'm sure you've figured that out by now.

French Fries & Chaos In The CBD - With You (Original Mix) by Chaos In The CBD

OMG SO GOOD. Young Gunz are bloody killin' it this year. One of the better future bass/2 step tunes of the year, and a personal fave. Keep your eyes out for French Fries' upcoming remix of Amerie- One Thing. It's going to be masssssssive.

Sorry for the somewhat thrown-together post, I've got some comin' up tomorrow and Wednesday to satisfy your hunger. Tomorrow, we'll be officially finishing up the OFWGKTA feature, and on Wednesday, I'll be starting a new weekly segment that I'm sure you'll dig.

Thanks for bearing with us in these times of sporadic posting. Exams + work + holidays, y'feel me.




Laid Back Sunday #15

Credits to Peter Nowacki for the illustration

Sorry for the late post, shit happens. Oh, and if you happen to have witnessed Philadelphia's Eagles performance today against the NY Giants, damn it was great.

Living Legends - After Hours (Extended Euro Mix)
1st beat by Living Legends crew which has been featured in one of my old post. This song right here is the definition of a Laid Back Sunday. Mad groovy.

K. Sparks - Mind Elevation (feat. Cymarshall Law)
K. Sparks from Jamaica Queens NYC really delivers a nice beat featuring emcee Cymarshall Law. Far from being a typical hiphop beat, this one is an energetic track with a reggae twist.

Slim Thug - Bitch I'm Back featuring Devin The Dude (Prod. by Dr Dre)
This one is an old leaked track that was first rumored as being a future hit on the upcoming (I hope) Dr. Dre Detox album. Probably not gonna happen. Still a nice track. As mentioned in an earlier post by my friend MDMAwesome, Devin The Dude really is the right guy to chill you down.

See you next week with a special and last Laid Back Sunday of year 2010. As I said in last week's post, I will rap-up a ZIP file with all the tracks that have been shared in the past 15 laid back Sundays.

See you next time,



what's going on

Credit goes to Florian Nicolle for the illustration

I don't care what you might think, Ghostface Killah is one of the most prominent member of the Wu-Tang. He has been coming out with straight fire ever since the clan died. This guy could of easily stopped producing shit a long time ago but he's still at it and once again a great album will be drop by mister Killah.
Apollo Kids will be dropping on Dec. 21st.

2 tracks off the album

Ghostface Killah - Purified Thoughts Feat. GZA and Killah Priest
Ghostface Killah - Troublemakers Feat. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman

Since the album is called Apollo Kids why not share the good old classic that goes by the same name.

Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids Feat. Method Man, Redman & Cappadonna

peace the fouk out




All respect due to Brick Stowell for the photo.

What can I possibly say about these dudes that I haven't rehashed over and over again?

Well, for one, the issue of The Fader mag that they're featured in came out today, so go and cop that shit at your local book peddler/magazine shop.

Hodgy Beats, Jasper & Mike G- Round and Round


Considering I dig these dudes so much, and have been forcing their (admittedly) dope shit down your throat for the past month and a half, I figured I'd focus on the multimedia aspect today. You already know pretty much everything there is to know about them, and should have all of their free mixtapes on your hard drive.

Tyler, The Creator & Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats- Up

So, in the spirit of the holidays, and of course, my pandemic laziness, I will leave you with very few words on this snowy december evening. Instead, I've picked a few videos off of their site that I think you'll dig.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All- Swag me Out

MelloyHype & Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler, The Creator- Chordoroy

Super 3 ft Casey Veggies & Hodgy Beats- Money Talk

Grab these two Swaggggggged out tapes below:

RADICAL, the Album
Odd Future- The Fucking Tape vol 1 from 2008

Here is the fruit of my labour/loins. A month and a half of praise ahaha.

OFWGKTA pt 1: Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis
OFWGKTA pt 3: MellowHype
OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G
OFWGKTA pt 5: Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator- Seven

Guess I gotta do a fuckin song with Dom Kennedy
Get these fuckin hip-hop bloggers to start feelin me
Maybe I should buy some Hundreds, wear some fucking skinny jeans
and follow in your footsteps like a motherfuckin millipede
Make songs about Gucci and cigaweed
No I'm no fuckin hipster, mister
No I'm no fuckin Kid Cudi
All my fuckin fans love me




(Actually, there's one more feature comin' up. Jet Age of Tomorrow/Super3 will wrap it up next wednesday. Sometimes these things slip my mind.)



Credit goes to Sebastian Onufszak for the illustrations

music talks.

Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner
I Monster - Heaven
Chuuwee - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (feat. Mayor Hawthorne)

sorry for the laziness



late night fright

Why, hello.

There's a little something for everyone this evening. I'm finishing up the OFWGKTA feature on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger on the refresh button.

For all those that are still up at this hour, here is your reward.

Gyptian- I can feel your pain

Gyptian is the absolute master of reggae love tunes. Nobody really writes hooks like this guy, and the fact that he's had such a huge success with Hold Yuh this summer is totally awesome. I've been a huge fan for years, so it's great to see him getting the attention he deserves. Gyptian makes some of the best baby-making music out there. Try it out. Trust me.

Devin the Dude- Lacville 79

Nobody writes lazy stoner anthems like my boy Devin the Dude. He seems like one of the most humble and laid-back MCs in the game. If you're havin a bad day and are stressed, go ahead and bump some Devin the Dude. I guarantee you'll chill out instantly.

I'm rollin, car not stolen
Probably never will be, it's much too olden
Smokin weed and feelin' fine
in my lacville '79

Bon Iver- For Emma

Great proper acoustic indie folk. For Emma, Forever Ago, the album that this is taken from, is one of the greatest folk albums released in the past 5 years (It was self-released in 2007). Justin Vernon wrote/played all of the songs and instruments for this album, cooped up in a countryside cabin for 3 months in the winter, and the result is/was a masterpiece. Plus, he must be doing something right, because Kanye enlisted his help on a few tracks on his latest opus.

Mumbai Science- Ancova


This is a relatively old tune, but a banger nonetheless. Mumbai Science are solid, always delivering great remixes and originals .

Sexion D'Assaut- Désolé

I might catch flak for this one hahaha. I discovered this song a few days ago, and I've been listening to it quite a bit since. I'm not really familiar with french rap, and from what I understand, this stuff is of the mainstream variety, but the hook got me. Catchy beat, simplistic lyrics, and a memorable refrain. The video is not too shabby either. Cal hooks you up with a bloody metric ton of amazing hip-hop per week, so I figured a bit of mainstream silliness wouldn't hurt.

Magnetic Man & Katy B- Perfect Stranger

Sultry female voice + Dubstep = Automatic win, in my books. Nuff said.

nighty night, all.



Laid Back Sunday #14

Well hello there. Week numero 14 of this wonderful L.B.S series. Take note that there will be another one next week(#15) but as for Xmas eve, I've decided to cook up something special. I'll be dropping a bit more songs and I will put together a nice package of all the beats that has been posted during the laid back sundays.
Stay tune my fine fellows.

Magestik Legend - Million Miles Away
Starting this BIZNIZ with a track off Magestik Legend's latest album called "The Great Escape". Believe me, this is some serious shit right here, all the beats are well put together and his flow is impeccable. If you dig his sound and hurry the fuck up, you might still have the chance to order one of the 250 limited edition autographed albums.

Magestik Legend throwing acapellas at you and talking a bit about the album.

Call O' Da Wild - Clouds Of Smoke
This beat is an old school anthem that was produced for the first Bad Boys movie in 1995. You have that NYC 90's hip hop sound to its best. I had to find the 12" to get that beat. There's also a trippy track on the B side called "Sometimes The Neighborhood" if you down to check it out...

The video is quite banging too.
Back to the basics.

Smif-N-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill
Last but not least an old joint by Smif-N-Wessun. I've been a huge Boot Camp Clik fan for quite some time and decided it was time to post an other one of my favorites. Mellow vibe.

BCC's videos are always on point.

Hope you enjoyed this pure hiphop Sunday groove,
see you next time



Jack got that Crack

Whatsup, been quite some time but don't worry I'm still alive. I've been fucking around with music production softwares & shit, trying to come up with some unique vibes. You'll get the fruit of my hard labor probably in the beginning of next year. Prepare yourself for some weird stoner shit ahah.

Anyway here's today's music.

Phred Diamond - Once Again
Phred Diamond straight out of Maryland DMV produces some really cool alternative hip hop. Love their musical twist.

"The night we filmed this video was an amazing night, full of drunkenness and foolery. The only way the PDB (phredDIAMOND Boyz) like to make their nights. Much thanks to Knowledgeable ENT for making this video possible ”

Johnson & Jonson - Anything is Possible feat. Raps By Randy and Jon Johnson
Blu has been on avengethevirgin's hiphop playlist for quite some time. I know Bynie has as musical boner for him and its quite understandable. This one is off his collabo project he did with Mainframe called Johnson&Jonson.

Exile - The Sound Is God
And just for the fuck of it, sharing a 3rd and last track produced by Exile. Classic vibe

see you tomorow




Hey, Matt here.

Well, the weekend's here. Therefore, I've decided to post some of my absolute favorite songs on Avenge The Virgins today. While I relentlessly support rap and electronic music almost every single day on this blog, my true love is stripped-down, often acoustic "indie" rock music. It is balm for the soul.

I hope that you enjoy these songs as much as I do. I suppose a few are a bit heavy on the melancholy, but whatever. I can't even count the times that I've listened to these over the years.

Neutral Milk Hotel- Oh Comely

Broken Social Scene- Stars and Sons

Jets to Brazil- Perfecting Loneliness

Okkervil River- Black

Bob Dylan- Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

To finish off the post, I've included an absolutely phenomenal mix by Canadian DJ Neoteric (founder of the Mystery Mix). I've always enjoyed Neoteric's output, and I came across this mix on his soundcloud a few days ago. Elliott Smith is perhaps my favorite singer/songwriter, so to see a DJ I respect for his electronic music selection make a mix paying tribute to him really took me by surprise. I guess I'm not alone in thinking that Elliott Smith was one of the greatest talents ever. Neoteric pretty much nails it with both the mix and the little write-up below.

The Best Of Elliott Smith (Arranged by Neoteric) by Neoteric

The Best of Elliott Smith (Mixed by Neoteric)

As DJs, many times we put together sets for others. This time I wanted to put something together for myself,for whenever the mood happened to hit. This isnt a DJ mix in the traditional sense, it flows more like a radio show or concert. These songs have been the soundtrack to some memorable times in my life, and I wanted to compile this collection for my own listening, but I know the thousands of fans of the late Elliott Smith will appreciate this too. I added some dialogue and interview clips, and tried to find a good flow to mix, and group similar songs together by mood and theme. The music might seem emo and moody to some, but that wasnt what drew me to it. The melodies caught me, and have stayed stuck in my head for years. Melody was kind of Elliott's thing, and he often cites the Beatles as one of his main influences. I'm quite aware his music is sometimes the soundtrack of the downtrodden, and those struggling with life, and all its temptations, but it's also for the music lovers, such as myself who appreciate his undeniable creativity and songwriting. I don't think I've ever heard an artist who could express the extremes of happiness and
sadness, both so well. Rest In Peace Elliott Smith.

Independence Day
Miss Misery
Waltz #2
A Question Mark
Baby Britain
Bled White
Say Yes
A Passing Feeling
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Between The Bars
Sweet Adeline
I Didn't Understand
Last Call
2:45 AM
Needle In The Hay
Strung Out Again
A Fond Farewell

I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for your continued support and love. Believe me, we do read every e-mail and every comment that we receive. We apologize for taking too much time to respond, but we do appreciate the fuck out of y'all.

Stay up.




It's that birthday time of the year again for me. Started off nicely this morning with an exam, going to get party supplies shortly and will either finish the day off at Blizzarts or a friend's chalet. Keepin' it real yadig.

Nevertheless, my immense passion of sharing music must be satisfied today. Nothing extravagant, hitting that random button till I find a song I enjoy and that hasn't been over-shared. 

Oh good ol' Emynd. "Flip It Snap It" along with "Stick 'Em Up" by Bo Bliz were some huge tracks Brig introduced me to by these guys. Emynd thanks us for supporting his music, well we thank him for making it so easy to appreciate. Always putting out that quality stuff. Boss status homes! Crossfaded Bacon is where it's at.

Ah Codere you never check this blog you pansy, but this one's all yours. Brilliant rendition by both artists, but in my opinion M.J. steals the show. Simply looove it!

Undoubtedly my greatest influence for music has been my father and this song comes from his personal collection. It's been awhile since I've gotten in touch with my Classical Rock side and I deeply regret not doing so more often. I quickly realized the prodigious amount of marvelous music there is to find in the past. 

I have this under Minimal / Tech-house, no clue how that minimal part fits in. Oh well let's not fuss over what style it fits into and just dance to the music.

Probably shouldn't be sharing this in 320kbps, think of it as my present to you for my birthday. NT89 has been blowing the fuck up lately, seems like everything they touch goes ballistic. Judge for yourselves and keep a lookout for their upcoming collabo with Art Nouveau. Oh and grab the whole Oh My God EP on Beatport while your at it.

That's it for today. If your looking for a dope event tonight hit up Blizzarts for Footworkin' with Lol Boys, Kid Aloha & Marcus Price.

-B is for biiiirthday!


OFWGKTA pt 5: Tyler, the Creator

Well, this shit's almost done. One more massive OFWGKTA post after this one, and that's it for this segment. I trust that you've been enjoying the feature for the past month.

This particular segment has been a long time coming, and I know that a few of your have been waiting on it. Today's focus is on the mastermind behind OFWGKTA, the ringleader of this merry band of swagged-the-fuck-out kids.

I present to you today...

Tyler, the Creator a.k.a Wolf Haley a.k.a Ace Creator

Tyler, The Creator- Bastard

Tyler, The Creator is probably the most recognizable figure in Odd Future Wolf Gang and, for many, the reason that we were introduced to the collective. Not only is dude one of the most talented rappers out there at the moment, he is also a supremely gifted producer.

I first saw his video for French a few months ago, and it blew me away. I had no clue what to think of it at first. I actually had to watch it a few times to really comprehend what I was seeing. At first, I thought it was some weird horror/murder rap shit, but as I looked closer, and started to search for more of his material, I finally clued in to the brilliance of the whole Odd Future movement.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- French!

Considering that Tyler was a toddler when horrorcore or whatever was popular, it is irrelevant to even try to compare his material to any of that trash. Sure, he's into really macabre shit, but he didn't define his swag by listening to a fuckin' Necro tape.

Tyler, The Creator's trademark, if you will, is his gravelly baritone voice, an almost demonic drawl that surprises the hell out of you when you actually see what he looks like. Color me surprised, but I wasn't expecting a hellspawn's voice to come out of a skinny black skater from California. In terms of lyrics + wordplay, Tyler is extremely impressive. Not to say that the other members of Odd Future Wolf Gang cannot hold their own, but Tyler seems to be on a whole other level in terms of subject material. While the other members spit about fuckin' girls and smoking weed, Tyler raps about videotaping rape and mass murder. Of course, Earl also raps about that dark, ghastly, borderline deranged shit, but he's been sent to bootcamp by his moms, so Tyler has to hold down the fort til he gets back.


Ace Creator- Cult Shit

Probably the raddest thing about Tyler is his production skills. Dude holds it down on the mic something serious, but his beat making is so on point, so innovative and unlike anything that's out there at the moment. He's like a new school Kanye, except that he's obsessed with rape, dismemberment, vandalism and skateboarding. Visionary is probably too strong a word to use, but whatever. Wolf Haley and the OF are ahead of their time, just waiting for everyone to catch up.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- Sandwitches

Peep Tyler and Hodgy performing life and bodying the fuck outta that crowd. Rapping to a crowd with a green ski mask on is so hype hahahaha.

You can grab his classic album BASTARD for free off the link below. Honestly, I would've just posted every single song from it, but that'd be somewhat counterproductive. BASTARD is one of the best albums that I've heard in the past few years, and if you have yet to hear it in its entirety, well what the fuck are you waiting for. Entirely produced by Tyler himself, it offers a fascinating glimpse into his decidedly twisted mind.


I know that I've already posted the original recently, but I could not resist posting Tyler's remix of it. He is apparently a huge NERD fan, and gave this remix out for free on Odd Future's web site. It's just dope to see him pay homage to artists that he respects, I guess.

Tyler, The Creator x N*E*R*D- Inside of Clouds (remix)

Well, as I said, I'm going to be wrappin up this segment next week. In case you've missed the previous ridiculously dope ones, I've included convenient little links to them. Of course, there's a lot of my usual inane rambling, but there are links/songs galore for your listening pleasure, too. Also, a metric ton of SWAG.

OFWGKTA pt 1: Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis
OFWGTKA pt 3: MellowHype
OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G

See you on the flipside, slags.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All


ps. Fuck Steve Harvey.


Do you believe

Just got back from an innnncredible day of powder shreding (snowboard). Blowed my mind away. Only dropping one random song. Its an old dance classic featuring my man Bob Marley. Sun will be shining and snow is falling like a motherfucka in Montreal.

Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe - Sun is Shining

see you tomorrow with another OFWGKTA feature



is this real life

Grown Folk is the brainchild of two up-and-coming Montreal electronic music producers, namely Kid Aloha, who we've blogged about before, and Roledex, a Saintwoods-backed house producer. The two have been DJing and producing together recently, and the result of this meeting of the minds has been dubbed Grown Folk. To quote Mr Aloha himself:

We started making tracks together 2 months ago, and finished up two of them which we sent out to a bunch of DJs. We got really early support from the likes of Melé, Ikonika, LOL Boys, Jacques Greene, Prince Club, Panton, and Chaos in the CBD. We've also signed a deal to make an EP in the spring of next year.

We are bearing witness to the birth of a new movement in electronic music. Of course, the UK is the birthplace of garage, dubstep, funky, and most of the futuristic sounds that are blowing up at the moment. Surprisingly, however, our very own Montreal is home to a ridiculous amount of innovative and progressive producers. From Hovatron to Jacques Greene to LOL Boys to Prince Club to Lunice, we've definitely got enough heavyweights in the game to make a serious dent in the ever-growing bass music scene. There must be something in the water here, as the general tendency for our producers (not to piegonhole, of course) seems to be leaning towards really cosmic, trippy harmonies and spacey melodies coupled with ungodly amounts of sub-bass. Might be the arctic temperatures in winter and the stifling humidity in summer that could be to blame.

Regardless, the reason I've posted about Grown Folk today is to expose another up-and-comer in the scene, and to introduce you to their first mix.

Grown Folk Collection N˚ 01 by Grown Folk

Straight from their soundcloud:

The Grown Folk Collection will be released at the beginning of every month. Simply put, its an hour long mix showcasing new tracks of ours, unreleased material from friends, and anything else we are into at the moment whether it be new or old. Spanning house, techno, disco, garage, funky, and hip-hop we aim to put together a collection of music that is diverse yet still cohesive and relevant.

1. Birdshell (6th Borough Project Shell Toe Remix) - Craig Bratley
2. Lost In You Like A (Chinese Cookie) - Guy Gerber
3. Purple Drank - Axel Boman
4. I Got One (You're It) (Mercury Remix) - Homework
5. California (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Claude Von Stroke
6. Fruit Boots - Prince Club
7. Your Words Matter - Ramadanman & Midland
8. Steady Moving - Grown Folk
9. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want - Jacques Greene
10. Once In A While - Lone
11. Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix) - Cajmere Feat. Dajae
12. Allnighter - 24Hour Experience
13. Lonely Boy - Hot City
14. Perculator (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Cajmere
14. Bitter Sweet - Kink
15. Nikes On My Feet - Mac Miller

This mix is a perfect way to start off this excruciatingly cold winter of ours. Grown Folk's first Collection mix meshes together a great mélange of genres and sounds, and the result bends the space-time continuum and heats up any room it is played in. This is a glimpse into the future of electronic bass music by two forward-thinking producers who definitely love to push the envelope.

My own musical preference of late seems to be heading in the direction that Grown Folk is pushing, but personal taste aside, this is just a great mix of groovy and sexy "house" music. They only have one original production in the whole mix, but if the rest of the stuff sounds anything like Steady Movin, then I'm interested. Let's see what 2011 has in store for this promising duo. With an EP coming out on the recently renamed Templar Sound (formerly Buzzard Beats), these dudes are poised to take over.

Montreal, show some love.

Just in case you were not familiar with these two producers, I've included their solo work as well, just so you get an idea of where they're coming from.

Roledex- Azteca
Kid Aloha- Clique

Grown Folk
Kid Aloha

And, to round off the post, I present to you a 192kbps version of Jacques Greene's excursion into audio bliss, released on Night Slugs. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want is the 2010 Hyph Mngo, in a way, which is high praise, in my opinion. Strangely, it's already one of my favorite tunes this year, and I predict this one'll be huge. Hats off to GDD for the link.

Jacques Greene- (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want

Jacques Greene

Have yourselves a pleasant afternoon.



Laid Back Sunday #13

Wake up Wake up

Sunday is here ladies and gents ---> The best chilling day of the week.

CunninLyunguists - Things I Dream
Back again with a CunninLynguists joint that will not disappoint you. Their instrumentals are always on point. This one is off "Dirty Acres" ; cool album, very mellow vibe throughout the whole shabang.

Jaylib - The Heist
This song here is off one of my favorite albums of all time : Jaylib - Champion Sound. A lot of you guys are probably already familiar with this classic collabo (JDilla & Madlib) but if not this track here really demonstrates what kind of sound they were going for.

O.C. - Dangerous Featuring Big L
Seems like I recently tend to finish my posts with an old school beat. Why not continue this marvelous habit. Big tune right here, O.C featuring Big L (RIP). NYC state of mind.





Man what is this.
You know how it is, mornings can be rough. This is why music & grass exist.
Fuck this blog shit.

Hi-Tek - Josephine Ft. The Willie Cottrell Band, Ghostface & Pretty Ugly
Ancient Astronauts - Oblivion (with Azeem & DJ Zeph)
Aidonia ft. Tarrus Riley - Di Trees

have fun children, be safe



multiple personality disorder

Weeeeee I've gone mental, totally insaaaaane

À la Calibar

Good afternoon yall! Hip hop is the past, present and future.

Common Ft. Biggie - Announcement (Mick Boogie Mix)
More incredible work by the mixtape master, Mick Boogie. This track is off his Sounds of Miami 4 mixtape which you can grab for free on his website (just click the name above). The mix is filled with all things Pharrell and plenty of unreleased Neptunes tracks. Yeah this is hip hop baby,  I'm fin' to take you to the tip top baby.

U-N-I - Castlevania
Straight out of the violent ghettos of Inglewood, California, this rap duo has been getting a lot of respect for the diversity of their style. The two members - "Thurzday & Y-O" - touch on everything from old-school video games, limited edition sneakers, low-income public housing, all the way to lapdances from voluptuous ladies. For instance, this track off of their debut album "Fried Chicken & Watermelon" is the perfect example for the colossal assortment of beats they're putting out. In this case, it's all about that Nintendo theme.

Hasta luego.

À la Brigden

Hello dearest of friends, how have you been? Excessive work is where it's at, but fear not... The OFWGKTA feature will be back next week and you can expect some top notch music from the mastermind of this crew, Tyler the Creator.

Just came across Mr. Little Jeans, actually a stunning lady, but that doesn't really matter. Her music is superb and her voice is mesmerizing. She comes from a little town in Norway and will most likely remind you of other sublime female artists such as Ellie Goulding, Likke Li or Marina and the Diamonds. RAC gets on another remix from this singer/songwriter and does a brilliant job.

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC Remix)
Mr. Little Jeans - Angel

Mr. Little Jeans MySpace

Next up, I came across a cover of Pomplamoose's "Beat the Horse". The cover version was produced by Science for Girls, an electronica side project of New Jersey producer Darren Solomon. He made this fantastic song into a dreamy melodic minimalist masterpiece after hearing some chick named Dana singing it.

Science for Girls Ft. Dana - Beat the Horse (Pomplamoose Cover)

Science for Girls MySpace

I've also included a sweet little video of Munk's "Violent Love". Another uplifting song with heart-warming girlie lyrics. I just adore it when a video matches the vibes I'm getting from a song. Filmed "à l'envers" we are taken through a break up. The girl in the clip is French actress Jeanne Tremsal, simply gorgeous!

All this sensually enthralling music is giving me butterflies in my stomach. Gotta love pretty girls with pretty voices! See you tomorrow.


À la Bynie

Hello fine fellows and fellaws. Seems like I've lost my mind. But that's alright, it hasn't been up to much anyways. I believe this is the perfect time for some mindless head-banging music. Enjoy!

Boys Noize - Nott (Paul Chambers Adventure Remix)
Paul Chambers has been on my watchlist since his "Yeah Techno!" and "Singapore Swing" tracks. This time around I had a chance of hearing his remixing abilities and let me tell you they are phenomenal! The drop is massive and super high tempo which can only make a crowd go apeshit.

Mark Ronson Ft. Boy George - Somebody To Love Me (Congorock Remix)
By far my favorite remix of this song. Other remixes by Redial or Holy Ghost, just to name a few, do a good job, but keep it too slow, nice and easy or however you want me to put it. Congorock is the only person who delivers a pure club banger. The monster of "pump up the volume" music, sticks to the sound that made him famous, grimmy synthesizers thrown over a god-like tribal bassline.

John B- Up all Night (Jack Beats remix) REMOVED BY REQUEST
Wow. All I can think of saying is WOW! After Jack Beats' remix of Shutterbug I didn't expect to hear anything nearly as good for a long time. Guess I was wrong. Heard this on the John B Podcast (yeah listened through all of it just to hear this song since it was nowhere else) and my ears orgasmed. It's just a set rip, but damn it's solid.

This has got to be the most massive post I've put out in a while. Hope my insanity does well by you and your weekend partying. Got my finals for the next few weeks so I'm certain Cal and Brig will keep the music flowing.

-B is for brains


OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G

Honestly, every time I post about Odd Future, I could just copy paste the word swag a thousand times and leave it at that. You'd get the idea.

This week's edition of OFWGKTA shines the limelight on a rapper that may not necessarily get the same amount of burn or whatever as the other members of the crew, but it still a force to be reckoned with: The King, Mike fuckin' G.

Mike G- Brown Bag (04 KTA)

Slow, chopped and screwed beats are this OFWG rapper's poison of choice, and he decimates them every single time he hops on a track. Like all of the crew, he has a very distinct style, but his signature flow reminds me a lot of West Coast hip-hop, much more than the other members. Even though some might think he's from Houston, given the types of beats he gets on and his flow, his swag is very Californian. Don't ask me to elaborate on that, but if you disagree, go ahead and say why in the comments. You know, this dude should rap over screwgaze or witchhouse or whatever the fuck it's called, that'd be pretty rad.

Mike G & Wolf Haley and MellowHype- BlaccFriday

Mike G is still very much OFWGKTA in mind, body and spirit, but I think that he is one of the more accessible members. I mean, dude is still talking about doin fucked up shit and partyin', but I can imagine him spittin it on a beach, rather than in a dark, moldy, boarded up insane asylum, like in a lot of Wolf Haley and Earl songs. A good change of pace, really. Give this dude a minimal beat with just a snare and a bass drum hittin once every five seconds and I'd bet he'd make it sound dope.

Mike G- Everything that's yours

Like Domo Genesis and MellowHype, Mike G is much more on the mellow side in terms of beat selection. He's heavy on the wordplay and all that, so all it does is give him more leeway to ride the great OF productions. Slower beats don't necessarily mean sluggish flow and lazy punchlines, all it means is that it sounds better when you're layin in the cut. Nothing like bein' blizted and appreciating dope rhymes and spacey-as-fuck beats.

Mike & Vince Staples- Moracular Word

Here's a video of him performing at Low End Theory, which should at least give you an idea of his demeanor. Dude is mad laid back hahaha. He's probably blunted out of his mind though so it's all gravy. Fuck Steve Harvey.

Mike G & Earl Sweatshirt- Stick Up

You can download Mike G's dope 9 track mixtape, called Ali, at the link below. Beats by Left Brain of MellowHype, SydThaKid and of course, Tyler, the Creator. The very definition of fucking awesome.

ALI Mixtape

I probably sound like a bloody broken record when I repeat this, but hotdamn these dudes are fire. I've noticed that my posts on OFWGKTA don't really feature much in the way of videos, so I've included a video of a Wolf Gang performance just to give you an actual look into what I've been goin' on about these past month. This shit is hyyyyype. SWAG.

You can check out the other profiles I've done so far on this crew if you want to catch up on some mixtapes that you may have missed. All of them are free. How the fuck are you gonna argue with that? Odd Future is a movement, a phenomenon, a supernova and lifestyle all rolled into one . Oh, and there's going to be a feature on them printed in the newest edition of The Fader Magazine sharing the spotlight with the young Based God Lil B & the insane Young L. How's that for blowin' up?

OFWGKTA pt 1 - Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2 - Domo Genesis
OFWGKTA pt 3 - MellowHype

Dope beats, hot bitches, we the new Wu-Tang.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

The horsemen of the apocalypse are here, people. Except they skateboard, rock Supreme snapbacks and smoke way too much ganja. Oh, and most of them are in high school. What were you doin' at that age? OFWGKTA are makin power moves. Get on it. #RARE



The Widdler

Wobble Wobble.

Quick post to introduce you to The Widdler in case you haven't had the chance yet to discover his psychedelic music. This guys is well known for his smashing style and his weird but well proportioned depth of sound.

Not for everyone, gotta have your dubstep goggles on. Personally, I really like the "Lady Dub" track.

Remixes :
Collie Buddz - Come Around (The Widdler Remix)
The Cool Kids - Black Mags (The Widdler Remix)

Originals :
The Widdler - Lady Dub
The Widdler - Sensi Samurai

I didn't post the most fuckup tunes of his since I didn't want to traumatize any virgins out there but if you like what you hear make sure to take a look at his other stuff.



Freaks Come Out At Night

Credit goes to Goni Montes for the illustration

Good evening yall, hope your doing alright. I went for a quick browsing in my favorite vinyl joint today, only bought 1 record. It reminded me of some cool artists/tracks I used to listen to some time ago so that's what your getting tonight.
No descriptions this time, let the music convince you.
Pure hip hop vibe.

Shyheim - Manchild
Solillaquists of Sound - Bulletproof
Apollo Brown - Odds Ain't Fair (Feat. Hassan Mackey)

hope you enjoy



sans joie

Good evening, my friends. I'm really quite tired, due to a weekend of over-the-top abuse. Ugh. I went to No Joy's album release show at Casa del Popolo on Saturday, so I figure I'd post a lil' bit about them. Not really going to go into much depth though, I'll save that for the rest of the week. I've got an OFWGKTA feature planned for thursday, so keep an eye out for that.

The first opener was a girl from Montreal who really impressed the hell out of me. Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is a beautiful, talented-as-hell young woman who makes really trippy pop music. She didn't play for very long, but she rocked the shit outta her sampler and keyboard. Reverbed ethereal pop/goth vocals were a good way to start off the night, and I'll definitely be checking out more of her stuff. Very dope. As well, her EP is free, and you can get it HERE if you are so inclined. Cosmic witchcraft trippiness.

Grimes- Devon
Grimes- Beast Infection

Grimes Myspace

Next up was Ducktails, the new side project of from Matt of psychedelic indie rock band Real Estate. Twas' alright, a bit on the meandering side. Still, he laid it down proper, and his brand of garage pop was a good fit. I'd need to check out more of his material to really be able to have an informed opinion, but I enjoy Real Estate a lot, so I'm betting I'll probably enjoy his solo material as well. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it sounds like he wrote most of these songs after a long night of partying.

Ducktails- Landrunner
Ducktails- Friends

Ducktails Myspace

After that was Metz, a Canadian rock band, which I totally missed due to a very long cigarette + scotch break. Oops. I heard muffled bits and pieces of their set through the wall though. Sounded a bit on the grunge/sludge side of things.

I also have exactly zero Metz songs on my hard drive to share with you. My bad.

Metz myspace

And finally, the awesome Montreal four piece known as No Joy. Don't let the name turn you off, though. No Joy are really dope purveyors of psychedlic shoegaze. Imagine two beautiful women chanting over cacophonous feedback, and you have No Joy. Their myspace page lists their genre as Doomgaze, which I'm guessing is halfway between the new stoner/goth movement known as Witch House and the floating melodies of shoegaze. Regardless, they put on a really solid performance. The only thing that I did not dig as much was the rather hipster heavy crowd. Now, most people would consider me a borderline hipster, so I won't rag on the stereotype too much, but wow. Montreal is really heavy on the artsy fartsy types who keep their arms crossed, completely immobile, while they harp on about "the kind of blind faith I can see in eveyone's eyes". Y'all need to chill the fuck out and groove out a bit, you pretentious bastards.. No Joy is the future. Dope performance that night, as well.

No Joy- Hawaii
No Joy- No Summer
No Joy- Pacific Pride

No Joy Myspace

I've also included their video for Hawaii for your viewing pleasure.Hope you dig.

sleep time.