Too tired to write anything up, sadly. Today is one of them days (sun!). Blaze some piff and lay back. I've posted a mix of melancholy, mellow and joyous toe-tappin' tunes that should at least get a smile out of you. Some may find it corny or sappy, or even the song selection a bit obvious or overplayed. Have a great day.

El Michaels Affair- C.R.E.A.M.

Air- Surfing on a Rocket (Joakim's To The Smiling Sun remix)

Belle & Sebastian- The Boy with the Arab Strap

The Stills- Still in love song

Billie Holiday- Strange Fruit

Friendly Fires- Paris (Aeroplane remix featuring Au Revoir Simone)

(I'm not sure why I have to repeat this, but to download the songs on this blog, all it takes is a mere Right Click, then Save link As.)

Take care, friends. We'll be back on Monday.



the underworld

Today's post is going to be quite short. Just droppin some chill tunes I found after diggin the crates, ya know. Also for once there will be some electro and house beats, say WHAT.

EDX - Hoover (Adam K Remix)
This one from Adam K, progressive house type of shit. Not usually my style but the bassline hits so hard, I had to share. Boost your subwoofer and blast this.

Eric Lau ft Guilty Simpson - The D (Harmonic 313 Remix)
Harmonic 313 does crazy electro beats. You can pretty much say he has his own style of computer/8 bit muzak. Plus from time to time he comes up with hip hop electro remixes which I am a crackwhore for that kind of stuff. Listen to this one, I got addicted, computerize groove yessss. Visit his website if you feel like doing some word/color puzzle to get a free unreleased song, I got really frustrated when i fucked up at level 4 so I just gave up ahahahaah. ----> http://harmonic313.com/

Blackpocket - Ure A Star (Martyn Remix)
Slow ambient house vibe with a soul vocal = yes mama, I will be rocking this beat while sleeping on the beach.

John Robinson and Lewis Parker - A Place Called Home
Guitar/harp beat, underground hiphop type of song. John Robinson has a nice style. Check out the albums he did with Flying Lotus called "I Am Not For Sale" vol 1 and 2. Really original stuff


Acid on the Tongue

Evening, all. You are cordially invited to this banquet of amazing songs. Pick and choose, the dishes are over there.

Bon Appetit.

Lionel Richie & The Commodores- Night Shift

I didn't even know this song existed before I heard Freeway & Memphis Bleek spitting over it a few years ago. Since then, the original sample has become one of my favorite songs, probably because of the flip. Even though the original song has nothing to do with hustling, I associate this great soul classic with the image of a dark street corner in the 1970s. Go figure.

Scarface- The G Code

The song that made me realize that Southern rap is incredible. Weirdly enough, this was probably the most influential song for me when I first started listening to rap. Scarface is one of the top 5 lyricists of all time, and is unbelievably underrated. He has infinitely more street cred than most of the trapper/rappers of today, has been in one of the most influential rap groups of all time (The Geto Boys) and has released tons of classic albums, like The Diary, The Fix, Last of a Dying Breed, and more. This is street hip hop, with more lyricism and content than most of the so-called conscious rappers who constantly diss the South. Not only does dude rap his ass off and spit knowledge, he also moonlights as a producer. (Interesting fact: his cousin is the dude who sang "I can see clearly now", Johnny Nash. There must be something in the water in Houston.)

Steel Pulse ft Damian Marley- No More Weapons

Steel Pulse are legends in their own right (Get familiarrrr), and on this fantastic tune, they team up with personal fave Jr. Gong, the incredible Damian Marley. This is a balm for the soul, proper rock-steady Reggae music. This is the soundtrack to revolution, baby. The bassline is proper, and Damian Marley's verse is mindblowing as hell. Actually, this whole song is bananas. Praise Jah.

Manare- Pirog (Lazy Flow Summer Mix)

Manaré = Riot Kid.
This song = Awesome.
Young Gunz crew = Can't be stopped.

This is a good time to be a fan of electronic music in France.

Beezy- A Day in the Life (L-Vis 1990 remix)

This is a day in the life of a Geezer. Night Slugs fam run tings.




It seems like every time I'm not posting a feature, I just post a bunch of old songs with a summery feel. Who can blame me, I live in a place where snow and freezing weather blanket the city for at least half of the year. I'm in the mood for rebirth and renewal, man. Today's weather was gorgeous, so I'm feeling generous. Please enjoy the vibes.

Shwayze- Buzzin ft Wale (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Nitta remix)

This is a great song to cruise around in with the windows down, much like most of Schwayze's songs. It's really simplistic hip-hop for hipsters, but it is still really dope. I played the hell out of this remix when L.A. icon Skeet Skeet dropped it, as I really felt his flip on it. He cut it up a bit, improved the groove, and added Wale, which is, as everyone knows, a winning combination. In my opinion, Wale has fallen the fuck off recently, but his earlier stuff is great. Either way, it's a smooth remix that you can't help but nod your head to.

Bran Van 3000- Drinking in L.A

I'm not entirely sure if Bran Van 3000 were as big in the States in their prime as they were in Canada, but if they weren't, they definitely should have been. Bran Van 3000 is a collective of very talented musicians, writers, vocalists, artists and creative Montrealers, all rallied around its ringleader, Mr James Di Salvio, and this is their biggest and best-known hit. Their sound is varied as hell, usually with a soulful throwback vibe, tinged with electronic sounds. This is a timeless summer anthem that you should definitely know. If you don't, well, you're welcome.

Mikey Dangerous- You are so fine

Mikey Dangerous is an influential figure in the Montreal dancehall and reggae scenes. Known for his fiery performances (I saw him at Reggae Fest two years ago, and he was unbelievable. Definitely the most energetic performance that day) and his work ethic, Mikey Dangerous has also won a Juno (some shitty Canadian music award), so more power to him. I'll be honest, this is the only song of his that I have, but I've bumped it on more than one occasion. Great tune for those late afternoon BBQs. Bless!

Mikey Dangerous Myspace

Boats and Birds- Gregory and the Hawk (Protohype remix) [edit: Ooops, the artist's name is Gregory and the Hawk, not the other way around. My bad.]

Protohype is a duo out of Arizona who pioneer a genre that they call "Dub-hop", whose definition I'm sure you can figure out. They contacted us a few days ago, and sent us their soundcloud, which is filled with goodies. Their songs all have knockin' bass and glitchy percussion, and it works. As well, they've recently uploaded a remix of a cutesy indie pop song by Gregory and the Hawk, and I really dig it. They don't go overboard on the remix, and subtlety is something that is really quite lacking in the majority of reworks of slower songs. Their output is quite banging, I must admit. Kudos, Protohype.

Protohype Myspace

Andre 3000 ft Norah Jones- Take off your cool

I hate to say it, but this sounds nigh-perfect. It lasts less than three minutes, but what a nice blend of the blues, happiness, soul and heartbreak. (Not in that order). I wanna see youuu

buenas noches, kiddos.


Broaden Your Horizons: LOL Boys

(Respect to Liza Lacroix)

Big Ups to LOL Boys & Them Jeans, and sorry for the leak. I rewrote the whole post, so enjoy.

Once in a while, you come across music so astoundingly bizarre, so monumentally trippy that you can't help but wonder what kind of twisted mind came up with it. I came across LOL Boys' music quite a while ago, but only recently started to explore their sound in-depth, and let me tell you something: I have been missing out on some of the most masterful and varied productions this side of the moon. LOL Boys is made up of two talented producers, Markus, a Montrealer via Chicago, and Jerome, out of L.A. Their approach to the game is fresh to death, and their sound is astronomically different from remix to remix. From percussion to melody, and all that's in between, LOL Boys' suave sound is unlike anything you've ever heard. Aiming to infect listeners' brains, much like an internet meme, LOL Boys plug into your consciousness and refuse to let go. (What a fucking corny line. Jesus Christ.)

What makes LOL Boys' music so awesome is not only the unique and groovy rhythms that characterize their sound, but also their versatility and their originality. This is extremely trippy electronic music that also happens to obliterate dance floors. 2010 promises to be a huge year for them, as every single remix that I've heard from them so far has been mind-melting. When you're sitting on remixes and originals this good, the sky's the limit. ( By the way, they have a remix of a Them Jeans song coming out in about a month. It is a MONSTER. Keep your eyes open for that one. A psychiatric ward meets the Amazonian Rainforest, with a little bit of jacking house sprinkled on top)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future. This is not your father's house music. This is LOL Boys.


Expendable Youth- Cannibalistic (LOL Boys remix) [so fresh off the presses, you can see the fumes]

LOL Boys- Arabesque

Christina Milian- Chameleon (LOL Boys remix)

Mondkopf- Libera Me (LOL Boys Saved Latin remix)

Passion Pit- Sleepyhead (LOL Boys remix)

AC Slater- Hello (LOL Boys Sunday Sunrise remix)

LOL Boys- Gold for Cash (Really ruff demo version)


LOL Boys recently made a mix for Mixpak Records, and let me tell you, it is INSANE. Their song selection is top notch, and they weave it all together seamlessly. Check it out HERE, along with a great little interview, and you won't regret it. C'est du crack, esti.

By the way, these guys have the single greatest website on the internet. A sort of tribute to angelfire and geocities. It's like an acid trip with every click. Show some support, motherfuckers.

LOL Boys Website
LOL Boys Myspace
LOL Boys Twitter
LOL Boys Facebook


Music From The Heavens

So today is going to be another of those random posts of mine. Just dropping a few sick tracks I found on SoundCloud . You'll probably realize that most of them don't have a download link since the songs haven't been released yet. However, I know this so don't ask for it.

CAMEL - Bamboo (Preview) by Camel_

Thunder (Arveene and Misk's Storm Warning Radio Edit) by arveeneandmisk


Designer Drugs - Riot (StereoHeroes Remix) by stereoheroes

Up To No Good by TOP BILLIN

The Aston Shuffle - I Wanna See You (Harvard Bass Remix) by Hussle Recordings

Pluto by Milt Mortez

Rehab- Pump the party (OT RMX) by Olivertwizt

Joker "TRON" (original mix) by Multiverse

Solo - Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Remix) by Round Table Knights

Even though you can't get most of these songs (I encourage you to buy the ones that are released), doesn't it feel great to hear some sick tracks before anyone else has them?