John Roman With Guns

Overdrive infinity. Optimal capacity. Unlimited energy. Unstoppable gravity.

Yes I've done this song before, but this time around I think I'll use these words of wisdom to describe an incredible 21 year old DJ from Toronto. By now you've hopefully realized we just looove to support local talent. MDMAwesome hyped this guy a while back and righteously so, I present to you today: John Roman.

Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns (John Roman Remix)
Great song to begin with in my opinion. He does nothing bad to it in my opinion. Other remixes try to change the original song too much in my opinion (no hate to the Knight Cats remix, the beat is great). Anyways it better be obvious that the most important thing here is my opinion.

Nadastrom - Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub)
Recently released on Neoteric's Turned On: Vol 1 (what haven't I already mentioned on the blog before...?) this track has gotten praise from Brodinski, LA Riots and evidently Nadastrom.

Proxy - 8000 (John Roman Lost Tourist Dub)
Congorock has supposedly been playing this one out a lot in his sets. Since it started appearing in January and I saw him in February in Montreal I'll pretend I knew the song was gonna be such a hit! To be honest though, I don't remember much from that night except: Babylon, Sbombers, maybe the Harvard Bass remix of I Wanna See You and of course the 4 ridiculously hot chicks dancing on stage all night.

*Note to self: become a DJ since the 4 of 'em all left with Congorock after the show... what a boss. Still it would've been nice of him to share.

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (John Roman Remix)
Boys Noize - Kontact Me (John Roman Remix)
These two remixes of Boys Noize are insane. "Kontact Me" being my favorite hands down. I suggest you also peep the remix BeatauCue has done of "Kontact Me" here.

The reason for so many new tracks in the past few weeks is that John Roman is finally coming out of "Reclusion". After an exceptional start to his music career in 2009 with 26 originals and remixes, 2010 is bound to be another outstanding year for this Canadian. For more info about the upcoming mixtape, check this link.


Been a while since a bonus. If you like what you heard tonight on the blog be sure to wander over to Gotta Dance Dirty. John uploaded his entire 2009 discography in 2 simple zip files.


brooooooklyn ZOO

Hola hola hola, oatmeal and granola. Yes finally some hip hop again to change the tone a bit. We all need a little diversification right.

That said, last night I had the pleasure of witnessing the talent of Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) in one of the craziest live hip hop performance I've ever seen. I'm not going to post any of their stuff right now cause Ive already did a post on em a while ago, plus you should already know their shit, come on. Instead, I'll be sharing some other Brooklyn talent.

Introducing Boot Camp Clik. I personally believe they create some of the rawest hiphop from NYC. BCC is actually a supergroup that units themselves from time to time to produce insane collabo albums. You got Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah, Smif-N-Wessun and O.G.C. I've also seen some of them live before, they are the SHIT. Anyway their music speaks for itself. 4 different songs ; some old school & new stuff, enjoy

Heltah Skeltah - W.M.D (feat. Smif-N-Wessun)
Boot Camp Clik - Trading Places
O.G.C - If You Feel Like I Feel
Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Feat.OGC)


Shuffle It Up Pt. 2

I haven't followed up on this simplistic idea yet. I might as well do so on this rainy sunday afternoon. Opened iTunes, hit the shuffle button and let fate decide the music. 5 songs once again since I'm overly generous with you chaps.

Gingy & Dr. Dreidel - My Ladies
I might be abusing with songs from Neoteric's mixes, but they are soo tight. The songs from his first Mystery Mix still haven't gotten enough attention in my opinion. Give the song a listen and try your skills on the next Mystery Mix. Link for the mix here, info and tracklisting here.

Trademark Da Skydiver - Oxygen
Since Trademark made it on my first Shuffle It Up, it only seems right to keep pushing the dude. Another leaked song from his upcoming mixtape: The Issue #2. I love his smoker flow and how he uses Biggie's verse from "Spit Your Game". A very fine 4:20 present, look around for his other track "Roasted". He's still doing his thang with Curren$y as a part of the Fly Society. Check out their entertaining side project called Mythblazers.

Lonely Island - Mother Lover
Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake are genuine geniuses. That's right, double G's. That said, I know I'm about a year and a month late on this one, but since it's still as hilarious I'm posting anyways. Happy belated mother's day!

Dick in a Box Sequal - Mother Lover - Watch more Funny Videos

Ludachrist - Ghost Busta Rhymes
This is serious, ok? After the hype a few months back for the Nth remix of Pon de Floor, I was dumbfounded when I actually enjoyed Pon de Foley. Not knowing who Ludachrist was I went hunting for more stuff from them. I have another Ghostbuster remix which I'll post in the future since it's dope no matter what.

Funky Chicos - Touch Me (Paramond Remix)
What do I know about this song? Practically nothing. Original hit in the 80's by British singer Samantha Fox. Funky Chicos switch the style up to make this a club beat, Paramond kills the remix to make this a definite club banger. Really not my style usually, but shoot me if this won't make the little girlies dance till the morning light.