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Whatsup, been quite some time but don't worry I'm still alive. I've been fucking around with music production softwares & shit, trying to come up with some unique vibes. You'll get the fruit of my hard labor probably in the beginning of next year. Prepare yourself for some weird stoner shit ahah.

Anyway here's today's music.

Phred Diamond - Once Again
Phred Diamond straight out of Maryland DMV produces some really cool alternative hip hop. Love their musical twist.

"The night we filmed this video was an amazing night, full of drunkenness and foolery. The only way the PDB (phredDIAMOND Boyz) like to make their nights. Much thanks to Knowledgeable ENT for making this video possible ”

Johnson & Jonson - Anything is Possible feat. Raps By Randy and Jon Johnson
Blu has been on avengethevirgin's hiphop playlist for quite some time. I know Bynie has as musical boner for him and its quite understandable. This one is off his collabo project he did with Mainframe called Johnson&Jonson.

Exile - The Sound Is God
And just for the fuck of it, sharing a 3rd and last track produced by Exile. Classic vibe

see you tomorow




Hey, Matt here.

Well, the weekend's here. Therefore, I've decided to post some of my absolute favorite songs on Avenge The Virgins today. While I relentlessly support rap and electronic music almost every single day on this blog, my true love is stripped-down, often acoustic "indie" rock music. It is balm for the soul.

I hope that you enjoy these songs as much as I do. I suppose a few are a bit heavy on the melancholy, but whatever. I can't even count the times that I've listened to these over the years.

Neutral Milk Hotel- Oh Comely

Broken Social Scene- Stars and Sons

Jets to Brazil- Perfecting Loneliness

Okkervil River- Black

Bob Dylan- Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

To finish off the post, I've included an absolutely phenomenal mix by Canadian DJ Neoteric (founder of the Mystery Mix). I've always enjoyed Neoteric's output, and I came across this mix on his soundcloud a few days ago. Elliott Smith is perhaps my favorite singer/songwriter, so to see a DJ I respect for his electronic music selection make a mix paying tribute to him really took me by surprise. I guess I'm not alone in thinking that Elliott Smith was one of the greatest talents ever. Neoteric pretty much nails it with both the mix and the little write-up below.

The Best Of Elliott Smith (Arranged by Neoteric) by Neoteric

The Best of Elliott Smith (Mixed by Neoteric)

As DJs, many times we put together sets for others. This time I wanted to put something together for myself,for whenever the mood happened to hit. This isnt a DJ mix in the traditional sense, it flows more like a radio show or concert. These songs have been the soundtrack to some memorable times in my life, and I wanted to compile this collection for my own listening, but I know the thousands of fans of the late Elliott Smith will appreciate this too. I added some dialogue and interview clips, and tried to find a good flow to mix, and group similar songs together by mood and theme. The music might seem emo and moody to some, but that wasnt what drew me to it. The melodies caught me, and have stayed stuck in my head for years. Melody was kind of Elliott's thing, and he often cites the Beatles as one of his main influences. I'm quite aware his music is sometimes the soundtrack of the downtrodden, and those struggling with life, and all its temptations, but it's also for the music lovers, such as myself who appreciate his undeniable creativity and songwriting. I don't think I've ever heard an artist who could express the extremes of happiness and
sadness, both so well. Rest In Peace Elliott Smith.

Independence Day
Miss Misery
Waltz #2
A Question Mark
Baby Britain
Bled White
Say Yes
A Passing Feeling
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Between The Bars
Sweet Adeline
I Didn't Understand
Last Call
2:45 AM
Needle In The Hay
Strung Out Again
A Fond Farewell

I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for your continued support and love. Believe me, we do read every e-mail and every comment that we receive. We apologize for taking too much time to respond, but we do appreciate the fuck out of y'all.

Stay up.




It's that birthday time of the year again for me. Started off nicely this morning with an exam, going to get party supplies shortly and will either finish the day off at Blizzarts or a friend's chalet. Keepin' it real yadig.

Nevertheless, my immense passion of sharing music must be satisfied today. Nothing extravagant, hitting that random button till I find a song I enjoy and that hasn't been over-shared. 

Oh good ol' Emynd. "Flip It Snap It" along with "Stick 'Em Up" by Bo Bliz were some huge tracks Brig introduced me to by these guys. Emynd thanks us for supporting his music, well we thank him for making it so easy to appreciate. Always putting out that quality stuff. Boss status homes! Crossfaded Bacon is where it's at.

Ah Codere you never check this blog you pansy, but this one's all yours. Brilliant rendition by both artists, but in my opinion M.J. steals the show. Simply looove it!

Undoubtedly my greatest influence for music has been my father and this song comes from his personal collection. It's been awhile since I've gotten in touch with my Classical Rock side and I deeply regret not doing so more often. I quickly realized the prodigious amount of marvelous music there is to find in the past. 

I have this under Minimal / Tech-house, no clue how that minimal part fits in. Oh well let's not fuss over what style it fits into and just dance to the music.

Probably shouldn't be sharing this in 320kbps, think of it as my present to you for my birthday. NT89 has been blowing the fuck up lately, seems like everything they touch goes ballistic. Judge for yourselves and keep a lookout for their upcoming collabo with Art Nouveau. Oh and grab the whole Oh My God EP on Beatport while your at it.

That's it for today. If your looking for a dope event tonight hit up Blizzarts for Footworkin' with Lol Boys, Kid Aloha & Marcus Price.

-B is for biiiirthday!


OFWGKTA pt 5: Tyler, the Creator

Well, this shit's almost done. One more massive OFWGKTA post after this one, and that's it for this segment. I trust that you've been enjoying the feature for the past month.

This particular segment has been a long time coming, and I know that a few of your have been waiting on it. Today's focus is on the mastermind behind OFWGKTA, the ringleader of this merry band of swagged-the-fuck-out kids.

I present to you today...

Tyler, the Creator a.k.a Wolf Haley a.k.a Ace Creator

Tyler, The Creator- Bastard

Tyler, The Creator is probably the most recognizable figure in Odd Future Wolf Gang and, for many, the reason that we were introduced to the collective. Not only is dude one of the most talented rappers out there at the moment, he is also a supremely gifted producer.

I first saw his video for French a few months ago, and it blew me away. I had no clue what to think of it at first. I actually had to watch it a few times to really comprehend what I was seeing. At first, I thought it was some weird horror/murder rap shit, but as I looked closer, and started to search for more of his material, I finally clued in to the brilliance of the whole Odd Future movement.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- French!

Considering that Tyler was a toddler when horrorcore or whatever was popular, it is irrelevant to even try to compare his material to any of that trash. Sure, he's into really macabre shit, but he didn't define his swag by listening to a fuckin' Necro tape.

Tyler, The Creator's trademark, if you will, is his gravelly baritone voice, an almost demonic drawl that surprises the hell out of you when you actually see what he looks like. Color me surprised, but I wasn't expecting a hellspawn's voice to come out of a skinny black skater from California. In terms of lyrics + wordplay, Tyler is extremely impressive. Not to say that the other members of Odd Future Wolf Gang cannot hold their own, but Tyler seems to be on a whole other level in terms of subject material. While the other members spit about fuckin' girls and smoking weed, Tyler raps about videotaping rape and mass murder. Of course, Earl also raps about that dark, ghastly, borderline deranged shit, but he's been sent to bootcamp by his moms, so Tyler has to hold down the fort til he gets back.


Ace Creator- Cult Shit

Probably the raddest thing about Tyler is his production skills. Dude holds it down on the mic something serious, but his beat making is so on point, so innovative and unlike anything that's out there at the moment. He's like a new school Kanye, except that he's obsessed with rape, dismemberment, vandalism and skateboarding. Visionary is probably too strong a word to use, but whatever. Wolf Haley and the OF are ahead of their time, just waiting for everyone to catch up.

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats- Sandwitches

Peep Tyler and Hodgy performing life and bodying the fuck outta that crowd. Rapping to a crowd with a green ski mask on is so hype hahahaha.

You can grab his classic album BASTARD for free off the link below. Honestly, I would've just posted every single song from it, but that'd be somewhat counterproductive. BASTARD is one of the best albums that I've heard in the past few years, and if you have yet to hear it in its entirety, well what the fuck are you waiting for. Entirely produced by Tyler himself, it offers a fascinating glimpse into his decidedly twisted mind.


I know that I've already posted the original recently, but I could not resist posting Tyler's remix of it. He is apparently a huge NERD fan, and gave this remix out for free on Odd Future's web site. It's just dope to see him pay homage to artists that he respects, I guess.

Tyler, The Creator x N*E*R*D- Inside of Clouds (remix)

Well, as I said, I'm going to be wrappin up this segment next week. In case you've missed the previous ridiculously dope ones, I've included convenient little links to them. Of course, there's a lot of my usual inane rambling, but there are links/songs galore for your listening pleasure, too. Also, a metric ton of SWAG.

OFWGKTA pt 1: Earl Sweatshirt
OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis
OFWGTKA pt 3: MellowHype
OFWGKTA pt 4: Mike G

See you on the flipside, slags.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All


ps. Fuck Steve Harvey.


Do you believe

Just got back from an innnncredible day of powder shreding (snowboard). Blowed my mind away. Only dropping one random song. Its an old dance classic featuring my man Bob Marley. Sun will be shining and snow is falling like a motherfucka in Montreal.

Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe - Sun is Shining

see you tomorrow with another OFWGKTA feature



is this real life

Grown Folk is the brainchild of two up-and-coming Montreal electronic music producers, namely Kid Aloha, who we've blogged about before, and Roledex, a Saintwoods-backed house producer. The two have been DJing and producing together recently, and the result of this meeting of the minds has been dubbed Grown Folk. To quote Mr Aloha himself:

We started making tracks together 2 months ago, and finished up two of them which we sent out to a bunch of DJs. We got really early support from the likes of Melé, Ikonika, LOL Boys, Jacques Greene, Prince Club, Panton, and Chaos in the CBD. We've also signed a deal to make an EP in the spring of next year.

We are bearing witness to the birth of a new movement in electronic music. Of course, the UK is the birthplace of garage, dubstep, funky, and most of the futuristic sounds that are blowing up at the moment. Surprisingly, however, our very own Montreal is home to a ridiculous amount of innovative and progressive producers. From Hovatron to Jacques Greene to LOL Boys to Prince Club to Lunice, we've definitely got enough heavyweights in the game to make a serious dent in the ever-growing bass music scene. There must be something in the water here, as the general tendency for our producers (not to piegonhole, of course) seems to be leaning towards really cosmic, trippy harmonies and spacey melodies coupled with ungodly amounts of sub-bass. Might be the arctic temperatures in winter and the stifling humidity in summer that could be to blame.

Regardless, the reason I've posted about Grown Folk today is to expose another up-and-comer in the scene, and to introduce you to their first mix.

Grown Folk Collection N˚ 01 by Grown Folk

Straight from their soundcloud:

The Grown Folk Collection will be released at the beginning of every month. Simply put, its an hour long mix showcasing new tracks of ours, unreleased material from friends, and anything else we are into at the moment whether it be new or old. Spanning house, techno, disco, garage, funky, and hip-hop we aim to put together a collection of music that is diverse yet still cohesive and relevant.

1. Birdshell (6th Borough Project Shell Toe Remix) - Craig Bratley
2. Lost In You Like A (Chinese Cookie) - Guy Gerber
3. Purple Drank - Axel Boman
4. I Got One (You're It) (Mercury Remix) - Homework
5. California (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Claude Von Stroke
6. Fruit Boots - Prince Club
7. Your Words Matter - Ramadanman & Midland
8. Steady Moving - Grown Folk
9. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want - Jacques Greene
10. Once In A While - Lone
11. Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix) - Cajmere Feat. Dajae
12. Allnighter - 24Hour Experience
13. Lonely Boy - Hot City
14. Perculator (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Cajmere
14. Bitter Sweet - Kink
15. Nikes On My Feet - Mac Miller

This mix is a perfect way to start off this excruciatingly cold winter of ours. Grown Folk's first Collection mix meshes together a great mélange of genres and sounds, and the result bends the space-time continuum and heats up any room it is played in. This is a glimpse into the future of electronic bass music by two forward-thinking producers who definitely love to push the envelope.

My own musical preference of late seems to be heading in the direction that Grown Folk is pushing, but personal taste aside, this is just a great mix of groovy and sexy "house" music. They only have one original production in the whole mix, but if the rest of the stuff sounds anything like Steady Movin, then I'm interested. Let's see what 2011 has in store for this promising duo. With an EP coming out on the recently renamed Templar Sound (formerly Buzzard Beats), these dudes are poised to take over.

Montreal, show some love.

Just in case you were not familiar with these two producers, I've included their solo work as well, just so you get an idea of where they're coming from.

Roledex- Azteca
Kid Aloha- Clique

Grown Folk
Kid Aloha

And, to round off the post, I present to you a 192kbps version of Jacques Greene's excursion into audio bliss, released on Night Slugs. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want is the 2010 Hyph Mngo, in a way, which is high praise, in my opinion. Strangely, it's already one of my favorite tunes this year, and I predict this one'll be huge. Hats off to GDD for the link.

Jacques Greene- (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want

Jacques Greene

Have yourselves a pleasant afternoon.



Laid Back Sunday #13

Wake up Wake up

Sunday is here ladies and gents ---> The best chilling day of the week.

CunninLyunguists - Things I Dream
Back again with a CunninLynguists joint that will not disappoint you. Their instrumentals are always on point. This one is off "Dirty Acres" ; cool album, very mellow vibe throughout the whole shabang.

Jaylib - The Heist
This song here is off one of my favorite albums of all time : Jaylib - Champion Sound. A lot of you guys are probably already familiar with this classic collabo (JDilla & Madlib) but if not this track here really demonstrates what kind of sound they were going for.

O.C. - Dangerous Featuring Big L
Seems like I recently tend to finish my posts with an old school beat. Why not continue this marvelous habit. Big tune right here, O.C featuring Big L (RIP). NYC state of mind.