OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis

Well, here it is. Part 2 of our weekly OFWGKTA feature, featuring The Most High, Domo Genesis.

The Odd Future Wolf Gang seem to be blowing the fuck up at the moment, even more so than last week, when I did the first feature on Earl Sweatshirt. That probably has to do with MellowHype's new mixtape, which dropped on Halloween. Either way, part 3 is going to be on them, so you'll just have to wait for that fire.

In the meantime, I'd like to present one of the main members of OFWGKTA, a sensimilia savant named Domo Genesis. If you dig really hazy and blunted out freestyles, or songs that deal almost exclusively with cheeba, then Domo is your man.

Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley- Double Cheeseburger

While Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator aka Wolf Haley aka Ace Creator have got a handle on the macabre murder-raps, Domo Genesis seems firmly anchored in his blunted rap lane, so to speak. Like all of the Wolf Gang crew, his swag and rhyme style are really rad, but he manages to somehow make rapping about smoking weed seem refreshing and innovative.

Domo Genesis- Salute

From songs about him fake-battling Tyler in a supermarket while stoned and lookin for munchies, to songs that are just about him staring at himself high in the mirror, to sampling Peter Tosh (I think) on his mixtape's outro, Domo Genesis makes some of the best toking anthems out there. I mean, I don't even smoke that much anymore, but listening to this dude spit kind of gives me an inkling.

I remember someone describing Madlib's music as "weed smoke coming out your speakers", and I have to say, Domo Genesis' stuff could not be described any better than that. Not to compare the two,as they are vastly different, but the hazy, laid-back vibe and flow that characterizes Domo's music is the audio equivalent of a hot-box, people.

Domo Genesis ft Ace Creator- Supermarket

Odd Future Wolf Gang always gives out all of their shit for free, and Domo Genesis' mixtape, called ROLLING PAPERS, is no exception. To be releasing this much amazing music and mixtapes, filled to the fuckin' brim with original tracks and original production, should be a crime. I mean, I understand if you release a mixtape once in a while with you spittin' over a few known instrumentals (à-la-fuckin'-everybody), but to put this much effort into your output and still manage to make it sound innovative and fresh is quite the feat. These dudes are at the top of the game, man. Directing your own videos, producing all of your own beats and spitting some of the dopest rhymes ever? Damn. Fuck Steve Harvey.


Oh, and for all those bustas who missed it, here's the first part of our weekly ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL segment:


Try not the skip the next ones, people. I know how important it is for y'all to be on the forefront of new music. Luckily,I think that Odd Future is one of those groups that will be impervious to the often negatively perceived hipster-hype and pitchfork praise, and won't lose any credibility at all. I mean, these kids are gaining shitloads of hype just by being rad as fuck, so fanboyism and mainstream blog love ain't gonna change their steez or approach.

Domo Genesis ft Mike G- Drunk

It's refreshing (this word seems to be popping up a lot today. I wonder why) to see a group of kids just being creative as fuck and not pandering to whatever is 'hot' at the moment. Let's hope that the massive wave of hype that is going to follow them soon won't change the things that made us dig them in the first place.


By the way, if you're thinking of passin by the L-Vis 1990 show at Velvet tonight, give a shout. Bynie and I will be hittin it as well. I'll be the bloke with the scar on his face hahaha.

Have a good weekend, slags.

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  1. bob marley dude! not peter tosh. fuckin dope