Skateboard P back to his roots. This track is an instrumental he produced for Rob Dyrdek's project called "Street Dreams" featuring some of the sickest skaters out there ; Sheckler, TK, P-rod & Ryan Dunn. SAY WHAT. Skateboard anthem for your next skate video perhaps?

Pharell - Hoppin' Over Fences

If you're interested here's a sneak preview (its actually the 6 first minutes) of Street Dreams

On an other end, here's a track off Kid Cudi's album. I'm sorry but I just had to do it, sick track featuring my man CHIP. Enjoy
"Oh no you diidddnnt"

Kid Cudi - The End (feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper and Nicole Wray

And this is Cudi super smashed ahahahaha

see you tomorow with an other edition of laid back sunday.



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  1. well he is the original lonely stoner