Oh! Vinyl

BeatauCue dropped his "Disque Oh!" EP on Kitsuné almost 3 weeks ago. This French duo from Caen have been steady satisfying my ears with there seemingly endless array of top notch remixes. From when I first encountered their work on big artists such as Major Lazer, Brodinski & Noob, Crookers, Solo, French Fries to their most recent remixing of Paul Chambers, Boys Noize, Daniel Haaksman & the solid remix of BRRRAT! they have progressively been getting better and better.

The whole EP has a very warm disco-ish feel to which is amplified with the use of the glitched up vocal and well simply how the song sounds. The 5 remixes on the EP touch on everything from a remix by Don Rimini with an even greater disco feel to it, to some dubstep with High Rankin, a nice tropical sound with J-Wow from Buraka Som Sistema and a nice electro banger with Eumig & Chinon.

Grab my two favorite remixes in 128kbps and be sure to support the artists if you like what you're hearing!

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (J-Wow Remix)

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (Eumig & Chinon Remix)





Luchini BWOY

I was browsing through our ATV email inbox to clean up all the useless emails when I landed on this. A "mash up" by Mr. Physix. Yes I know, we always seem to talk about the fact that mashup artists usually lack a bit of production skills.

BUUUUUT, once again this track by Mr. Physix is an exception to the rule. I mean, when I saw Camp Lo & Rusko in the subject I was already down to give this track a shot.

I'm a real sucker for dope emcee lyricist remixed over an electronic sound. Since I already had posted the original from Camp Lo and the song sampled for the beat, this was a no brainer. You'll be bumping this track in no time.

Mr Physix - Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo X Rusko X The Temper Trap)

have a good night


Best of the Rest vol 1

Good afternoon, people. Given that Calibar has had quite a bit of success with his Laid Back Sundays, I thought it would be a good idea to start up another weekly segment. Now, I know that I have often said this, but this time around it's for real. This new segment, called Best of the Rest, will shine a little light on the producers who sent us their tunes. I'll post my five favorite songs that we receive by e-mail every week. We are flooded with tunes daily, and I figure that it's better to give a bit of exposure to people who actually take time out of their day and send something over. Although a lot of the crap we get is mailing list spam, I'll try to favor people who actually write to us.

There's a lot of decent stuff, so hopefully you'll dig some of it. Of course, some of it might have already been posted on other blogs, but whatever. Again, people, these are MY favorite ones, an opinion not necessarily shared by my comrades. And, to be honest, there might not be that many amazing tunes every week, but I'll try to pick out the best ones. If you sent over a tune and it didn't get included, my bad. Wading through a sea of mailing lists to find the gems is not always so easy.

Now, on to the music.

1. DATO (Denmark)

DATO- My life is perfect now ( featuring Jannie Linnebæk)

Holy fuck. This is top quality disco. DATO is Thomas Erichsen & David Kosteljanetz, a talented production team from Copenhagen. They enlisted the help of a talented vocalist whose vocal chops fit perfectly with this trancey vocal disco house. Keep an eye out for these dudes. Funky stuff.


2. Sol (USA)

Sol- Kickitwitchu

Ever since Cal's post on Sol's stoner anthem I'm So High reached number 1 on the Hype Machine, I've been keepin' my eyes out for new material by this Seattle MC. Underground Hip-Hop is much more of Cal's specialty than mine, but I know how to appreciate a decent spitter when I hear one. This one, produced by Jacks Green (SO CONFUSED) is a really dope slow jam for the ladies. Smooth lines, a rad soulful backdrop and r&b styling all combine to make this one into another hit for Sol.


3. Two Inch Punch (England)

(Now streaming only by request)

+++ Love You Up. --- by +Two Inch Punch-

The last tune we posted by lovestep producer Two Inch Punch was definitely well received, and I really dug it, so it was nice to see this pop up in the inbox a few days ago. Two Inch Punch, as we've mentioned before, makes glitchy reworks of soul tunes, and falls neatly in the category of Luvstep, which is named after an amazing mix by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix that came out last Valentine's Day. (New one coming soon! stoked!) Love You Up is a synthy, stuttering glitchfest of a tune that I'm hoping you'll get a kick out of.


4. Villains (USA)

Fischerspooner - Infidels Of The World Unite (Villains Remix) (radio edit) by Villains

Brand new remix of Fischerspooner's great tune Infidels of the World Unite by Los Angeles remixers Villains. This one is out on Dim Mak as of now, and is moving rapidly up the beatport charts. Sure, it's abusively distorted and bangin, but it's nice to listen to balls-to-the-wall rave remixes once in a while to switch it up.


5. Vancans (USA)

Vancans x Nina Simone- What's a woman to do?

This is a rather bizarre one, a kind of twangy and jazzy re-edit of Nina Simone's He Ain't Comin Home No More. It's a very simple rework, basically all he did was add a little drum beat and slightly chopped up the beat a tiny bit, but it's a laid-back remix that is perfect for a lazy afternoon where you just want to lounge around and smoke cigarettes and drink tea. Definitely not a bad entry. Not a game changer by any means, but I like it for what it is.





square shaped box

All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

Bynie's post struck a chord, to be honest. Should I just post a one-sentence description, or do you guys & gals actually read these drawn-out paragraphs? Let me knowwww.

Creep- Days (Deadboy remix)

CREEP, one of the more promising "Witch House" bands, is Lauren Dillard (?) and the funky Lauren Flax (she made a bunch of spacey remixes/was tour DJ for Fischerspooner, Le Tigre, etc). Days is a sparse creeper (I really should not update with 2 hours of sleep in me)featuring Romy Madley-Croft from the xx, who has one of my favorite voices. Deadboy's take on it turns the tune into a dark atmospheric 2-step anthem. Take out that gun-finger and get ready to skank it out.

Jacques Greene- The Look (Koreless remix)

Ever since Jacques Greene first started releasing tunes several months ago, I've been a big fan. The fact that he was from Montreal only added to my appreciation of his material, to be honest. Hometown pride, fuck yeah. After a while though, I wondered how this guy could have flown under the radar of the local scene and come out with such strong material and get released on two of the best labels around, meaning Night Slugs & LuckyMe, without ever having played a show.

That's when I dug a bit deeper, and I realized that not only have I heard of Jacques Greene before, I've also seen him DJ a few times and have even posted a lot of his material in the past. Now, the following information is not touched upon by him often, understandably, although not because he wants to distance himself from his former alias. He thinks that the music should speak for itself. And it does. (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want & The Look are monstrous and are getting rinsed by a huge number of influential DJs. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Another Girl, arguably his best work yet. Jacques Greene is the brightest star in the futuristic bass scene.

Jacques Greene = Hovatron. Yeah, that Hovatron. Consider my mind completely blown to pieces. Night Trackin' fam run tings in Montreal, get familiar.

Michael Mind- Baker Street (Vocal remix)

Corny house music? Fuck yes. This is for the soccer moms and early-morning joggers in all of us.

Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (Dainjah remix)

This one is an old favorite, a remix I download 4 years ago and have been bumping ever since. Efficient, groovy and catchy. Throw in a little Busta and you've got some damn good gumbo.

GD & TOP- Knockout (produced by Diplo)

I came across this insane tune a few days ago on the all-mighty Mad Decent, and I still am not entirely certain of what's going on. All I know is that I can't help but keep it on repeat and watch this Korean duo hop around and say "bubble bubble". Apparently GD & TOP are huge stars in the K-Pop scene, and met up with Diplo when he toured Seoul. I've always had a huge amount of respect for Diplo, ever since I first heard Piracy Funds Terrorism, and have loved almost everything he's ever put out, but this is bananas! He's always been pretty huge, but it seems that after Paper Planes & Major Lazer, he is taking things to the stratosphere. With high-profile collabos with Tiesto, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne all garnering huge amounts of praise, the mainstream is finally paying attention.

I've always approached K-Pop & J-Pop & J-Rock with a healthy amount of wariness and disgust, probably due to a traumatic experience listening to Dir En Grey while stoned in College, but these dudes can actually rap. Of course, I don't understand a single fuckin' word, but it sounds dope enough to me!

The styling in this is insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Tanks, segways and bubble wrap? Swag.

See you tomorrow for the inauguration of my new weekly segment, called Best of The Rest. I'm pretty sure you'll dig it.



up in smoke

Being wasted on Sake Monday night is awesome. Less amusing to have class the next morning and try to pull a post out of your ass. Regardless, set rips from BBC Radio & BNR Super Acid is where it's at today.

Cassius - I Love You So (Skream Remix) (Radio Rip)

Rusko - Everyday (Radio Rip)

Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass - Extreme Compote (128kbps)

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle) (128kbps)

My friend is convincing me no one reads the random blurbs for songs, so sadly for tonight you just get the music while I go out and regret being at Fouf.

B is for bad beer at foufs... bleh


amanita muscaria

Once again, we'd like to apologize for the somewhat sporadic posting. Motherfucker, I'm ill. Seriously, I have a shitty viral infection of some sort. And we party too much, in general. Do you know how hard it is to write a half-decent post when you're hungover? Jesus. Anyways, I'm starting the new segment on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled and your trigger finger on the refresh button.

Just a quick lil' post to get the juices flowing

Guido- Mad Sax (Stranger Day remix)

North Carolina MC and Avenge The Virgins favorite Stranger Day puts in another solid effort, this time he goes in on the massive Mad Sax by UK dubstep producer Guido. This one took me by surprise, to be honest, if only because the sample choice was a bit out of left field. It's nice to see a rapper jump on an actual quality dubstep tune instead of a wobble anthem, but whatever floats your boat.

Also, he mentioned to us that he would like to rap over Girl Unit tunes, which would be all sorts of rad. Why has no one laid a verse on WUT yet? Regardless, Stranger Day does not disappoint on this one. Stay up, fam.

Free Energy- Something in common

Catchy-as-fuck indie pop that rocks your proverbial socks off. Boom. Not terribly cerebral, but you can definitely groove to this. The nice little synth and propulsive bass line make this an undeniably funky little jam.

Christoph Andersson - Capital (Jim-E Stack Remix) by JIM-E STACK

This dude's music is the future! Admittedly, I say this quite a bit about tons of producers, but it's true! New Orleans' maestro of sorts Jim-E Stack has gained a lot of popularity recently, due in large part to his fantastic remix of Nguzunguzu's Mirage, which was talked about on all the right channels. This particular tune sounds like a club version of a Zelda quest on peyote, if that makes any sense (it shouldn't). Soulful, mystical and all the right amounts of sexiness. What more do you want out of a tune? Brilliant.

see you tomorrow



Laid Back Sunday #18

Illustration by Conrad Roset

Talib Kweli's 1st album since leaving Warner Bros is here. Released under his new label "Talibra" the album is called "Gutter Rainbows" and is featuring some dope producers such as : Ski Beatz, 88-Keys, Oh No, etc.

The track I decided to share with you guys is featuring Sean Price, 1 of the many talents from the Boot Camp Clik.

Talib Kweli - Palookas Feat. Sean Price

Paul White, the master of weird psychedelic music produced this beat a while ago but I really think you'll go crazy with this one. Sick instrumental topped with Guilty Simpson breaking down some dope flow.

Paul White - Ancient Treasure ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White's Day Off Remix)

Also decided to drop 2 classic beats by hip hop legends. You can never go wrong with some De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest. Perfect chilling vibe.

A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
De La Soul - The Bizness feat. Common

It's been so long since the last time we posted gangster rap. To cure this dry streak, dropping a Dipset joint was a no brainer. These guys have been producing some real quality gangster rap for years. Nothing to be associated with the hip hop posted above though.

Jim Jones - We Flying feat. Noe & Mel Matrix

peace, enjoy your Sunday