Sinjin Hawke- The Lights EP

Remember back in September when I announced that Sinjin Hawke would be releasing his debut EP on the terrific Belgian label Pelican Fly?

Well, the preview dropped yesterday, and it's everything we anticipated and more. The Lights EP (FLY005) is an 8 track opus that is sure to tear the game up as soon as it drops.

He sent it to me 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to share this amazing release with you guys. The soundcloud preview that Pelican Fly uploaded plunges us head-first into the mind of this Canadian expat, now currently living in Barcelona. His debut EP features some of the dopest club music of 2011.

From otherwordly subwoofer-exploding anthems, to memorable synth crescendos, to spoken-word serenades, The Lights has a bit of something for everyone. From what I can ascertain, the reaction to the preview is already overwhelmingly positive, and I'm sure that many of Sinjin Hawke's new tunes will be rinsed thoroughly by DJs for months to come.

In short, this is a phenomenal debut from one of the most promising young producers in dance music. P-p-p-pelican Fly.

Sinjin Hawke - The Lights EP (FLY005) by pelicanfly

The Lights EP will drop on the 5th of December on all online music outlets worth a damn. Be sure to cop it, and support great music.

See you tomorrow for the return of the Laid Back Sunday series.

Much love!



We're not worthy

Bonsoir, amigos. Happy remembrance day.

Our MTL-centric week is coming to an end. We hope you've enjoyed the ride and have hopefully discovered a few producers and DJs that you were unfamiliar with. Quality stuff, no? If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share.

This tardy post will feature a production duo that is no stranger to ATV, the always innovative LOL BOYS. I've professed my appreciation for their music ad nauseam over the past year, so I won't go too crazy on the description. All you need to know is that this new remix is pretty stellar/insane. DMT meets Ballroom? Oh lawd.

Worthy- Lost Dog (LOL BOYS remix)

Also, as a nice little segway into tomorrow's post, I've included a recent remix by the very talented Sinjin Hawke. We're going to feature a preview of his upcoming EP tomorrow afternoon, but for tonight, please enjoy this monumental remix of Philly producer Krueger's banger Galactica.

Sinjin Hawke twerks the original into a thunderous monster, and pays homage to another young producer killing the game, Lex Luger. Real recognize real.

Krueger - Galactica (Sinjin Hawke's Ode To Luger Remix) by Sinjin Hawke

buenas tardes, motherfuckers. ATV is back in business.

Oh, did I mention that the 2nd Avenge The Virgins mix is going to be coming out shortly? Keep your eyes peeled, my friends.



Xavier Léon- Movin' On

Good evening, folks.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while may recognize the name sibian&faun, a great electronic music duo from Montreal. We profiled them back in February, and have been following their power moves ever since.

However, today's post is dedicated to 1/2 of sibian&faun, a very talented producer who goes by the name of Xavier Léon.

When I saw the list of participants in this year's Red Bull Music Academy (which is ridic, by the way), I was stoked to see that Xavier had been accepted. He's already released a preview of a collaboration with Italian producer Broke One which you can check out on his soundcloud.

Xavier Léon- Movin' On

Today's featured song is a extremely solid and sexy piece of music called Movin On. Léon's work with sibian&faun dipped heavily into futuristic-sounding r&b vibes, and his solo work continues the tradition. Xavier Léon's choice of samples is pretty fantastic, and he excels at heartwrenching, bass-heavy dance music. I'm definitely a very big fan of his unique sound, and hope you'll show him a lot of support if you do too.

Montreal <3

Sibian & Faun soundcloud


Compton Chic

Codeine Promethazine has reached the shores of Montreal, in a major way.

The drugged up, syruppy vibes that seems to be leaking from our producers' pores recently is definitely a good look. Either we're finally getting hook-ups for some potent lean (and if so, please inform your friendly neighborhood ATV), or our chronic is getting a lot stronger.

Compton Chic- inertia: tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged

Today's featured producer goes by the name of Compton Chic. I know next to nothing about her, to be quite honest. She reached out to us a while back, sending us a youtube link of her Frank Ocean refix, and nothing else. After a bit of sleuthing, I found her soundcloud page and ascertained that she was a Montrealer. I dug the swag, so I figured she needed a bit more exposure.

Compton Chic's forte seems to be heavily blunted, gloriously chopped up r&b edits. Although they may be simple, her reworks are sexy, trippy and effective. There's quite a few more on her soundcloud page, which I've linked below, so if you dig the vibes, please give her a bit of love.

been·thinkin·bout·4evr by Compton Chic


We hope you've been digging our 514-centric phase. There's more coming tomorrow. Don't forget to tune in.



Azamat B: Space Age Trill

Your favorite DJ's favorite DJ, Mr Azamat Bogdanov, has just dropped his newest mix, Space Age Trill.

His last mix, Jackin Around, was one of my favorite mixes of the year, for obvious reasons. Azamat B is one of the most versatile DJs that I've ever seen, and his selecting and mixing skills are unmatched.

Space Age Trill, his latest offering, is extremely dope. No need to go into details tonight. Just vibe to the next level sounds.

Space Age Trill by AzamatB.

Get Lit - A$AP Rocky (Prod. By Soufein 3000)
Lost Dog - Worthy (LOL Boys Remix)
Bang Bang - Drexciya
Secret Spaces - Grown Folk
Rollin - GuGu
Silk - Manaré
No Man Can - Unknown
Digital Vogue - Kevin Movado J-Z
Let It All Out 2011 - Jay Karan
An We Drop - Addison Groove
Dooms Night - Azzido Da Bass (Radio Slave's Panorama Garage Remix)
Dom Perignon - Mosca
Lil Ma (Bonus Beat) - Bok Bok & Tom Trago
Sweat - Presk & Cinnaman (Jon Convex Remix)
Liberation Front - Egyptrixx (Mike Q Remix - Bok Bok Re-Edit)
Chase Me - Inaya Day (Elite Beatz Mad Dub - Vjuan Allure)
Kick it - Dj Sliink (Remix)
Poppinshit - Machinedrum
Numba one - Dj Jayhood and Dj Fresh
Impossible - DeeJay Sliink
Badmind Ha - Rizzla (Extended VIP mix)
Like That - Sinjin Hawke
RDI - Breton (Girl Unit Remix)
Five Fingered Salute - Wheez-ie
Gothic - Phantom (Racks Edit)



Bongiovanni- My Love

Montreal, je t'aime.

I feel like posting Montreal-centric songs all week, for some reason. For those willing to humor me and trust this impulsive phase, you'll be getting a lot of great music this week. Montreal's bubbling, as per the usual.


Tonight's featured song comes to us courtesy of Bongiovanni, a local DJ who has been steadily gaining recognition over the past year. Although I have never seen him DJ, I have heard good things about his sets, but it came as a surprise to hear that he also produced. So when he reached out to ATV to promote his newest edit, I had to share it with you. From what he told us, Bongiovanni used to make hip-hop beats and housier edits, but his sound seems to be evolving into something pretty great. You can definitely feel the sexy, gritty, two-steppy vibe that Montreal seems to naturally inspire.

Bongiovanni- My Love (More bass please Edit)

His edit of My Love is a hit through and through. His chopped up and dropped out take on the classic tune is really refreshing. The mp3 is low quality for now, but you guys should keep an eye on his soundcloud, his production work is getting exponentially better.