Bongiovanni- My Love

Montreal, je t'aime.

I feel like posting Montreal-centric songs all week, for some reason. For those willing to humor me and trust this impulsive phase, you'll be getting a lot of great music this week. Montreal's bubbling, as per the usual.


Tonight's featured song comes to us courtesy of Bongiovanni, a local DJ who has been steadily gaining recognition over the past year. Although I have never seen him DJ, I have heard good things about his sets, but it came as a surprise to hear that he also produced. So when he reached out to ATV to promote his newest edit, I had to share it with you. From what he told us, Bongiovanni used to make hip-hop beats and housier edits, but his sound seems to be evolving into something pretty great. You can definitely feel the sexy, gritty, two-steppy vibe that Montreal seems to naturally inspire.

Bongiovanni- My Love (More bass please Edit)

His edit of My Love is a hit through and through. His chopped up and dropped out take on the classic tune is really refreshing. The mp3 is low quality for now, but you guys should keep an eye on his soundcloud, his production work is getting exponentially better.



  1. oh em gee this is amazing.

    def #montrealswag

    glad to see the blog is back to being updated regularly!

    montréal, je t'adore

  2. Bongiovanni for President!

    At least we would have some good vibez going on!
    Support the Underground Talent!