cabin fever

Photo credit goes to Albert Rasyulis

Que pasa, motherfuckers?

Body Music by AlunaGeorge

Delightfully sexy music from UK duo AlunaGeorge. Soulful & euphoric sounds and dreamy melodies interwoven into one frighteningly good tune.

AlunaGeorge Soundcloud

Get Et (Subvader Remix) by Jay Fay

This is a really rad remix of Get Et, a banger off of young gun Jay Fay's new EP. Jay Fay is a young producer out of St-Louis that we've profiled before, and his new release is pretty sweet. Full of heavy, unclassifiable sounds that shred any party to pieces. This particular remix is more on the crazy sci-fi tip. Monstrous bass, trippy bleeps and more! It's like a really trippy symphony on mushrooms.

Jay Fay soundcloud
Subvader soundcloud

BECOMING REAL - CLOSER (stalker remix) by stalker

Scary. Pretty stoked to see these two names together, honestly. Here's to hoping they collaborate in the future.


If you're MTL based, you've got tons of choices this evening:

1. French Fries, ITFW & LOL Boys- BOOMCLAP.

Blue Dog Motel, 5$.

Facebook event page

2. Mowgli, Prince Club & Night Trackin DJs

Le Belmont, 15.50$

Facebook event page

3. Steve Angello, Max Vangeli & AN21

Metropolis, 36$

Facebook event page





"Coke Night On Thriller", a piece by Anthony Lister.

Always hard to get info on underground dudes like him but one thing is sure; B.Lewis has a unique style and produces some pre-tty cool experimental hip hop. The guys is from California, might explain some of that chill-relaxing aspect of his sound. The new Burial recently stuff coming out remembered me of this guy, not that they share the exact same approach but B.Lewis has that little something going on.

Decided to pick 5 songs completely different from one to another to demonstrate how diversified his productions can be. Some instrumentals, some with vocals & 1 with a rapper on the beat. Dope stuff

B.Lewis - Choice Two : Leave
B.Lewis - Day 1 : The Downslope
B.Lewis - Day 7 : Bare Necessities
B.Lewis - For Fallen feat. L
B.Lewis - A Lost Branch (Bonus)

Makes sure to check out his bandcamp page OVER HERE. Free music to bless your soul.




walking with a ghost

Brand new tunes from a few of your favorite innovative spirits: Hodgy Beats, Burial, Krueger & Skanky. Also, a beautifully shot video from Woodkid.

Hodgy Beats- Mystery
Burial- NYC
Krueger- Galactica

Skanky - Blind Spot (Forthcoming Templar Sound) by skanky uk

Have a pleasant afternoon.



Truancy Compilation volume 1

With the sheer number of music blogs out there to choose from, it can feel a bit disconcerting to pick which ones to follow regularly. There's usually two types of music blogs, the ones that are extremely up-to-date with recent releases, update very frequently and will allow you to stay on the forefront of new music, and there are those that you trust for their consistently dope taste in music. We like to believe that we are respected for having an equal amount of the former and the latter, but today's post is not about us. It's about another blog that also brings you that perfect mix between the two.

It is always nice to see one of our peers make big moves, and Truants, a like-minded (and great) blog out of the Netherlands, is the latest one to get its time in the limelight. They've relaunched their website, and like Palms Out Sounds and Discobelle have done before them, they will start releasing records via their recently founded Truancy Records.

Not only do they get quite a bit of love from producers and fans alike (they're even #based approved, due to Lil B shouting them out a few times on twitter), they also have impeccable taste in music, and I've definitely been a reader since they first started publishing articles. Therefore, when their hotly anticipated Compilation mixtape dropped, I couldn't resist promoting it, mainly because the quality is so unbelievably mindblowing.

This 14 track mixtape features unreleased material from a whole slew of up-and-coming producers like Brenmar, Chaos in the CBD, Femme en Fourrure, LOL Boys, and Montreal producers ITFW and Grown Folk, among others. Every single one of the songs is beyond rad, and worth repeated listens. The tape is free, amazingly, but Truants added the option to donate however much money that you wish to a foundation that helps Libyan & Region Appeal, which is a project that the Red Cross is overseeing. If you dig the amazing tunes and the new Truants site, I highly suggest that you give whatever you can to the foundation. If you'd like to read a bit more about the Libyan & Region Appeal, click HERE for more info.

Finally, I've included the streaming links below, so that you may preview all of the songs, and the link to download the mixtape is at the end of the post. Show some support, Truants are one of the blogs that we give mad respect to. Swag.

Truancy Compilation One by TRUANTS

"We hope you enjoy the compilation as much as we do. And although you can download the compilation for free, we’d appreciate if if you could make a small donation to the bank account we set up for this project. All proceeds will be forwarded to the Libya & Region Appeal, and will be transferred on April 30th and May 31th. After the last transition the account will be closed. Thanks a lot to everyone who made this possible, the artists, our lovely audio engineer Faisal and Mannu Elewaut who helped him out, Ricc & Ross, and of course, the listeners. One love"

Donate to the cause and/or Download the Compilation HERE.

Big ups to Truants Blog and best of luck in all of your future ventures.


Dyme Def

Dyme Def, a hip hop emcee trio, is another dope group coming from Seattle. Seems like the hip hop scene over there is booming. Dyme Def is formed of Brainstorm, S.E.V., Fearce Villan and DJ/Producer Bean One. Bean One usually takes care of most beat productions but Brainstorm also likes to put in work from time to time. Not to be underestimated though, the guy won the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2007.

Good productions in general, they come up with catchy sounds. Especially a song like "LetitBe" has what it take to introduce this group to anyone digging a bit of hip hop. You might also want to check out the free mixtape they released called SexTape. A project done in collaboration with T.I.T.S. Clothing (Bynie's favorite brand).

Dyme Def - LetitBe

Dyme Def - StickEmUp

Dyme Def - AlottaRappers

Dyme Def - Do Something

have a great day,



Back To Basics Pt. 8

Seems like weekends are a weekly subject for us (no shit...), I mean we go hard. Too much maybe? F*ck it, good birthday party Cal. For those of you who come around the blog once a week to get your musical update pumped straight to your veins, we got that Hip-Hop fix finally. Instead of finding words to describe our weekend excesses which are usually followed by a lack of music, I will you leave with a message from BP CEO: Tony Hayward.

Now on with the music for the love of, well... music. Bunch of classic vibes today: from that legendary Marley anthem on an impeccable Roots instrumental, to Busta spitting an extra verse to QTip's & Kweli's Lightworking (the original from J-Dilla, naturally) who else but Mick Boogie to put this one together on the Dillagence mixtape, onto some classic 2003 Cunninlynguists produced by RJD2 (grab the new Oneirology album fools), and finishing off with some proper weed burnin' music from Lloyd Banks, 50 & Snoop.

The Roots - Burnin' & Lootin' (Performed By Bob Marley)

Andre Nickatina - Hell's Kitchen

Busta Rhymes + QTip + Talib Kweli - Lightworks

Cunninlynguists Ft. Masta Ace - Seasons (Prod. RJD2)

Lloyd Banks Ft. 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg - I Get High