"Coke Night On Thriller", a piece by Anthony Lister.

Always hard to get info on underground dudes like him but one thing is sure; B.Lewis has a unique style and produces some pre-tty cool experimental hip hop. The guys is from California, might explain some of that chill-relaxing aspect of his sound. The new Burial recently stuff coming out remembered me of this guy, not that they share the exact same approach but B.Lewis has that little something going on.

Decided to pick 5 songs completely different from one to another to demonstrate how diversified his productions can be. Some instrumentals, some with vocals & 1 with a rapper on the beat. Dope stuff

B.Lewis - Choice Two : Leave
B.Lewis - Day 1 : The Downslope
B.Lewis - Day 7 : Bare Necessities
B.Lewis - For Fallen feat. L
B.Lewis - A Lost Branch (Bonus)

Makes sure to check out his bandcamp page OVER HERE. Free music to bless your soul.



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