Sol- Stage Dive

You may remember Seattle MC Sol from when we posted his hit So Damn High last march. It went to the top of the hypem most popular list very quickly, and his hype has continued to skyrocket since then.

He very recently released a brand new hit, Stage Dive, which we're very pleased to introduce to you this evening. A catchy hook, a rolling bassline, and laid-back lyrical prowess by Sol make this one another surefire banger.

Stage Dive features production from Nima Skeemz, and will be included on Sol's upcoming album, Yours Truly, which is set to drop on the 20th of January.

Sol- Stage Dive

Happy holidays, everyone. Spend some time with the people you love.


Thanks for everything, my friends. We'll see you soon.



I Still Love You (Gucci Vump remix)

Gucci Vump, the collabo between Reims' golden boy Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes, is back with a brand new mixtape. Called NVTHIN BVT A GUXXI THANG, it diverges quite a bit from their usual M.O. of trippy house music. I've read several interviews in which Brodinski professes his love for hip-hop, and his desire to make beats for rappers. He's been releasing his Best of Everything series for a while now, and has also given away a whole slew of Chopped-and-Screwed rap edits, so it was only a matter of time before an album of Hip-hop beats came out.

Switch- I Still Love You (Gucci Vump remix)

The duo resurrects the Gucci Vump name just in time for the holidays, and man, what a great gift. You can download the entire mixtape below. Please enjoy.




The Weeknd- Echoes of Silence

It is finally here.

Abel Tesfaye, the insanely talented artist known as The Weeknd, has just unleashed Echoes of Silence, the final release of his trilogy of free albums.

Following the game-changing House of Balloons and the hectic Thursday, we are introduced to the dark, foreboding Echoes of Silence. This is mystical hangover music that is still undeniably sexy. It has a lot more seratonin-draining introspective jams, which I am definitely not mad at. Quite honestly, this is some of the best drug music to be released this decade. Love him or hate him, The Weeknd is one of the most innovative and enigmatic musicians to emerge in quite a while. Whether at a party, during sex, at an afterparty or on the day-after, The Weeknd's music is always appropriate.

Here is a little glimpse into Echoes of Silence, but I recommend that you download the whole release and listen to it in its entirety. It is pretty much perfect, and Avenge The Virgins approved.

The Weeknd- Montreal

The Weeknd- XO/ The Host

The Weeknd- Same Old Song

Download The Weeknd- Echoes Of Silence

I'm not one for Best Of Year lists, but if I had to endorse one release this year, it would definitely be House of Balloons. It's the album that has gotten the most burn from me, and I'll go as far as to call it a classic. Maybe it's a lifestyle thing, but that thing has been the soundtrack to my life in 2011. Echoes of Silence is a phenomenal release as well, and very much worth your time.

I apologize for the short post, but I'm not in any shape to go into any great detail.

Love y'all.





1. Make sure your soundsystem can handle monstrous amounts of sub-bass.
2. Take your preferred dissasociative/hallucinogenic substance.
3. Turn the overhead lights off, and the christmas tree lights on.
3. Get yourself and your significant other undressed.
4. Press play. Enjoy.

Fire For Effect- Weed Tang Clan

Fire For Effect- Step Into Liquid (It's a Trap)

#seapunk is one of the most interesting scenes I've ever had the pleasure of discovering. It's like a frankenstein mash of PLUR rave culture, online messageboard imagery, LOL Boys-esque vibes and gargantuan bass overloads.

I'm guessing the parties get a bit weird. It's all gravy, though. Blue mohawks, aquatic imagery, MDMA and sex aren't exactly a bad combination.

I realize that today's post is not too cerebral. I didn't sleep very well. You guys oughta loosen up a bit. Enjoy the vibes.



Fire For Effect Soundcloud
Seapunk facebook
Coral Records Internazionale


My Baby Does K All Day

My Baby Does K All Day
She Doesn't Wash Her Hair
Doesn't Wash Her Clothes
Just Sits On The Couch
Watching Television Shows
When I Come Home
Doesn't Even Say Hello

Benoit & Sergio- Walk And Talk

Late pass, I know. Still, utter perfection.

Here's to hoping you all get your own K-Baby this holiday season.




Twerk it out: Bongiovanni

Putting up one post a day until New Year's Eve seems like a pretty honorable endeavor, don't you think? Now, I could make up a million excuses as to why we haven't been posting too much, but it all boils down to one: Life gets in the way. To properly experience club/dance music, you can't just stay in your room with headphones. Gotta hit the streets.

Anyways, back to our regular scheduled programming. Let's get it.

Today's post focuses on a young rising star in the Montreal dance music scene: the titan of twerk, Bongiovanni.

We've been trying to post as many of his new tunes as possible, as you may have noticed. His releases thus far have been right up my alley and I really cannot resist sharing them with you. He taps into the darker, carnal, vibier side of house music for inspiration, and the end result is something decidedly fresh and sexy. Although I've yet to hear one of his tunes on the dancefloor, I imagine the effect to be pretty magical. Bongiovanni is definitely a producer to keep your eye on in 2012. And if you don't know, now you know.

Today, he blesses us with two new tunes, Baby I Ain't Buggin & Worldwide. Candle-lit caves and coked-up raves. Some of the freshest vibes coming out of Montreal at the moment. Bongiovanni is a badman.

Bongiovanni- Baby I Ain't Buggin

Worldwide (Ruff Mix) by +Bongiovanni+

I shouldn't need to keep mentioning this, but please show the homie some fuckin' love.