Twerk it out: Bongiovanni

Putting up one post a day until New Year's Eve seems like a pretty honorable endeavor, don't you think? Now, I could make up a million excuses as to why we haven't been posting too much, but it all boils down to one: Life gets in the way. To properly experience club/dance music, you can't just stay in your room with headphones. Gotta hit the streets.

Anyways, back to our regular scheduled programming. Let's get it.

Today's post focuses on a young rising star in the Montreal dance music scene: the titan of twerk, Bongiovanni.

We've been trying to post as many of his new tunes as possible, as you may have noticed. His releases thus far have been right up my alley and I really cannot resist sharing them with you. He taps into the darker, carnal, vibier side of house music for inspiration, and the end result is something decidedly fresh and sexy. Although I've yet to hear one of his tunes on the dancefloor, I imagine the effect to be pretty magical. Bongiovanni is definitely a producer to keep your eye on in 2012. And if you don't know, now you know.

Today, he blesses us with two new tunes, Baby I Ain't Buggin & Worldwide. Candle-lit caves and coked-up raves. Some of the freshest vibes coming out of Montreal at the moment. Bongiovanni is a badman.

Bongiovanni- Baby I Ain't Buggin

Worldwide (Ruff Mix) by +Bongiovanni+

I shouldn't need to keep mentioning this, but please show the homie some fuckin' love.


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    (jersey shore reference, duh.)

    i still haven't gotten over "my love" and he's already bringing this out.

    like holy fucking shit this guy's amazing.

    how is he live?