AtV presents vol 2: Bombé (Us)

The second installment of our long awaited mix series is finally here.

Volume 1 was released way back in April, so we figured it was time to rekindle your love affair with Avenge The Virgins, just in time for the holidays.

After Azamat B's amazing ballroom mix introduced us to the AtV mix series, we knew we had to enlist some top shelf talent to make the second edition as phenomenal as the first.

One of the first people to come to mind was one of our favorite producers, the always stellar Bombé. For those not familiar with the name, we will be more than glad to introduce him. Bombé, formerly known as Kid Queasy, is a titan in the Philly bass scene. He has been producing subwoofer-decimating bangers for a few years, yet has criminally flown under the radar for some reason.

However, in June, he collaborated on a one-off project with fellow Philly DJ Mr Carribean, and they dropped a mixtape called James Drake. To put it lightly, it took over the blog world by storm, getting featured on such influential sites like Pitchfork, Prefix and FACT. A mash-up/blend album featuring (you guessed it) James Blake and Drake, James Drake was a huge success, mainly due to Bombé's mixing and ear for detailed soundscapes. I believe that it now has something like 95 500 plays on soundcloud, which is no mean feat.

All that aside though, the main reason that we are such huge fans of Bombé, for lack of a better explanation, is his absolute mastery of dark, sexy vibes. He's pretty much the sensei of bass, and one of the more innovative producers in the game. I find it very hard to describe his sound, which is always a plus. People first started categorizing it as future bass, but his sound has evolved so much that it is impossible to pigeonhole. A delicate mix of all of the darker elements of grime, 2step, house and techno, Bombé's tunes trigger something nefariously hedonistic within our hearts and spike seratonin levels off the charts.

Chandelier Crunk (disclaimer: Bombé did not come up with this name. Yours truly, on an MDMA hangover, did. I think it fits, though.) is an eerie plunge into the darker side of dance music. Featuring hypnotic selections ranging from Ifan Daffyd, Richelle, FaltyDL, NGUZUNGUZU and more, it is a 48 minute journey into the recesses of our minds. Chandelier Crunk transcends genres, but will still make you two-step without realizing it. Vibe and image wise, it evokes a mixture of a subterranean rave, a drugged-out loft party and a shamanistic ritual. Regardless of the setting, if this is played in a dimly lit room, the energy will get primal, very quickly. Orgiastic opium overtones, to put it simply.

And now, without further ado, we present to you the long overdue second volume of our Avenge The Virgins mix series, courtesy of the big homie Bombé.

Avenge The Virgins presents Chandelier Crunk by Bombé.
(Download link on the soundcloud player)

Bombé Mix for Avenge The Virgins- Chandelier Crunk by Matt ATV


1. Gray - Eight Hour Religion
2. Kry Wolf - Lost In Treme (Colo Remix)
3. MYRRYRS - Paradis Parka
4. Ifan Dafydd - Miranda
5. Jeremy Duffy - Tired (FaltyDL Remix)
6. Jack Dixon - Between us
7. Vessel - Nylon Sunset
8. Krueger - Galactica (Bambounou Remix)
9. Mosca - Dom Perignon
10. Kingdom - Seven Chirp
11. Richelle - Don't Do
12. Fade To Mind "The Claw" - Track 10
13. Machinedrum - Lay Me Down
14. Voltron - Be For Real (Nguzunguzu Remix)
15. Cedaa - Palomino (HxdB Remix)
16. Hugo Frederick - Family Affair


If you've enjoyed the vibes contained herein, please show copious amounts of love. Download the mix, give it to your friends, bump it at home, in the car, during dinner and during those sexy moments alone with your significant other. Chandelier Crunk is steamy, sultry, and oh so smooth. Somebody's gonna get pregnant.

We'd like to give a huge shout-out to Bombé once again for whipping up this mix for us and the faithful readers of Avenge The Virgins. We hope you dig it.


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