Get him To The Greek.

It doesn't always have to be about music, especially on a saturday afternoon when everyone is getting over/preparing for some partying. Just felt like doing a quick update. Had fun yesterday posting random stuff to facebook, check it.

Today's post is about, in my humble opinion, the most hilarious movie out there: Get Him To The Greek. Jonah Hill (right guy in the picture above) plays the role of an intern at a record company run by "Sergio" (who knew P. Diddy could actually be funny in a movie). He gets to live his dream when he is offered the job of going to pick up a famous rockstar, "Aldous Snow" played by Russel Brand (left guy in above pic), and getting him back to the Greek Theatre for a concert.

The movie is genius, full of drugs (just like we like it over at AtV), and kept me laughing pretty much the whole hour and forty five minutes. The jogging scene is without any doubt a "high" point in this movie

Oh and since we are a music blog enjoy these songs from the soundtrack!

Infant Sorrow - Gang of Lust
Infant Sorrow - Fuck Your Shit Up
Infant Sorrow - Furry Walls
These songs really aren't bad at all. They also bring up some good memories about the Jeffrey, just stroke the furry walls.

Jackie Q Ft. Infant Sorrow - Supertight
Jackie Q - Ring 'Round
We could say that these songs are making fun of the gratuitously vulgar and near pornographic content of mainstream female artists.

Chocolate Daddy - Chocolate Daddy
For those of you who have been wandering who this Chocolate Daddy is and why he only sold 15 thousand units. Please understand how proud I am of every unit. Panic Attack.

Enough nonsense for a saturday, Byneford.



Two exams in one day = an incredibly exhausted blogger. 

Keeping this one short while delivering the goods.

Awww if any place can overhype a song like the Erol Alkan board I'd like to see proof. No matter, when I saw this show up on Brodinski's September chart I needed to hear it. The youtube teaser left me wanting so much more. Hearing it on The Subs Soundcloud left me breathless. Finally finding it in low quality left me satisfied for the time being. Hesitated a while about whether or not I should post, but seeing some other blog do so I couldn't resist the temptation. Should be released tomorrow, October 8th, on Tony Senghore's label Horehaus. I've been lucky enough to hear the 320 and it is more than worth the purchase. Grab it here!

I must say that the original is somewhat hard to outdo. Nevertheless, Tony Senghore does a marvelous job. Respect Truants people, for the song and the top-notch description.

Oh so goooood



on to the next one

Picture is of a REVOK & NORM (MSK,AWR, 7th Letter) piece that was commissioned for the Montreal Stock Exchange.

Today's post is going to feature something we're going to try and do a lot more of, which is promoting parties in our hometown of Montreal. We've been awfully lazy these past few months in terms of hitting shows, but now that autumn has officially kicked off, our schedule is lookin' packed. We're trying to get more involved in the local scene, so expect us to promote a lot more Montreal shows in the future. The events that we'll be showcasing today are free (aka NO COVER), which is all sorts of rad. Can't argue with that. The only problem is that both happen to be on the same night. I'm going to be hitting both of them, and I invite you to do the same. They're honestly a 10 minute walk from each other. I've included all the necessary info, as well as a few songs to give you a little taste of what you'll hear on these nights.

Footworkin' # 4

*TIME & DATE: Thursday October 14th, from 10 pm to 3 am
*WHERE: Blizzarts (3956a St-Laurent blvd)
*PRICE: Free
- Brenmar (USA)
- Azamat B (MTL)
- Kid Aloha (MTL)

Footworkin' is a monthly party that Markus from LOL Boys, Azamat B & Kid Aloha throw at the little Blizzarts bar on St-Laurent. They play a very varied selection of music throughout the night, which can go from rnb to house to rap to 2step to juke to whatever. If it makes your ass shake and gets your hands in the air, then they're bound to play it. I've only been to one of these nights so far, the previous one, but it was a great event. Blizzarts is a rather small bar, but it has a very intimate feel to it, which is great for late night groovin.

This particular edition of Footworkin features the one and only Brenmar, who we blogged about not too long ago. His unique blend of sexy rnb stylings and club chops will be a great addition to the vibe. Of course, Kid Aloha, Azamat & LOL Boys always hold it down properly, and will definitely have you enjoyin' the hell out of life that night. If you're tired of packed electro events filled with hyperactive kids, and just want to spend the night drinking, relaxing and dancing to great rhythms, dope sounds and fantastic music that can't be pigeonholed, then Footworkin' is your night. Plus, the dudes who organize it are rad, so you don't really have an excuse to miss Footworkin #4, which is on its way to becoming one of Montreal's best monthly parties.

Brenmar- Kicked Beneath Too
Last Japan- Scanners (Kid Aloha remix)

Samo Sound Boy - Wacka Flocka (LOL Boys Remix) by LOL Boys

Facebook page for event
Brenmar Myspace
LOL Boys Myspace
Kid Aloha Myspace

Scion presents: Etienne de Crecy & Classixx

*TIME & DATE: Thursday October 14th from 10 pm to 3 am
*WHERE: Suco Lounge (2108 St-Laurent blvd)
*PRICE: Free with RSVP (Facebook Link below)
- Etienne de Crecy (FR)
- Classixx (USA)
- Duvall (MTL)
- Rilly Guilty (MTL)

Well, this should be an interesting show. Although I would much rather see Etienne de Crecy perform in his famous Cube instead of at the posh Suco lounge, I'll have to settle. Scion is quite well known in the US for throwing a bunch of dope parties, but this is a first for Montreal. They've also made it free with RSVP, which is a really nice touch, considering that electro DJs are charging (deservedly, of course) a lot more for their performances these days. Scion also brought along those Los Angeles kings of disco, Classixx, to spice up the festivities. It's a peculiar touch, adding nu-disco to an electro show, but Classixx always throw down great sets, so I'm not too worried about that.

This is bound to be a really dope show, and given the limited capacity of Suco, it'll probably fill up really quickly, so try and get there early. If you're in the mood to go buck wild next Thursday, then this is probably your best choice. Of course, you're probably going to have to deal with the regulars patrons of Suco, who tend to be on the douchey side, from what I remember, but it comes with the territory, haha. If you're an aficionado of fine disco, or hard-hitting electro music, then we'd suggest that you RSVP as soon as you can, as this is one event that you won't want to miss.

Etienne de Crecy- Punk
Classixx ft Jeppe- I'll get you

Facebook page for event
Etienne de Crecy Myspace
Classixx Myspace




The Emperor

Credits goes to Jejomar Limbo for the illustration

Didn't sleep enough last night so the music posted today will definitely reflect my state of mind. Decided to drop some reggae and 1 hip hop track produced by one of my favorite producers : 9th Wonder.

9th Wonder - Reminisce (feat. Big Remo The Great & Novej
This guy is too good at producing grade AAA beats, I will do a feature on him in the near future so make sure to check that out.

Pretty good interview with 9th wonder

Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana
I first heard this track from Madlib mixtape "blunted in the bomb shelter". The original is from Linval Thompson called "I Love Marijuana". If you like Madlib(& smoking weed) and you've never heard this mixtape before, go get that shit right now. BTW this song is a classic stoner anthem.

Ancient Astranauts - All Of The Things You Do (Feat. Tippa Irie)
This track is bit more uptempo then the rest. Produced by the "Ancient Astronauts", very talented German producers that usually come up with experimental hip hop instrumentals. They've collaborated with Pharcyde on this particular album.

short & sweet




we do magic

When midterms approach and you spend your weekend abusively partying, finding time for anything else becomes quite difficult. Nevertheless, I'll still take the time to drop a few songs in order to kickstart your week.

Tensnake - Coma Cat (Round Table Knights Remix)
RTK always delivers in my opinion and with a fabulous song like this it's hard to do wrong. I believe I've shared the original in the past, but if you missed it just go with the remix. There's still the same feel to this beauty, but I find it much more party friendly this way!

Autoerotique & SonicC - K*M*A (Eli Escobar Remix)
I've seen Eli Escobar once and I'm a huge fan of his mellow sets of disco house. Now MDMA shared this a few days ago, but I personally prefer the remix. It has a much groovier vibe to it, plus the vocals fit in nice and tight  Anyways, a little remix never hurt anyone. My music library probably has a ratio of 75% remixes to 25% originals.

Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers - Singapore Swing (Sound of Stereo Remix)
Paul Chambers had that "Yeah, Techno!" back in May which got me turned on (especially when you have BeatauCue & Soulwax remixing). Shinichi Osawa had me all hot and bothered with his "EEAA" track. So logically, if you put these 2 together you'll get something real nice. Sound of Stereo just regulates the song by focusing on the stabby repetitive synths and adding a little something of their own.

Loose Cannons & Peo de Pitte - Tom Tom Song (Trashcan DJs Remix)
From what I've heard, if your a DJ and your at loss as to which song to play next, just drop this. Peo de Pitte is somewhat new to me, first checked him out when I came across a remix of "Riverside", which he destroys, hard. Definitely a name to keep an eye out for, you'll have to take Fake Blood's word on this one. 

I have a hard time imagining a world without remixes because nowadays it's all about change.

Oh, B


Laid Back Sunday #4

Credits goes to Pierre Doucin for the artwork

Back on my biznizz, introducing edition number 4 of this wonderful series. Hopefully you'll dig today's post, I personally think there's some good gems here. Let's do this.

Sol - So Damn High
1st off with the youngster of the bunch. This guy named Sol is only 21 years old but you should absolutely not underestimate his emcee skills. Considering his young age he has been producing a shitload of material. You can clearly hear the difference between his most recent EP called Dear Friends Vol. II and Vol I which can only mean he's progressing very quickly. Keep an eye out for this dude, an upcoming talent for sure. He recently released an LP called The Ride, didn't have the chance to give it a listen yet but will sure do and you should too. I'm so damn high

Busta Rhymes x J Dilla - Takin What's Mine
We've been talking, talking & talking again & again about Mick Boogie. There might be a reason to all of that bablin'. This dude is too sick at remixing songs. The track featured here is off a legendary mixtape he released a couple years back. He took some classic and some underground J.Dilla(R.I.P) beats and decided to mix the shit out of it with Busta Rhymes over it. The result = priceless. Check it out, the mixtape is called DILLAGENCE. Plus, its "legally" free to download. Ha !

MAYDAY - Groundhog Day (feat. Cee-lo, Mack Maine & Ghostwridah) (Movers n' Shakers remix)
Last but not least, a remix by Movers n' Shakers of a 2008 single that was originally produced by MAYDAY. It features our beloved Cee-lo, Mack Maine (Young Money) and Ghostwridah. Very cool track, gets you quite pumped.

see you next time