The Emperor

Credits goes to Jejomar Limbo for the illustration

Didn't sleep enough last night so the music posted today will definitely reflect my state of mind. Decided to drop some reggae and 1 hip hop track produced by one of my favorite producers : 9th Wonder.

9th Wonder - Reminisce (feat. Big Remo The Great & Novej
This guy is too good at producing grade AAA beats, I will do a feature on him in the near future so make sure to check that out.

Pretty good interview with 9th wonder

Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana
I first heard this track from Madlib mixtape "blunted in the bomb shelter". The original is from Linval Thompson called "I Love Marijuana". If you like Madlib(& smoking weed) and you've never heard this mixtape before, go get that shit right now. BTW this song is a classic stoner anthem.

Ancient Astranauts - All Of The Things You Do (Feat. Tippa Irie)
This track is bit more uptempo then the rest. Produced by the "Ancient Astronauts", very talented German producers that usually come up with experimental hip hop instrumentals. They've collaborated with Pharcyde on this particular album.

short & sweet



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