Watching You Watching Me Watching You

Hear ye hear ye! I'm back from nowhere, still doing nothing, but at least dropping some ruuuude songs fools. Enjoy your damn weekend!

I have a few more goodies from Club Cheval members to share with you on this rainy Saturday. We got a hard banging Canblaster remix of Hard Sax. This is the first release for All Naked Records and we wish them luck for the future. I do enjoy this comparison, so think of this song as the DP version of Drop the Lime's "Sex Sax". The other song was released by No Brainer Records and since their first release, Moston & Malente's "Oh My God", have been gaining more and more of my respect.

Prysmo - Hard Sax (Canblaster Remix) by Prysmo
Klipar - Emperial March (Myd Remix)

Ok Brig is about to post something about new LOL Boys. Trust me it's very very suave. Which got me thinking of this remix they did of Crystal Fighters' "Follow". Good vibes as per usual, makes me happy and longing the sun and the beach and the water and following the pretty girls.


SonicC -Trolls On Acid (BeatauCue Remix)



Diablo & Hobo

Beautiful day in Montreal. A bit cold but eh, we still love them sunny days. That said, today is special. I'm posting electronic music. Usually seen as the guy to take care of all the hiphop shizznit but you know, "gotta get down on Friday cause its Friday and tomorrow will be Saturday"! Decided to dig in my old tunes and drop some music on your asses.

Vitalic - Trahison
Bolz Bolz - Take A Walk (Neo Romantic Dima Remix)
Wira - Vloeitjes
Donovan - YO !




la grasse matinée

Wha gwaan, brethren?

Today's post will attempt to give more exposure to some great up-and-coming producers. Although some of you might not have heard of them yet, it is my belief that based on the strength of their recent output, their new tunes will be unavoidable in the coming year. This is the new guard of '11, you have been warned.

Damu- Kula Cola

Good lord, what a tune. Damu is a 21 year old producer out of Manchester who started out making hip-hop & breaks, and has recently been dishing out a slew of insane releases that fuse house energy with dark synths that seem lifted straight out of grime. He dropped this one on his soundcloud a few days ago for free, surprisingly. It's like a molotov cocktail of monstrous bass, twitchy synth lines and bouncy drums.

Damu soundcloud

Krueger- Spaceerase

You should expect to see a lot of more of Krueger on Avenge The Virgins, if he keeps releasing these gargantuan bass tunes. Spaceerase is an interesting creature, a ridiculously dope amalgamation of a soulful, deliriously chopped up vocal sample, and a futuristic/cosmic bassline. The word sci-fi unavoidably comes to mind, which is probably due to the stargazy synths and the vicious bass.

Krueger soundcloud

Bad Autopsy- Psionic terror (link now fixed!)

I know next to nothing about UK producer Bad Autopsy, besides the fact that he makes absolutely terrifying music. He's remixed such acts as Hot City & Nguzunguzu, and has a few top-notch releases to his name. This particular tune was birthed last year, but its eerie dancehall vibes would fit into any set these days and still eviscerate dancefloors. Be sure to check Bad Autopsy's soundcloud for a plethora of freaky rave monsters.

Bad Autopsy soundcloud

Mister Tweeks - Numéro Sept (Original Mix) by pelicanfly

Pelican Fly is so bloody dope. This young Belgian label has only put out one release so far (the Richelle EP, cop that shiiiit), but it has already garnered an incredible amount of support from legions of DJs, producers and tastemakers. One of the crazier remixes on that EP was a epileptic refix of Mascotte by a relatively unknown Belgian producer known as Mister Tweeks, and what do you know, Pelican Fly's second release is Mister Tweeks' moment to shine. FLY002 will drop on 25/04/2011, it features original tracks Numéro Sept, Money and Elevator as well as remixes by High Powered Boys, DJ Rizzla and Lucid.

I, for one, cannot wait. Their sounds are so incredibly refreshing and forward-thinking without seeming forced at all. Great vibes, an incredible energy and savage rhythms. Get ready for the Mister Tweeks & Pelican Fly takeover, it'll happen sooner than you think.

Mister Tweeks soundcloud


Hope you've enjoyed the tunes. If you're in Montreal tonight, try not to miss Ramadanman/Pearson Sound/Maurice Donovan, Rilly Guilty, Lexis and the great Zed Bias/Maddslinky @ Club Lambi. Heavy bass, footworkin' and sexy vibes all.night.long.

(Buy your tickets here)

I'm out!

- Matt


Late night drive

I'm having the shittiest week. Working day & night like a big ol' humpalumpa. But hey, I'm still thinking about you guys. Decided to hand pick couple tunes that gets me through the day. Can't wait for the weekend.

As usual, some pre-tty fine hiphop.

The Foreign Exchange - Raw Life (feat. Joe Scudda)
Goodie Mob - Guess Who
Madvillain - Great Day
Royce Da 5'9 - Give Up Your Guns (feat. Talib Kweli)

that's it for tonight,

see you on the flipside.


Passing The Torch

Good Day everyone. I am the new kid on the block, don’t worry it’s not Donnie Wahlberg, I don’t think this guy is not too strapped for cash yet. I won’t introduce myself because it’s a waste of time. Let just say a little birdie told me to fill in his spot while he tries to find enlightenment or some mumbo jumbo shit. Anyways let’s get to it then.

This song reminds me of the better days when getting high and getting down was on my mind 24/7. But as we all grow up classics like these never die off. Now if you don’t know Devin the Dude then stop reading this shit and start fucking downloading everything off this guy. Considered mostly as an underground rapper, (fuck the mainstream shit anyways) he got recognized by his unique flow over some sweet baby jesus beats. Now this beat stems from back when he was in the group called Odd Squad under the Rap-A-Lot records. The squad is made out of Devin with his stanky weed lyrics and flow, another rapper called Jugg Mugg and some crazy ass blind producer/rapper named Rob Quest. This song is perfect when kicking back and enjoying some good herbs because biiiiiiiiiiiitch what are you smoking?

As it’s fucking nice, warm and sunny I just had to post this shit. Cee-Roo is some sick producer out of Switzerland, who does a good job remixing old classics varying from Hip hop, Jazz and Soul. Definitely check this guy out on his Soundcloud or Myspace. He is on his 5th mixtape and his shit is getting on point. Everyone can find something to like in there. Heck if you can pull off remixing some Beatles especially a classic like "A Day In The Life," then in my book you got something good going on so keep on doing it.

As you may have known, AtV transcends from a bunch of party animals and treesmokers so, this next one is straight in line with this way of life. Zeds Dead, who’s talent was introduced to me by Avenge the Virgins own MDMawesome, are making some fucking hard dubstep. If you don’t know who they are, but are looking to explode your sub in your car then this shit has to be on the top of your list. Bad to the bone baselines and some good old classic samples from known artist like Sublime and the Rolling Stones. It’s really hard not to give it a try. Newcomers to the whole dubstep might like the easier Blue Foundation melody, but let me tell you this; it keeps getting more progressive and harder from there on out.

To finish off, since you don’t know me and I can do whatever I want. I’m taking this straight out of the Snatch soundtrack and dumping it on to your ears. If you’re feeling Spanish tonight then this will get you playing the maracas faster than you can say: "Puedo acer un trompetillas con tus boobes."

Before I go, good song, crazy Nintendo course with people flipping and shit. Maaaaaaaaan get out there and do something.

Time to pass it back to the real music savants. I am out of here yall.

-Chef Boy R Thee


Street Symphonies

Strings & Gangster Rap. Always a wonderful combination.

Yukmouth- American Dream

Husalah ft The Jacka- N*ggas Out Here Mine

Shyne- What'cha Gonna Do

See you tomorrow.


Ango: EP Preview

So very stoked for this release. Ango is a Red Bull Music Academy graduate, recently signed to Lucky Me, and is a supremely talented producer. He's from Halifax, but resides in our very own Montreal. Dude not only makes some of the grooviest and sexiest feel-good electronic music in recent memory, he also has a pretty voice that he showcases on a few tracks haha. Seriously though, this one is going to be major. Keep your eyes peeled.




Laid Back Sunday #26

Credits goes to Niklas Lundberg for the illustration

Good morning my fine fellows, hope this weekend treated you well. We have some great hip hop in today's menu. A C.R.A.C. Knuckles entree followed by a mellow Chris Turner soup. As for the main course, we have a surf and turf combining some fine Mobb Deep & fresh Pac Div. For desert, a mellow cake by Sade & Jay-Z.

C.R.A.C. Knuckles - Buy Me Lunch (feat. Noni Limar)
Chris Turner - Liquid Love (prod by Stuyvasants)
Mobb Deep - Live Foul
Pac Div - Chief Rocka Freestyle feat. Casey Veggies
Sade - Moon And The Sky (Remix) feat. Jay-Z

also found a dope sample to play with and decided to make a beat. sunday groove baby
suprema C. - ohyeah by suprema C.

Gotta go back to this work bullshit,