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Quick little post this afternoon. All of the links are stream-only, unfortunately. If you dig the sounds, show some love.

Delooze - We Are Transient (STSQ Remix) by STSQ

To be honest, I had no idea who STSQ were until I came upon their rad remix of LOL Boys' 123. Since then, I've been trying to keep tabs on their productions. This is a magical remix of Delooze's tune We Are Transient, wherein this french duo proceed to immerse you in totally hypnotic melodies, treating the bass drum like a swinging pendulum in a grandfather clock. Every time it goes back and forth, a new layer of dreamy sounds and funky percussion get added to the mix. Couple that with an ethereal vocal that seems to float in the back of your head, and you have a decidedly clutch remix. House music, fuck yeah. The original tune is out soon on on Gash Digital soon, and will also include remixes from MiKiX The CaT, Funkin' Matt & others.

STSQ soundclound

I'm Into This by Homework

Holland gets deep. This is one of the tunes that I've been bumping since its release, a smooth-ass anthem that samples one of the funniest videos I've ever seen in the past year, the Moodymann interview/lecture at last year's Red Bull Music Academy. Homework is made up of two very unique minds from Holland, a duo that effortless switches between genres, while keeping a very distinct deep housy vibe in every track. The legendary Moodymann speaks the truth over a mystical gypsy bass crescendo, out now on Shir Khan's Exploited Records.

Homework soundcloud

Dro Carey - Much Coke (Cedaa Remix) by Cedaa

Good LORD. Besides having one of the raddest names ever, Australian producer Dro Carey also moonlights as a mad scientist, apparently. US-based beatsmith Cedaa's remix just happens to feature the strangest amalgam of samples from here to Oz, with military bugles, dolphin screeches, sneakers scuffing on a floor, carbonated drinks being poured into glasses, and more unconventional sounds taking center stage . This is forthcoming on Templar Sound, so keep an eye out for it. Disturbing, unconventional, but oh so dope.

Cedaa Soundcloud

See you on the flipside.




How y'all doing this fine morning? Happy St-Patty's day, you glorious maniacs. Hope you dig the tunes.

Ciara Surgeon (ITFW Remix) by ITFW

Montreal, stand the fuck up. This is an majestic remix of Ciara's Like A Surgeon, reworked, remodeled and swagged out by Montreal duo ITFW. This has to be one of the most mesmerizing r&b remixes that I've heard in a while. It is tremendously smooth and sure to decimate any unsuspecting dancefloor it is dropped on. This tune will be included on the highly anticipated (seriously, it's going to be so rad) Truants Compilation Volume 1, dropping on March 28th on Truancy Records. Ghetto, sexy and futuristic vibes, all in one.


Lethal Bizzle ft Grime All Stars- Pow 2011 (Roska remix)

While Pow 2011 is nowhere as good as the original, it is still on its way to becoming the Grime anthem of the year. Yesterday, prolific London producer Roska dropped this unbelievably heavy and funky remix of Lethal Bizzle's track, which features verses from JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, Face, P Money, Ghetts and Kano. Roska is the forward thinking don of the UK futuristic bass scene, one of London's champions and heralds of dope drum fills and cerebellum-melting sub-bass. Roska, Roska, Roska...


Munchi & Dave Nada- Brazzers Theme (Munchi's Fuck That it's Bangbros remix)

We at Avenge The Virgins are big fans of Dominican/Dutch boy wonder Munchi, who has definitely made a huge mark on club music and is somewhat responsible for the huge takeover of the Moombahton/Moombahcore movement. I profiled him last August, so I'll skip the long description of why I think he's dope, and just leave you with this insane remix he did for Mad Decent signee Dillon Francis & Moombahton creator Dave Nada. This tune basically boils down to a very simple formula: Hardcore porn + Ballistic bass = Munchi. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Kaz Kyzah- I need a beat

I miss Hyphy a lot more than you'll ever know. sigh. This shit slaps.


I apologize if this post is a bit incoherent, I'm drifting in and out of sleep, haha. If you dig the tunes, please don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments. Feedback is always welcome!

(p.s) The big homie Stranger Day sent us a really dope tune recently, a rap edit he did of Girl Unit's Wut. He even namedrops Avenge The Virgins in it, which we are beyond stoked about. It's supposed to get played on DJ Benzi's radio show soon, which is why we haven't posted it yet, but we are really looking forward to sharing it with you. Keep your eyes peeled for that, I know you'll love it.



RIP Nate Dogg

Hip-hop has lost one of the best hook singers of all time. Long Beach native, Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale, died at the age of 41 after several health problems. The cause of death is not official yet but he did have several strokes in the past years. Nate Dogg is known for being the pioneer of the G Funk era and being the voice behind a multitude of classics.

It's hard for me to choose specific songs in a situation like this. The guy was on so many great tracks. Anyway, I tried to pick songs from different periods of his career. Hope you enjoy. RIP Nate Dogg, the hip-hop community will miss you...

Blaze one to this.

Nate Dogg & Warren G - Nobody Does It Better
Nate Dogg & Warren G - Regulate
Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun feat. Warren G, Kurupt & Nate Dogg
Dr Dre - Xxplosive (feat. Hitman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Six Two)
Nate Dogg - Lay Low (feat. Snoop Dogg, Master P, The Eastsidaz)
Obie Trice - All Of My Life feat. Nate Dogg

If you feel like "quickly" reminiscing Nate's Dogg career, here's a mix done by Steve1der. Greatly executed, features the main joints all mixed in a unique way. Big up



Sinjin Hawke

As promised, here is our feature on Montreal's resident maestro of heavy bass and hedonistic rhythm, the one and only Sinjin Hawke.

Sinjin Hawke is an extremely versatile DJ/producer originally from Toronto, but now #based in Montreal. His material, while unsigned for the moment, is pretty mindblowing. Every single time I've seen him DJ, he's been really solid, and his productions, which we've posted a few of before, are getting exponentially more rad. The quality of the tunes that he's released so far this year make him one of the freshest young producers to keep an eye on in 2011.

Teki Latex of very influential digital label Sound Pellegrino even namedropped him in a recent interview on fellow Montreal blog Duke of Swabia. Big Tings!

Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - Through The Night by Sinjin Hawke

As of now, all of the songs on his soundcloud are collaborations, either with his girlfriend, Barcelona-based DJ Zora Jones or with Swedish rapper/DJ/producer Marcus Price, but his solo material is just as dope. He's removed a few of his solo productions from his soundcloud, probably saving them for some nefarious purpose.

You can catch Sinjin Hawke almost every friday at Boomclap, a weekly party that he throws at Blue Dog Motel on St-Laurent. Along with his partners-in-crime Azamat B and Markus G, Sinjin Hawke works to bring new and interesting acts to the Montreal scene. Not only does the dude provide serious vibes and validate my point that Montreal is the one of the hubs of amazing forward-thinking electronic music, he's also one of the main players in bringing amazing underground artists to Montreal on a regular basis.

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - Sex by Sinjin Hawke

I try to avoid labeling music these days, so I'll avoid putting his productions into a box. However, if you insist, I'd say it fits somewhere between uk garage, r&b, rap, house, juke, dubstep, techno, dancehall and futuristic bass music. Open your ears and the mind will follow. This is soulful dance music with a metric ton of swag, something you could both grind and propose to your girl to, not necessarily in that order.

Twerk it.

Sinjin Hawke & Marcus Price - What About Us by Sinjin Hawke

If you dug the vibes provided this morning, show him some love. This dude got next.



Cunninlynguists - Oneirology

Cunninlynguists are back at it. This album, like most of their past work, is a combination of immaculate productions by Kno and dope flows by Natti & Deacon The Villain. The beats are spacy and evoke a certain feeling of dreams & relaxation. A bunch of interesting features ; Fredd Gibbs, Big K.R.I.T., The Chicago Kid & others.

Dope stuff nonetheless, sharing with you guys 2 tracks considered to be a sequence, Act 1 and 2. Make sure to get this album, it releases on March 22nd.

Cunninlynguists - Hard As They Come (Act 1) Ft. Freddie Gibbs
Cunninlynguists - Murder Act (Act II) Ft. Big K.R.I.T.

After releasing that many awesome records, Cunninlynguists really qualifies to be one of my favorite hip-hop groups.

Good night,


Man Up & Work

Today's songs are winning. Not as much as the above picture, but still a solid first.

I'd like to start it off today with some killer cocaine tracks. Naturally, I don't want to encourage the use of drugs. So if your currently addicted; blink your eyes and tell your mind to stop abusing. Simple right?

Funny little mashup dating back from 09, weirdly pleasing.

Brigden mentioned this song in a post some time ago. It's still getting a good amount of hype because of the whole unknown artist intrigue. Recent images point towards an upcoming release on Loefah's Swamp'81 label. The mystery artist remains in the dark, but there is now word of a b-side to "Sicko Cell" called "Knock Knock". The choices are narrowing down as to the identity of the artist. Therefore, I'm going with Joy Orbison today.

Ahh and to finish up two more songs: Man Up & Work. That's right, the title wasn't a jab at Sheen, but rather two tremendous tracks I want to share with you. First one is from Breach's Fatherless EP and has some serious style. Next up, we have a newer release by High Powered Boys (Bobmo & Surkin). This one from the Udon/Work EP released on Sound Pellegrino*. "Work" is dope, but the real gem here is "Udon". Think of Drop The Lime's "Sex Sax" turned into softcore porno. Beautiful.

Breach - Man Up (128kbps)

*oh snap a footnote! For those of you in Montreal this weekend, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team will be playing with Jesse Rose at the S.A.T. during the Neon & HighFood Festival.



Grown Folk Collection N˚4

Grown Folk Collection N˚04 by Grown Folk


1. West Norwood Casette Library - Blonde On Blonde (Pearson Sound Remix) - TEAL Recordings
2. Lee Foss - Warriors - Culprit
3. Julio Bashmore - Ask Yourself (Midland Remix) - PMR
4. Martyn & Mike Slott - All Nights - All City
5. Literon - Storm - Clone Basement Series
6. Grown Folk - Halfway House - CDR
7. Luca Lozano - Got It Together - Klasse Recordings
8. Lone - Coreshine Voodoo - R&S (Forthcoming)
9. Jesse Rose & Jamie Anderson - Jack Your Body (Body Jackin') - International Deejay Gigolo Records
10. K.P. & Envyi - Swing My Way - MSI
11. Canblaster - Triple Ring - Nightshifters
12. Grown Folk - Block Is Hot - Templar Sound (Forthcoming)
13. Jacques Greene - Tell Me (Kingdom Edit) - CDR
14. Prince Club - I Know (2011 Re-Issue) - CDR
15. Ben Westbeech - Falling (The 2 Bears Remix) - Strictly Rhythm
16. Kerri Chandler - Get Up - Madhouse Records
17. Clams Casino - Realist Alive (Lil' B) - CDR

Well, it's mid-month, so you know what that means: another edition of the fine Grown Folk Collection series.

Grown Folk, once again, is the collaborative project between Drew Kim and Brendan Neil, two promising young producers/DJs out of Montreal. Since we started covering them four months ago, Grown Folk have gained a lot of attention in the world of house music. They have upcoming releases on Templar Sound & Truancy Records, and has received a lot of praise from such tastemakers as Teki Latex, LOL Boys, the boys of Club Cheval, Chaos in the CBD and many others.

Their monthly mix series is always frighteningly on-point in terms of mixing and song selection, and this month's edition is probably my favorite one so far. It's nice when you see a mix that features so many of the tunes that you've been bumping for the past month, and yet still manages to impress you with the mixing and the careful addition of a few upcoming releases and exclusives. Grown Folk has their finger on the pulse of modern house music, and a confident hold on what the future has to offer. The lines between garage, two-step, house, r&b and dubstep are getting blurred every single day, and Grown Folk is part of the new guard that'll take that one step further. Genres are becoming irrelevant, it is all about the feeling and the vibes.

Enough chatter though, please just enjoy the refined & sexy baby makin' vibes provided to you by Montreal's dapper dons. This is Grown Folk music. Get familiar.


Light Dreams

I consider Avenge The Virgins to be a musically bipolar blog. I mean, our music selection can be random as fuck. Yesterday I posted some underground hip-hop, today my partner, MDMAwesome dropped some spacy progressive sounds that I personally can't really describe and now I'm dropping some mellow tunes for the Monday fever.

Monday is the bitch of the week. Let's spank it hard with a handful of serene music.

Beck - Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Eric's Trip - Behind The Garage
Beatcasso - Empty Bus Rides




Insomnia is very conducive to creativity. Got a bit of writing done, something I haven't had the chance to do in quite some time. Sometimes a lack of sleep can be a blessing in disguise, I guess.

Enjoy the tunes.

The Shoes- Wastin Time (Tramøllstein remix)

Tramøllstein, formerly known as Echoes, is another young producer out of Reims, France. This is his brand new remix of The Shoes' Wastin Time, and it is impressive. Classic house vibes, modern indie swagger and a fantastic groove. It's progressive, passionate, and almost perfectly subtle at the same time.


Jody Breeze- The Way I Move (big ups to Weird Magic)

I've been on a juke/footwork kick recently, and this Sade refix by Chicago producer Jody Breeze (no, not the rapper) has been on repeat for quite some time. The simplicity of this edit is what tugs at the ol' heartstrings. Sensual, melancholic, but incredibly funky. The machine gun kicks and bass are such a great counterpoint to Sade's vocals and floating melodies. Pure gold.

Cat Power- Back of Your Head

I've only just discovered Chan Marshall's genius, sadly. Late pass.

Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - Be Without You by Sinjin Hawke

Sinjin Hawke's music is great. I'm working on a feature that will drop mid-week, so I'll save the biographical bullshit that I usually do for later. All you really need to know is that dude's recent material is phenomenal, and he is one of the brightest rising stars in the already amazing Montreal scene. This is an older tune that he co-produced with his girlfriend(I think) Zora Jones. Be Without You is both fierce, sexy and undeniably dope.

à plus tard, les amis



Laid Back Sunday #24

Finally had the time & patience to dig the crates, namean. Quite happy with the result. Bunch of unheard goodies for your virgin ears. On with the show.

Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remix)
Starting this Sunday with some old school hip-hop by Da Bush Babees. The instrumental on this track is pure crack. Adopting a very futuristic sound considering the fact it was released in 1994. This is the remix version done by a producer named Salaam Remi, also known for producing beats on Nas' albums. This group formed of emcee Babe-B-Face Kaos, Mister Man & Y-Tee all grew up in Jamaica and Trinidad. You will quickly recognize the reggae influence in their style. Back to the basics.

Stik Figa - From The Top (prod. by Dunc and Oddisee)
Stik Figa, from Topeka, Kansas is a true lyricist. The flow on this beat is bananas. Minimalist piano beat produced by Dunc & Oddisee gives this one a lil something that makes me listen to it again & again.

Naledge - Cool Relax (feat. Jay Electronica)
Naledge, one half of well known group "Kidz In The Hall" joined forces with Jay Electronica to come up with this incredibly dope track called "Cool Relax". This is what Laid Back Sunday is all about, acting cool and chill.

Sol.illaquists of Sound - Fittin In
I've talked a lot about Sol.illaquists Of Sound in the past so no need to make this long & boring for no reason. This is the 3rd track I'm posting from them, I think it would be time for you guys to realize their music is fucking amazing. Look it up

Jean P - Pay Attenchun!!
Jean Pierre Johnson aka. Jeán P is a true passionate & poetic emcee. Having a major in creative writing sure helps the cause. Peep his mixtape "My life as Jean".

Since everybody loves a lil visual, decided to end this one with a Neptunes beat featuring Fam-Lay & Lil Flip. Video is dope.

I'm not posting the mp3 for this one since I only found the censored version. Not going to ruin this beautiful post with this censored bullshit.

enjoy your Sunday,


p.s. real recognize real --> let me know what you think about the beats.