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Quick little post this afternoon. All of the links are stream-only, unfortunately. If you dig the sounds, show some love.

Delooze - We Are Transient (STSQ Remix) by STSQ

To be honest, I had no idea who STSQ were until I came upon their rad remix of LOL Boys' 123. Since then, I've been trying to keep tabs on their productions. This is a magical remix of Delooze's tune We Are Transient, wherein this french duo proceed to immerse you in totally hypnotic melodies, treating the bass drum like a swinging pendulum in a grandfather clock. Every time it goes back and forth, a new layer of dreamy sounds and funky percussion get added to the mix. Couple that with an ethereal vocal that seems to float in the back of your head, and you have a decidedly clutch remix. House music, fuck yeah. The original tune is out soon on on Gash Digital soon, and will also include remixes from MiKiX The CaT, Funkin' Matt & others.

STSQ soundclound

I'm Into This by Homework

Holland gets deep. This is one of the tunes that I've been bumping since its release, a smooth-ass anthem that samples one of the funniest videos I've ever seen in the past year, the Moodymann interview/lecture at last year's Red Bull Music Academy. Homework is made up of two very unique minds from Holland, a duo that effortless switches between genres, while keeping a very distinct deep housy vibe in every track. The legendary Moodymann speaks the truth over a mystical gypsy bass crescendo, out now on Shir Khan's Exploited Records.

Homework soundcloud

Dro Carey - Much Coke (Cedaa Remix) by Cedaa

Good LORD. Besides having one of the raddest names ever, Australian producer Dro Carey also moonlights as a mad scientist, apparently. US-based beatsmith Cedaa's remix just happens to feature the strangest amalgam of samples from here to Oz, with military bugles, dolphin screeches, sneakers scuffing on a floor, carbonated drinks being poured into glasses, and more unconventional sounds taking center stage . This is forthcoming on Templar Sound, so keep an eye out for it. Disturbing, unconventional, but oh so dope.

Cedaa Soundcloud

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