Mecha Streisand

Not enough small updates around AtV, we always outdo ourselves for our readers. This time around however, you only get 1 song.

If you've been following us for the past few weeks then you will definitely remember MDMAwesome posting a clip for the new Duck Sauce song "Barbara Streisand"

Funny thing about the title of the song is that they mispelled her name. Maybe A-Trak & Arman Van Helden made this mistake purposefully, who knows... In my opinion the title should've been "Mecha Streisand" simply because this is one MONSTROUS song! Summer anthem for 2010? No doubt.

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (O-God Remix)
Although this ain't the original, it should keep your ears satisfied until the official release.

Edit: After doing some reading, I stumbled upon the song sampled for this new banger.

Shout out to Plugged Not Thugged for the exclusive and props to O-God on one hell of a remix and kindly sharing that sample!


takin' it back

Rainy and dreary as fuck in Montreal. Here's a little picker-upper. Throwback vibes, with summer just around the corner.

Wale- Freaks (Bird Peterson remix)

A fuckin' classic. No doubt about it. If you haven't heard this remix before, you have been missing out on something great. Haunting harps and sing-song swagger make for such a fresh combo. The drum programming is fantastic as fuck as well.

Curtis Vodka- Eastside Westside Can You Bounce

This song is a time machine, which takes you back to the summer of 2007. Baltimore club was still infecting tracks all over the place. Alaskan electronic music maestro Curtis Vodka gave birth to this soothing, soulful monster of a track and gave us a soundtrack to the great nights spent sippin brewski's, blowin el's and watching the stars.

Cam'ron ft Kanye West- Down and Out

Kanye, this is that 1970s heron flow, huh?

Kid Sister- Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams version)

Telephoned is a relatively new project featuring Fool's Gold Records producer Sammy Bananas and NYC vocalist Maggie Horn. They've released their brand new E.P. this week on Fool's Gold, so you should definitely check it out HERE if you dig the vibes. They turn Daydreaming into a groovy little summer breezer.


You might remember my post about Kris Skovmand, the great undiscovered alt-folk talent (LINK!). In that post, I posted one of his songs on mediafire instead of hosting it on the server, which means a lot of you skipped on downloading it. That's pretty unfortunate, being that it's one of my favorites of his, so I uploaded it for your greedy ears.

Kris Skovmand- Whiskey, Weed & Health

See you on the flipside,




"We're The2000, a crazy duo from Italy. We hope it's crazy enough for you crazy guys!"

Just when I thought I was tired of hearing bash-your-head-against-the-wall electro, these two crazy motherfuckers drop these tracks in our inbox.

At first, I was a bit wary of listening to their songs (two masked italians? Where have I seen this before?), but these guys surprised the fuck out of me. They craft pounding bangers that actually have a decent groove . They aren't reinventing the wheel, but it is better than most bleeping generic electro out there at the moment. Avenge The Virgins wishes them the best, and we hope you enjoy The2000. When they really start perfecting their own sound, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Sound Of Stereo- Button (The2000 remix)
Mr Oizo ft Uffie- Steroids (The2000 remix)
The2000- Shock
The2000- Monkey Aggression


Buona giornata.



Dinosaurs With Guns

You remember that Sound Pellegrino Mix posted a while back? Pretty mindblowing right?

Well Teki Latex just announced the release date for his tracks which were on the mix. They will be released on his and Orgasmic's record label Sound Pellegrino on everyone's favorite day, April 20th. And silly ol' me who thought I already had enough to look forward to on that day.

Check out the preview for the video of Dinosaurs With Guns.

Well call me a whore for hunting down music so much, but I found a set rip of 2 of the songs for your listening pleasure.

Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns

Teki Latex - Answers

In order for you guys to support the artist, these songs are a sad 128kbps. So go and buy the EP when it comes out. The full video of Dinosaurs With Guns directed by BM&Fils will also be released when the EP drops. Another way to show some love for Sound Pellegrino is to go see them in Montreal, June 25th @ Velvet.


p.s. bonus point for those of you who find the good quality version of the two songs!


die first city

diversity is what defines us.

Mali Boi ft Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Gunt & Big P.O.P.E- Naturalz

If you are not aware of Paper Route Records, Block Beaterz, Slow Motion Sounds, Hood Headlinaz or anything out of Huntsville, Alabama, and you claim to be a fan of rap music, then you should be ashamed. For the past several years, this incredibly large collective has been producing and releasing some of the rawest, most innovative, dopest rap music in the world. I'll be doing a feature for you guys really soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this amazing Southern country rap tune. Mali Boi, the producer (and the first rapper on the track), excels at making these eerie, bass-heavy and soulful kind of tracks.

Gyptian- Sensi

Gyptian is pretty much the don of one drop reggae. Look into my eyes, my eyes are bleeding.

Ben Harper- She's only happy in the sun

Most people know him as the singer of the hit song Steal my Kisses, but Mr. Ben Harper's music is not easy to pigeonhole. This particular song is from the album Diamonds on the Inside, back when he was still with the Innocent Criminals. These days, he tours and records with the Relentless 7, and has a heavier sound. Last summer, he played the closing show at Montreal's International Jazz Fest, and the performance was mind-blowing. He's an amazing musician that you should really look into. Note: He is the reason that Jack Johnson has a career.

Dead Boys- All this and more

Their name is forgotten way too often when people mention early punk rock. In my opinion, they were, for a while, more notorious than the Ramones. While they are more known for their song Sonic Reducer and Meat in Your Mouth, this one is a personal fave. This is real, raw, 1977 punk rock, that gives off an faint odor of teenage desperation, nihilism and love. Which is what punk started off as, anyways.

Bouga- Belsunce Breakdown (Art Nouveau remix)

Glorious Sir Byneford mentioned these 2 Frenchmen (from Reims, to be precise), a little while ago (HERE!), and here is a remix of theirs. I'm not quite sure how to describe this, to be honest. It sounds like Chilly Gonzales stuck in a K-Hole.

Spankrock ft Amanda Blank- Bump

Such an important record for me. 2005-2006 changed my life.

Hope you guys are enjoying the trip so far. It only gets better.



so fresh

good music to end a good ol' crunk weekend

Verve Records have been releasing their fresh Verve Remixed compilations since 2002. The fourth and most recent one was released in 2008. I really hope a fifth one is on its way cause this shit is too good.

Their formula : Take some classic jazz/soul/funk and get it remixed by some of the best producers/DJs of the game (ex: Felix Da Housecat, Diplo, Adam Freeland, RJD2) and you get this :

Dinah Washington - Cry Me A River (Truth and Soul Remix)
Sarah Vaughan - Fever (Adam Freeland Remix)

And the ones you probably already know :
Marlena Shaw - California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix)
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)

Make sure to support the Verve Remixed collection, definitely worth your money.

We Have Band - Divisive

We Have Band's song "Divisive" has been remixed by so many people but hey, this remix here didn't get that much exposure since its a mellow ambient beat. Good track to chill, much more slower then the original featured in the video above, bassline at 4:20.
We Have Band - Divisive (Gohan Mix)

I couldn't let a post go without some good hip hop. The songs here could be called underground since its not everyone's cup of tea but for you hip hop fiends out there I'm pretty sure you'll jump on this shit quickly.
Snowgoons - Iceman (Feat. Cymershall Law)
Black Opz - Battle Cry

This one is with the same sampled instrumental as the Black Opz track but slower vibe (the ending is a bit fucked, but after hours of looking for a better version... fuck it, this shit is not even on itunes)
The Last Emperor - Heaven

And a track combining both Snoowgoons and The Last Emperor
Snowgoons - Man Of The Year (Feat. The Last Emperor)

Instrumental hip hop for sunny sundays :
DJ Shadow & Kid Koala - Third World Lover
Emancipator - First Snow

sooo muccch music, hurrtss my eyess