Nero- Innocence (Original mix) (Right click, save link as. For all of those who haven't figured it out yet.)

Brand new original tune from British bass baron Nero. Humongous, heavy and haunting. (Bonus points for alliteration?)

POGO- Upular (Rynecologist Helium Rework)

I told y'all that Rynecologist was dope in a recent post. This rework only adds to his appeal. This song is ridiculous. I can't even quite explain why it is good, though. It sounds like a television ad from the 1950s, something with a cartoon character, children, and a lesson to learn. Bomb shit!

Jay Malinowski- There's a light

Admittedly, I didn't know that this guy was a member of Canadian pop-reggae group Bedouin Soundclash when I first heard his album. Sometimes, that lack of a predisposed bias on something is refreshing as fuck. In my mind, this is soulful, moving music. Is this song popular on Canadian radio? No fucking clue. I haven't watched television in 5+ years, and I have no idea if I'm "supposed" to dislike this.

Ok Go- This too shall pass (Passion Pit remix)

It's just great indie rock music, y'all. If you still dislike this song after watching the Rube Goldberg Machine-featuring video posted below, you hate happiness. Passion Pit turn the original into something of a raving whirling dervish anthem.

Billy Boyo- One Spliff a day

One spliff a day keep the evil away.

to conclude, I'll drop two videos. One that is completely relevant to the post, and was mentioned above. The other, which foreshadows a gargantuan summer hit. Duck Sauce is back, baby. A-Trak + Armand Van Helden = heaven for your ears. Barbara Streisand will rule the airwaves this summer, and I can't wait. Yes, there are better quality videos of A-trak dropping this song at a festivals, but this one, filmed in a sweaty club at WMC 2010, is my favorite. The sound quality is atrocious, we can barely make out who is djing, but HOLY SHIT does the crowd go nuts. And that's the most important thing.

I'm off on vacation for Easter weekend. I leave you in the very capable hands of Byneford & Calibaba.




burn them backwoods

Wu-Tang was the shit back then, and still is. That said... for this post I kinda hit the shuffle button a couple times until I landed on some shit by The RZA. This is why I'm sharing with u guys 2 of my favorite "recent" RZA beats.

This one is off the Afro Samurai soundtrack. Afro Samurai is a Japanese manga witch got adapted into a TV series and a movie. The original author of the comic books, Takashi Okazaki, was deeply influenced by his love for soul/hip hop music and American medias. He went for one of the biggest name of the game to produce the soundtracks for his series. This joint and the whole album has a nice hiphop/soul vibe to it.

The RZA - Certified Samurai (feat. Talib Kweli, Lil Free & Suga Bang)
Anyways, look it up for yourself and support this production.

2nd one is from RZA's latest album \ persona ----> Bobby Digital,
A soul sampled chorus to top off a chill bluntsmoking beat.
The RZA - You Can't Stop Me Now (feat. Inspectah Deck)

Now time for some good east coast sh'bang. Madlib is foshoo in my top5 producers' list. He produced this nice original beat for De La Soul, who I think doesnt need any introduction... Listen for yourself, there's also a videoclip. Dont expect any oldschool, this one was produced in 2004, its late delasoul stuff, but still bangin.
De La Soul - Shopping Bags (Produced by Madlib)

And to continue, lets kick it throw back style with a classic that never gets played out :
Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - They Reminisce Over You

Last featured rapper was 1st brought to my attention by DJ Skeet Skeet couple months ago when I asked him what fresh west coast hiphop was he listening at the moment. He answered mister almighty Dom Kennedy. You can compare him to Pac Div, featured in one of my older posts, and The Cool Kids. This track is a perfect summer anthem.
P.S : chek out the booty at 00:22. DAMN!
Dom Kennedy - Watermelon Sundae

join the troops, save hip hop

- cal.

under the weather

skirting the line between dapper and debauchery. providing a truckload of spacey beats for a rainy spring morning.

U-Tern- Style, Class, Flair

Vancouver's own unfuckwithable king of new disco-tinged house music. U-tern is one of the best producers in the game at the moment, and he always makes the grooviest and most soulful disco originals or re-edits. This is a brand new original song, and it overflows with funk. This song evokes an image of George Clinton doing blow in Studio 54, at four in the morning. Oh yeah.

Gwen McRae- Funky Sensation (Masters at Work remix)

MAW + Gwen McRae = One of the best party breaks of all time. Get with it, y'all. This is making this shitty morning a little more bearable.

Fred Falke- 8:08 PM @ the beach

My first-born child will be conceived to this song. Fred Falke uber alles. This is baby making electronic music at its best.

Hermanez- Soms

We don't usually post straight up techno, but when I came across this tune, I could not resist. Yes, people, the beat is massively repetitive, but therein lies the beauty of it. A bouncy techno anthem with a great vocal backdrop. I've never been to Ibiza, but if I was on mushrooms, dancing on the beach at sunrise there, this would be the soundtrack to my life.

Pearl Harbor- California Shakedown

Earnest, laid-back indie rock written by two beautiful women. Might not be your cup of tea, but this song fits my mood at the moment like no other.

Cosmin TRG- Strobe Lick
I'm quite surprised that so few people know of Cosmin TRG. He makes really innovative,haunting bass-heavy music in the vein of Joy Orbison. Sparse melodies, spacey basslines and an almost claustrophobic sense of eeriness all characterize his music. Although that pretentious little description might turn some of you off, give it a listen anyways. You won't regret it.

Metal on Metal- Bastard (Seventeen Veins remix)

"The drugs are not working, I'm still dancing, I forgot my name." To quote their myspace, they handcraft brutal minimal music. Seventeen Veins is a duo from Montreal who show great promise. Keep an eye out for these guys, their remixes are monstrous.


A little preview of the next artist feature I'll be doing. We've recently received a bunch of submissions by e-mail, but one that really stood out was Flirtphonic. I'll be doing a full-fledged feature in the next few days, but I'll leave you with a great exclusive. As you know, I love exposing young up-and-coming talent to the masses, so Flirtphonic's music was right up my alley. He's a 21 year old from New York who is currently living in Seoul. I'll leave you with a massive re-work of Organ Donor that will leave you short of breath, with blood dripping out of your ears, possibly on the run from the law.

DJ Shadow- Organ Donor (Flirtphonic remix)

-MDMAwesome, once again providing a metric ton of music. My bad.


Always I want to be with you

I believe the image just above is more than enough information.

To play this amazing game click HERE

And since this is a music blog after all...

Erasure - Always (2009 Mix)


yellowfin tuna

Not too much chit-chat this evening. I'm not one for posting crazy bangers, but these were a bit hard to resist.

Drake- Over (Catchdubs vs Proper Villains "DRAKEOVER" remix)
Great combo, as per the usual. I love when these guys collaborate on rap remixes. Didn't know people were still busting out b-more remixes in this day and age, but I am not mad at it at all

The Beatles- Getting Better (Punk Rolla remix)
This actually sounds a lot better than it looks on paper. People have overkilled the 'remix a classic oldies tune' schtick, but this Punk Rolla rework makes girls spontaneously combust on the dancefloor. A+++

DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson- Dama S Salon (featuring Dama S)
"Tribal"(for lack of a better term) sounding house with vocals straight out of a Kuduro song.

Aniki- Work It Like U Paid 4 It
Weird norwegian fidget house. Wonky wobbly bassline with just enough rhythm to pull it off.

Oh look, it's MDMAwesome posting rap music. Who woulda thunk?

DaVinci- What You Finna Do?

I've always had a fondness for the Bay Area. Some of the dopest rappers and some of the most innovative scenes were spawned in this oft-forgotten area of the West Coast. Too $hort, Dre Dog, Mac Dre, San Quinn, Keak da Sneak, etc. Hyphy, jerking, etc. Recently, however, there has not been much innovative content coming out of the west coast, except for a very select few artists (Lil B is the most notable, but it seems that a lot of his fanbase is made up of people who don't normally listen to hip-hop). Some time last week, I ran across DaVinci's name, for the first time in years, and I am convinced that he is a force to be reckoned with. This is gimmick-free, raw-as-fuck, gritty street hip hop. Just enough skillful wordplay and social commentary for the critics, and enough swagger and real talk for the hood. Hope you dig it.

I'll finish off tonight's post with a video that I'm sure most of our readers have already seen. It's a video of Boys Noize playing at a Belgian festival called FUSE, and the crowd goes apeshit when he drops an insane remix of 'Kontact Me'. After absolutely no research on my part (it's in the video description, for fuck's sake), I found out that the coveted remix is in fact from Canadian producer/dj/promoter Rynecologist (who had a matching maple leaf tattoo done on his bicep with Busy P/Pedro Winter. I am a whore for random, useless gossip.). The remix has not been released yet, but he recently gave away a pretty dope remix of Strip Steve's tune Breakin. I dig the jackin groove and the dizzy bassline, but then again, I'm easily impressed.

Strip Steve- Breakin'(Rynecologist remix)

til' next time, you glorious nutcases.