Skateboard P back to his roots. This track is an instrumental he produced for Rob Dyrdek's project called "Street Dreams" featuring some of the sickest skaters out there ; Sheckler, TK, P-rod & Ryan Dunn. SAY WHAT. Skateboard anthem for your next skate video perhaps?

Pharell - Hoppin' Over Fences

If you're interested here's a sneak preview (its actually the 6 first minutes) of Street Dreams

On an other end, here's a track off Kid Cudi's album. I'm sorry but I just had to do it, sick track featuring my man CHIP. Enjoy
"Oh no you diidddnnt"

Kid Cudi - The End (feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper and Nicole Wray

And this is Cudi super smashed ahahahaha

see you tomorow with an other edition of laid back sunday.




OFWGKTA pt 2: Domo Genesis

Well, here it is. Part 2 of our weekly OFWGKTA feature, featuring The Most High, Domo Genesis.

The Odd Future Wolf Gang seem to be blowing the fuck up at the moment, even more so than last week, when I did the first feature on Earl Sweatshirt. That probably has to do with MellowHype's new mixtape, which dropped on Halloween. Either way, part 3 is going to be on them, so you'll just have to wait for that fire.

In the meantime, I'd like to present one of the main members of OFWGKTA, a sensimilia savant named Domo Genesis. If you dig really hazy and blunted out freestyles, or songs that deal almost exclusively with cheeba, then Domo is your man.

Domo Genesis & Wolf Haley- Double Cheeseburger

While Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator aka Wolf Haley aka Ace Creator have got a handle on the macabre murder-raps, Domo Genesis seems firmly anchored in his blunted rap lane, so to speak. Like all of the Wolf Gang crew, his swag and rhyme style are really rad, but he manages to somehow make rapping about smoking weed seem refreshing and innovative.

Domo Genesis- Salute

From songs about him fake-battling Tyler in a supermarket while stoned and lookin for munchies, to songs that are just about him staring at himself high in the mirror, to sampling Peter Tosh (I think) on his mixtape's outro, Domo Genesis makes some of the best toking anthems out there. I mean, I don't even smoke that much anymore, but listening to this dude spit kind of gives me an inkling.

I remember someone describing Madlib's music as "weed smoke coming out your speakers", and I have to say, Domo Genesis' stuff could not be described any better than that. Not to compare the two,as they are vastly different, but the hazy, laid-back vibe and flow that characterizes Domo's music is the audio equivalent of a hot-box, people.

Domo Genesis ft Ace Creator- Supermarket

Odd Future Wolf Gang always gives out all of their shit for free, and Domo Genesis' mixtape, called ROLLING PAPERS, is no exception. To be releasing this much amazing music and mixtapes, filled to the fuckin' brim with original tracks and original production, should be a crime. I mean, I understand if you release a mixtape once in a while with you spittin' over a few known instrumentals (à-la-fuckin'-everybody), but to put this much effort into your output and still manage to make it sound innovative and fresh is quite the feat. These dudes are at the top of the game, man. Directing your own videos, producing all of your own beats and spitting some of the dopest rhymes ever? Damn. Fuck Steve Harvey.


Oh, and for all those bustas who missed it, here's the first part of our weekly ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL segment:


Try not the skip the next ones, people. I know how important it is for y'all to be on the forefront of new music. Luckily,I think that Odd Future is one of those groups that will be impervious to the often negatively perceived hipster-hype and pitchfork praise, and won't lose any credibility at all. I mean, these kids are gaining shitloads of hype just by being rad as fuck, so fanboyism and mainstream blog love ain't gonna change their steez or approach.

Domo Genesis ft Mike G- Drunk

It's refreshing (this word seems to be popping up a lot today. I wonder why) to see a group of kids just being creative as fuck and not pandering to whatever is 'hot' at the moment. Let's hope that the massive wave of hype that is going to follow them soon won't change the things that made us dig them in the first place.


By the way, if you're thinking of passin by the L-Vis 1990 show at Velvet tonight, give a shout. Bynie and I will be hittin it as well. I'll be the bloke with the scar on his face hahaha.

Have a good weekend, slags.


Drippin' Away From Me

An other song from Kanye's album just got leaked. It was also one of my favorite from the Runaway short film. Crazy beat. Still has the mixtape TAGS in it but whatever it will keep you steady until the real release. Raekwon's verse is too good

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon - Gorgeous (NO TAGS VERSION, thx to Earmilk for this one)
Cee Lo Green - Fool For You Ft. Philip Bailey

As a bonus here's an other track off Cee-Lo's new album named "The Lady Killer". Laid back music my friends.





Bonsoir, my dear friends. I don't know about you, but this past Halloweekend was particularly rough on my synapses and liver. I must be getting older, because it took me an unnaturally long time to recover from the debauchery. Fear not, I've regained my senses, and I'm back into the game.

Posts planned this week: OFWGKTA pt 2 featuring Domo Genesis, and the sixth installment of Canadian Club Crunchers, featuring Borracho, Rynecologist & Torro Torro.

on with the show

Tete de Tigre- Pelican Bay

Tropical percussive madness. I'm getting a LOL Boys-type vibe from this track, but that might just be me.

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine (Hedward remix)

Rather simple wobble-wobble dubstep refix of a golden oldie. Not the greatest dubstep remix of all time, but it is effective. As well, Hedward is MTL based, so why not big up some local talent while we're at it.

Disco of Doom- Sex Face (REMOVED BY REQUEST OF DISCO OF DOOM) [now stream only]

Disco Of Doom - Sex face - Gung-Ho! by discoofdoom

Kill Halloween was a big blur, to be quite honest. Not sure if anyone played this that night, but they definitely should have. Un banger certifié, comme ils disent.

Caribou- Sun (Midland Re-Edit)

I've heard so many great remixes of this tune, and Midland's Re-edit is one of the better ones. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Dreaaaaaaaamy vibes.

As well, tonight's post also includes a bit of promotion for a few comrades, so to speak:

First up, we have a really dope mix from a dude from Reims named Mackpaye, who runs a blog called Source of Cool. He's the one who put us on to his producer friends Odus & Echoes, who we've posted about in the past. Recently, Mackpaye has gotten into the production and DJ game, and here is the fruit of his recent labour. It features a lot of talent from Reims (like ATV faves Art Nouveau),as well as a crapload of songs that I've never heard before. Hope you dig it. The tracklist is below the soundcloud player.

Source Of Cool Mix Vol.2 by Mackpaye

1/ Extraball (Odus Remix) - Yuksek
2/ Habanero - Cerice
3/ Silly Boppers This Is A Killa - PeaceTreaty
4/ Punch Card - Joee Irwin
5/ Control - Mackpaye
6/ Paradise (Echoes Remix) - Art Nouveau
7/ Rack Em (Bambounou Remix) - Loops Of Fury
8/ Habberkrats - Hector & Nate
9/ Party Killer (Disco Of Doom Remix) - David E Sugar
10/ Dinosaurs With Guns (Mackpaye Remix) - Teki Latex

And finally, we figured that we'd promote a lil' party thrown by the great folks at You Can Call Me Pelski. If you've been visiting blogs to get your electronic music fix for any amount of time, then you have to be familiar with them. Personally, I've been a fan for years (and grabbed an ungodly amount of music off of them as well), so when Pelski hit us up asking if we could post the flyer and show info of their UK show, I of course agreed.

Here's a little blurb, as well as the flyer. If you're in the area, this is one show you do not want to miss. They've put together a ridiculous line-up that features top-tier talent in house music, in collaboration with Jackmode Agency.

And the little blurb they provided:

We’re back on 6th November with a new, larger venue, equipped with, not one, but two Funktion1 soundsystems at a temporary venue under London Bridge, as part of Counter Culture. And this time we’ve teamed up with agency-of-the-moment Jackmode. Anyone who’s been following us would probably agree that this is an absolutely stonking lineup. The line-up reads like a Who’s Who of fun, funky and tribal-infused tech-house, showcasing artists hailing from some of the most influential labels in the game: Made To Play, Jackmode, Dirtybird, Turbo and Deadfish.

Room 1: Jackmode
Christian Martin (Turbo / Dirtybird)
Zombie Disco Squad (Made To Play)
Solo (Deadfish)

Room 2: Pelski Presents
Round Table Knights (Made To Play / Dirtybird)
Midland (Aus / Phonica)
Mr Solid Gold & Park Ranger (Trouble Vision)
Charles Darkly (Pelski)

Counter Culture
7-9 Crucifix Lane
London, United Kingdom
Tube Station: London Bridge

Buy Tickets

Have a good night, all.



Diplo X Benzi

This collabo album was released a week ago but I really had to share this one with yall one way or an other. All kind of "Mansions On the Moon" remixes/features done by a bunch of well reputed producers including Deadmau5, Mad Decent, Xaphoon Jones, and more. Diplo & Benzi are the one presenting the album so that gives you a quick idea of the quality you can expect.
I'm a sucker for that kind of sound. It has that weird spacy electro typa vibe. Some tracks are a bit more uptempo then the others but it really all blends perfectly at the end. Cool album to chill after a hard day at work.

Mansions On The Moon - This Life (DJ A Mad Decent Remix)
Mansions On The Moon - Glimpse Into The Future (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
Mansions On The Moon - Last Call (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix)

In case you're interested in downloading the full album CLICK HERE

The video above features a Mansions On The Moon single called "She Makes Me Feel", also on that same album.

To end this one, here's video from a live performance done in Toronto by Black Thought and dj J Period.
This quote really says it all about Black Thought "Black Thought is the ultimate “emcee.” Ask anybody who is a fan of hip hop and chances are they will note that this man embodies what a true emcee is. Usually one to sneak under the radar when the “best of all time” talk comes up, Black Thought is not one to tell you how good he is, make videos about it, and then rap more about it. Instead, he presents his raw skills, his talent, and his words."

This dude is way too sick. big up




You're Too Fake

GOOD music & Def Jam's protege Big Sean came out 2 months ago with a cool beat sampled from "Hockey - Too Fake". The track is featuring Chiddy Bang who everybody seems to be in love with right now. Decided to share this one with yall since the video just came out.

Big Sean - Too Fake ft. Chiddy Bang (Prod. by Xaphoon Jones)
The mp3 still has the stupid DJ shoutout at the beginning of the song. The NOTAGS version is supposed to come out pretty soon...



Back To Basics Pt. 6

Credit goes to The Neave for this image.

I really do enjoy doing this segment every now and then. It gives me the opportunity to do two things; bring some sexyness to the front page & post some hip hop. Hope everyone appreciates this as much as I do.

Stranger Day - Turn It Up
We received this in our inbox a while ago and I have a hard time understanding why so few people have shared this yet. Cal posted "Fuck You Money" in the past and it received some decent love. Once again, Emynd gets on a Stranger Day track and you know the beat will be straight banging.

Idle Warship X Mike Boogie - Momma May I Ft. Blaqstarr
Here at AtV we often promise change, new segments, or pretty much anything to keep you fools interested. Well, I have yet to start a segment on Mike Boogie, but it's about damn time I post this song. Weird intro & outro, but it gives a whole story to the song. Oh and the beat is celestial, God-like, Mike Boogie yahear!

MidaZ The BEAST - Stereotypical Black Man
One of our dedicated fans pointed us in the direction of this nice little gem. Taking into account his precious advice, I decided to go download the FREE Mixtape. Don't judge me, but this whole "free" thing gets me everytime. Now I believe it's time for you all to take my advice and grab this mix, 100% worthwhile and dope from start to finish. All respect goes to Potholes In My Blog for making this possible.



Laid Back Sunday #8

Right. This is way too hard. Once again I am completely unable to focus and write something intelligent. Halloween was way too rough on my brain & body. I hope you will still enjoy the music.

Royal Flush - Worldwide
Busy Signal - Unknown Number
Wale - Good Girl (Cousin Cole Remix)

see you next time