The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less sure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend.

Tum Tum- The Anthem
Smashing Pumpkins- 1979 (stardonE remix)
Spragga Benz ft Lady Saw- Backshot

Sorry for the quick little post. Hope you enjoy the vibes anyways.

Oh, and if somehow, by some cruel twist of fate, you have yet to see Kanye West's Runaway, I've posted it for your viewing pleasure. Honestly, I'm not sure how you could have missed it, given that it is on almost every single blog, but here it is anyways.

Absolute genius. Scoot over, Thriller. This is the most epic and revolutionary music video that I have ever seen, personally. Thoughts?



Kill Halloween

SaintWoods invites you to their second edition of Kill Halloween taking place October 30th @ Metropolis.

Before I move on to any descriptions, here are the essential links for the party: Facebook & Tickets



At Kill Halloween you will experience much more than just music. Don’t get us wrong, you are going to see some of the best live acts that the world has too offer, but just as important to us is our promise to annihilate all your senses with a freakish full-on sensory overload. The atmosphere at Kill Halloween is just as important to us as the headlining acts. Last year our headliners the Bloody Beetroots absolutely murdered it, but what had people talking just as much were the fire breathers, the visuals, the blood, the gore, the over the top spectacle that no other party in Canada goes to the length to conjure. You will be taken down an epic adventure where reality will be twisted into nightmare as your senses are bombarded by ghoulish performances, twisted lightshows and an all out over-the top adventure that will take all you party monsters down the rabbit hole and into the freak-show that is Kill Halloween. The second annual Kill Halloween will bring you the world’s best DJs and performances amplified by state-of-the-art lighting design, interactive circus and theatrical performances, art installations and audience participation that PROMISES TO PUSH THE LIMITS OF THE LIVE CONCERT EXPERIENCE. For anyone who came last year... You know exactly what we are talking about! 

Ok, pre-written blurb aside, this is ridiculous. Rarely has Montreal seen this kind of event. Not only is the local talent well represented, but Saint Woods has managed to book the mighty Erol Alkan. Besides L-A Riots, all of the DJs are Canada-based, which is fuckin' dope. This will be insane for a number of reasons:

1- Line-Up (obviously)
2- Great mix of genres so the vibe switches up all night (dubstep, dnb, dutch house, electro-house, tech house, tropical madness, techno, etc etc)
3- A big-ass venue to fit all of the crazy MTL ravers
4- The Line-up (Did I already mention that?)

Anyways, I've thrown together a little preview of what you're going to hear tonight. You can download most of the tracks, and you can stream all of them. Give 'em a listen, I absolutely guarantee you'll find something you like in this gargantuan pile of madness.


***Erol Alkan***

Gonzales - Never Stop (Erol Rework)

MGMT - Congratulations (Erol Alkan Rework) RADIO EDIT by Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan's 'Hard Summer' Mix by Erol Alkan

***LA Riots***

LA Riots - The Drop (TJR Remix)
For more of the EP, check it out on Beatport.

  TAI - Paradise Poltergeist (Feat. Steve Aoki)(LA Riots Remix) by Scottish Friction 

***John Roman***

John Roman - Karenina (Original Mix)

Trombone Man (John Roman Remix) - Kezokichi by John Roman

Prince Club

Sax Bomb (Preview) by Prince Club

***Kid Aloha & Love Thy Brother***

Chulain (Kid Aloha Remix) - Love Thy Brother by Kid Aloha

***Dooze Jackers***

Mr. Vega - High Enough (Dooze Jackers Remix) by Dooze Jackers

***Vilify & Construct***


***Victor Hacala***

Zoo Keeper by Victor Hacala

and Night Trackin's own Brendan Duvall is also playing that evening.

Long story short, this will probably be 2010's most memorable party, that's for damn sure. If one night simply isn't enough to satisfy your beastial partying hunger, try your luck in L.A. for Hard Haunted Halloween. Envision this party, take Erol Alkan and substitute the sublime Montreal talent for: A-Trak, Brodinski, Crookers, Fake Blood, Rusko, Boys Noize, etc... 

See you there.

-B is for boo!


rather peculiar

Good evening, chaps and chapettes.

Avenge The Virgins is now officially 1 year old. What a strange ride it has been so far. Your support over the past year has been more than appreciated, and here's to a many other birthdays. Well, actually, now that I think about it...If in another year we haven't made any power moves, and thrown at least one show, I'm getting the fuck out of Dodge. Screw you guys.

All of the artists I'm posting about tonight have already been featured a few times on Avenge The Virgins, so dig into the archives for more of their great stuff. I ain't gonna spoon feed it to you.

Botnek- Ray Bans (Original Mix)

This is some damn fine high-powered bubbling house, with a Canadian twist. Botnek's productions are getting better by the minute, and one of their tunes was recently featured on Keith & Supabeatz's mix for Southern Fried Records.

I know I probably say this a lot, but...big tings, Botnek. Big tings indeed. Ray Bans is a surefire party anthem, people. Get familiar. Hit up their soundcloud for a few previews of their upcoming productions, which are sounding pretty awesome.


Foals- Blue Blood (Prince Club remix)

Do you guys remember our feature on Mad Kids? That talented MTL tech-house duo that is making huge waves in the house scene? Well, after their set at Piknic Electronik this summer opening for Riva Starr, they changed their name to Prince Club.

I, for one, welcome this change. (Plus their new logo is mondo rad). They hit us up today with a bit of info on their upcoming projects, and a few tunes, so we've decided to share one of them with you. They've still got that great groovy techy vibe, but the new productions almost seem more...cinematic/epic and john williams-y? I perhaps have no clue what I'm going on about, but this is some of the coolest tech house I've heard in quite a while.


Underworld- Always loved a film (Club Cheval club remix)

Club Cheval is, as we've gone over so many times before, made up of massively talented producers Myd, Canblaster, Panteros666 and Sam Tiba. If you claim that you love electronic music and that you love to party, then it is certain that you've either heard one of their tunes or heard their influence in some of your favorite artists' recent tunes.

This collective of somewhat unhinged Frenchmen masterfully blend a mix of frantic rave music with ethno-tribal rhythms, with dancehall, hip-hop and gabber thrown into the mix. I really dig their steez, mainly because it sounds refreshing and fun, I suppose. I'm pretty sure these guys will gain more notoriety/exposure as time goes on, but in the meantime, you should really drink the Kool-Aid. It's good for you.


Groove Theory- Tell Me (Brenmar House Mix)

Bynie and myself saw Brenmar throw it down with Kid Aloha & LOL Boys at Blizzarts two weeks ago, and his set was great. While I heard that the following night at Blue Dog Motel was a bit more intense, Brenmar's special blend of sexy r'n'b club remixes definitely hit the spot. Seeing him at Velvet would be really dope, to be honest, because his style of djing/production goes well with laid-back, intimate venues. Next generation baby-makin vibes.

I'd just need to tone down the drinking/smoking next time he comes back to Montreal, though haha. Twas one of those 'stare at the bar and grunt' nights, sadly. Still, good times were had by all....Oh, and this song's dope, by the way.


Bynie's got a huge Kill Halloween post lined up for you tomorrow afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled, kiddos.



OFWGKTA pt 1: Earl Sweatshirt

So here it is, finally. I realized that I could not do the crew justice by making a mega-post, so I'm going to break it down into segments. Every week, I'll profile a member of the OFWGKTA collective, posting a whole bevy of mixtapes, tracks and videos. I truly believe that these dudes are the fuckin' future of rap, in more ways than one. Tyler The Creator (aka Ace Creator,aka Wolf Haley), Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Mike G, MellowHype, Jasper, Earl Sweatshirt. These names mean almost nothing to you now, but mark my words, these dudes are going to blow the fuck up. Get on the bandwagon while you still can. These are some of the most talented and dope teenagers making music today.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.
Fuck Steve Harvey.
Free Earl.
Golf Wang.

I'm a hot and bothered astronaut
Crashing while jackin off
To buffering vids of Asher Roth eatin applesauce
Sent to Earth to poke Catholics in the ass with saws
And knock blunt ashes into they caskets and laugh it off

Earl Sweatshirt is a 16 year old nutcase from the West Coast of the United States, California to be precise. Much like Tyler, The Creator, he has a somewhat peculiar obsession with violence, murder and macabre shit, but Earl is an absolute monster with the punchlines.

He's got a really vicious flow, and doesn't shy away from spitting whatever's on his mind. This is not Gangsta rap, Cocaine rap, Backpacker rap or Conscious Hip Hop, this is a fucked up hybrid of everything that makes the youth of today tick. An amalgamation of every gnarly thing you loved about being a teen. Skateboarding, fuckin' girls, doin drugs, goin' buck wild, writing graffiti, etc. Odd Future brings such a raw energy back into a genre that was in dire need of a reboot.

Earl Sweatshirt ft Mike G- Cool
Earl Sweatshirt- Earl

Of course, a lot of people have a problem with the lyrics, which often glorify rape and rife with homophobia. Of course, I would never condone that type of shit, but if you focus on the lyrics, you're kind of missing the point. It isn't all about the punchlines, really. Look at the bigger picture.

Wolf Gang is punk rock reincarnated, man. All that nihilism and hedonistic energy that defined countless generations is on its way back to the top of the heap. These kids make their own beats, (mostly) direct their own videos, and make power moves just by being plain dope. While the productions aren't DJ Toomp-esque masturbatory KORG bangers, they're actually pretty dope, albeit a bit minimalist and sparse.

I've posted a few songs to get you familiar with the dopeness that is Earl Sweatshirt, along with his album. Oh, and the reason that you've probably been seeing/hearing messages to "FREE EARL"??

No, it isn't because dude is locked up in a county jail or doin' time in the feds. His mom heard his album, got pissed, and sent him to bootcamp. p-u-r-e j-o-k-e-s.

Earl Sweatshirt ft Ace Creator- Couch
Earl Sweatshirt- Drop

Possibly one of the reasons why Odd Future is succeeding is that they've got their fingers on the pulse of what makes today's youth tick (no shit, given that they are the target audience). Kids, in this day and age, love free shit, so OFWGKTA happily obliges. All of the collective's mixtapes are free to download, so they can be passed around like a big ol' blunt. Here is Earl Sweatshirt's album, called EARL, the one that got him grounded/sent to bootcamp. I'm guessin his moms wasn't too thrilled with the lyrics, ahaha.

Earl Sweatshirt- Earl mixtape

Hope you dig this shit, cause you're gonna be inundated with it for the next few weeks. Booooooooooooooooom, motheruckers. This is the new Wu-Tang, like it or not.




Hot Dollar x Guerilla Black

Couldn't help myself. I had to post another song. New joint by Hot Dollar and Guerilla Black. Also co-produced by Dr Dre. Are we going to get that freaking Dre album one day ?
Anyway cool vibe, sampling the same OhOhOh sound as Kanye's "Can't Tell Me Nothing".

Hot Dollar - I Promise You feat. Guerilla Black (Prod. by DJ Khalil & Dr. Dre)



Laid Back Sunday #7

7th edition of the laid back Sunday series = You know the deal, here's the bizzzniss.

Ballgreezy - Shone (Oowee)
1st song is a Miami strip club anthem. Brigy 1st introduced us this song about 2-3 years ago and it was an instant classic in our crew. The beat is fucking sexy, no wonder it was a #1 hit in every strip club. "Shone" actually means "ho" so you get the picture.

De La Soul - Rock Co. Kane Flow ft. MF Doom
This beat is off the last De La Soul album "The Grind Date". The track is also featuring one of Stones Throw biggest name : MF Doom. Instrumental is sick and lyrics&flow are off the chain.

Live Performance

Mr Physix - Pretty Lights vs West Side Connection
Last one is to get you pump up a bit. Mashup/edit done by Mr Physix. I know mashup, but fuck man, you have West Side Connection over a crunk beat, can't get better then that.