long way to go

Honestly, it is way too early to do a post, but I'm helping Cal move into his new apartment today, so odds are there won't be a post after that. Given that you guys are such fiends, and that I'm obsessive with the blogging shit, I figured that now is as good a time as any to spread the love. Enjoy the tunage, this is some good stuff.

Dirty- Rollin' Vogues

Unfortunately, I could only find the censored video, but I think it can do a better job at explaining the appeal of these Alabama rappers than I possibly could. Double-time raps, and unfuckwithable swagger and lyrics. How many rappers do you know that have an alligator on a leash? Vicious, man, just plain vicious. This song is a bloody CLASSIC that more people should be aware of. Luckily, the mp3 is uncensored, so I guess you could just cue it up with the video to get the full effect.

But seriously, just watch the fucking video.

6 Two- Weed an Snortin

Most of you guys have actually heard this guy rap before, you just didn't know it. Remember that song XXXPlosive on Dr Dre's 2001? Remember that voice that you didn't recognize at the end of it? Ladies and gentlemen, that was 6 Two, a vastly underrated rapper out of Fort Worth, Texas. He collaborated with Dr Dre & Timbaland during that era, but due to legal brouhaha and record company bullshit, his album/material got shelved. This particular song was one of the first rap songs to use the "Daydreaming" sample, and in my opinion, he flipped it a lot better than Lupe. This is amazing dirty south rap, with Six Deuce waxing lyrical about the pimp game over a grimy and hazy soul sample. (Big ups to Noz at Cocaine Blunts. Respect the architects.)

Intoxicated- Burn It Down (Hatchmatik "Burn the Club Down" remix)

Sippin yak got me trippin' whippin lacs

I've probably seen Hatchmatik DJ more times than anyone else in my life, to be honest. I've seen him open for tons of people, as well as just DJing with A-Rock at Vinyl, and oh, his remixes are quite good, as well. Peer Pressure crew has definitely influenced Montreal's electronic nightlife scene to a great degree, so I might as well give some props. This remix of a dirty south hit (notice a pattern?) is a definite banger, and I can give witness to the fact that it tears a club up.

Well, this post seemed rather phoned in, but whatever. I'm surprised that I've written this much, given how tired I am.

See you on Saturday.


cascading through your brain

Today, we're going to go off the beaten path. Hope you're wearing suitable attire, this could get messy.

Odus- Three Wishes (Original mix)

This is a recent discovery of mine, a track submitted by a reader. I know next to nothing about Odus, besides that he comes from Reims, but after a quick look at his soundcloud page, I'm a fan. This mp3 was tagged as minimal house, but fear not, dear readers, I wouldn't have posted minimal on a Wednesday afternoon. If this was Saturday at 5am, that's a different story, but I digress. Odus' Three Wishes has much more in common with the bubbling, ascending crescendos that are so popular in the new wave of tropical/ethno/percussive house that we all know and love. While I'm not sure Odus would agree with this assumption, my gut reaction is to say that this wouldn't seem out of place in a Sound Pellegrino-esque set or mix. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, if you wish. (Big Ups to Source of Cool for the recommendation)


Samo Sound Boy- Bort Sampson Riddim

I had never heard of Samo Sound Boy before he released his EP The Bandit, and since then, I've been trying to keep up with his releases. He got featured on a few charts, and also featured on the remix package of Expendable Youth's Cannibalistic, along with ATV favorites LOL Boys. This L-A based producer makes really trippy nigh-unclassifiable bass heavy club music. This song in particular sounds like what would happen if the the 20th century Fox theme was played by Aztecs with sticks and stones. His other work is more on the crazier club tip (check out the soundcloud link posted below), but I had a hankering for some weirder shit.

You know, I've just peeked at his myspace bio (stream of consciousness writing fuck yes) and it says that he learned how to DJ from experimental cumbia producers in Argentina, an influence that I can definitely hear. He also spent time as a van driver and record stamper for Mad Decent Records, which probably also affected his creative process as well, given that he was around all those crazy DJs and producers. So, here's my second take on Samo Sound Boy's sound: it is post-apocalyptic cumbia club that shreds, and his shit should find a comfortable place in your playlists/sets, if there's any justice in this world. Bong Bong.


Korallreven- Loved-Up (LOL Boys remix)

My love for LOL Boys runs quite deep (czech out this previous feature we did on them for some crazy shit), and given that they are getting massssssive amounts of hype at the moment, I couldn't be happier for them. I hit up Markus recently (the Montreal half of LOL Boys), and let's just say that their new stuff is huge. Like, oil spill MAJOR. They've recently been featured on Sound Pellegrino's new A/V compilation, with a remix of Para One's Toadstool, and they've also done a collabo remix with SP head honcho Teki Latex on Bambounou's great tune Nappy Head. If you've ever wondered what spoken word mixed with Amazonian rainforest/tropicana-rave craziness sounds like, head over to Juno to procure it. It's worth it. (Have you ever heard about my buddy Bambouno? He's chilling)

This particular tune is a remix of a really hazy track by Sweden's own Korallreven. LOL Boys' signature touch is quite apparent on this, and I am definitely not mad at it. The vocal chops are so on-point that it is ridiculous, and somehow, these dudes manage to make something that is almost off-beat sound proper, if that makes any sense. The rhythm is so off-kilter, but their mastery of percussion is Inception-level dreamy.

Although I might seem like a groupie, believe me, LOL Boys are the future, man. This is good stuff.

NICE LITTLE BONUS: Well, we've just been given the green light to post the Para One remix of Toadstool off of the Scion A/V compilation for y'all. I don't really give a damn about being the first to post this (fuck "exclusive shit!"), but I just want to share some great music with y'all. Hope you like this remix, it is nutsbar.

Para One- Toadstool (LOL Boys remix)

not SOUNDCLOUD (But better)

As always, hope you guys enjoy our posts. Thanks for reading.



Thizz Music first quarter

Are you a Narc?

Nah? Well, I figured that while I'm on this ridiculous nostalgia tip (summer is probably to blame), I'd start a 4 part segment on my favorite songs I got geeked up to when I was a wild and reckless little shit. Not condoning drug use here, kiddies. Well, kinda. I do blog under the name MDMAwesome for a reason, haha.

Seriously though, I've left that kind of craziness behind me, but hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as I have, under the influence or not. Stay safe.

E-40 ft Keak da Sneak- Tell me when to go (Trackademics remix)

It would take me quite a bit of time to really explain the intricacies of the late Hyphy movement, so I'll skip it. To make it as simple as possible, it was started by the late, great Mac Dre, and was almost completely focused on rapping about extasy and 'going dumb', which is rather self explanatory. This was a huge hit in 2006, and for those who have never heard it, you've missed something great.

Hyphy was a really innovative and hilarious (if a bit narrow-minded) scene, and it's a shame that it self-cannibalized. This is Trackademics' remix of Tell Me When to Go, and is definitely one of the greatest rap remixes of all time, in my opinion. This shit is a thumper, son. No one has blogged about it for quite a while, so in the interests of preserving great tunes, here you go. Back into the collective consciousness, baby. [I've included the video for the original tune so you can see what he's done to the beat. And, if you've never heard of hyphy, it'll give you a little insight into the whole scene.]

The Pack- At the Club

Before Lil B The Based God blew up on the internet, he was 1/4 of Bay Area hyphy group The Pack. These dudes were sort of scarily ahead of their time, rapping about skateboards and vaguely hipsterish stuff, wearing vans and streetwear many years before it became the norm. They are most famous for their hit Vans, but this is the one that always got my head shakin' and body movin back in the day. They are even beefin with the weak-ass New Boyz, who basically jacked their entire swag from the Pack. Hyphy trumps Jerkin any day of the week. This beat goes fuckin' hard, and everyone really comes correct. Plus, that chorus...oof.

D4L- Do It Like me Baby

They got a hell of a lot of flak for the terrible Laffy Taffy, but D4L made some of the best tunes that came out of the extasy-influenced Atlanta Snap music scene. Including a rather awesome whistle backdrop and twitchy keyboard lines makes this one of the most memorable snap tunes about getting geeked up, which is a feat considering that most were instantly forgettable. Oh, and FABO. I saw a video of him recently, and let's just say that the human body cannot handle prolonged heavy abuse of MDMA. Whoa.

Unrelated BONUS beat:

Dan Curtin- Mr Bean do an E (DJ Madskillz remix)




almost there...

I have not been really doing my fair share on this music blog thing. Maybe being on day shift instead of night will make things a little easier. In the meantime, 3 electro tunes (haven't done much of that in the past while) for your listening pleasure. I'll eventually provide you with more music than you can possibly handle.

Art Nouveau - Miracle
Heard this song way back in January on the French duo's MySpace after noticing it had made it's way onto Sound Pellegrino's chart. See kids, charts are fun and useful for a multitude of things like music or presentations. I especially like pie charts since you can eat them when your done. Anyhow, Art Nouveau is made up of Andrea Starosse & Julien Salman. Even though their names are relatively new to the music scene, nothing about them disappoints. Their songs focuse on a few different styles of house music while keeping it simple at the same time. This formula seems to have been the most successful in the past few months.

Mystery Machine - Shake This
When this song came out as part of a Bang Gang compilation way back in 2009, it sparked the interest of quite a few people. To this day, nobody really has a clue as to who da f*ck Mystery Machine is. Apparently, they enjoy it this way. Kinda like that Gucci Vump thing, makes people paranoid and go ape shit on finding out who can hide their true identity on the internet. Don't let this bother you and just listen to the darn song.
Respect Too Many Sebastians

Djedjotronic - Bit This Thin Part 2 - Original Mix
The most recent release from Djedjotronic on Boys Noize Records. Song is cool and the Jesse Rose and Tony Senghore remixes are too, but it's the Part 2 breakdown which I enjoyed the most. Give it some time, around 1 minute in you'll see what I mean. In other news, he has a remix out of Chilly Gonzales' I am Europe. HUGE TUNE! MAD REMIX! Will share soon enough, for now i'll leave you with the clip.