Broaden Your Horizons: LOL Boys

(Respect to Liza Lacroix)

Big Ups to LOL Boys & Them Jeans, and sorry for the leak. I rewrote the whole post, so enjoy.

Once in a while, you come across music so astoundingly bizarre, so monumentally trippy that you can't help but wonder what kind of twisted mind came up with it. I came across LOL Boys' music quite a while ago, but only recently started to explore their sound in-depth, and let me tell you something: I have been missing out on some of the most masterful and varied productions this side of the moon. LOL Boys is made up of two talented producers, Markus, a Montrealer via Chicago, and Jerome, out of L.A. Their approach to the game is fresh to death, and their sound is astronomically different from remix to remix. From percussion to melody, and all that's in between, LOL Boys' suave sound is unlike anything you've ever heard. Aiming to infect listeners' brains, much like an internet meme, LOL Boys plug into your consciousness and refuse to let go. (What a fucking corny line. Jesus Christ.)

What makes LOL Boys' music so awesome is not only the unique and groovy rhythms that characterize their sound, but also their versatility and their originality. This is extremely trippy electronic music that also happens to obliterate dance floors. 2010 promises to be a huge year for them, as every single remix that I've heard from them so far has been mind-melting. When you're sitting on remixes and originals this good, the sky's the limit. ( By the way, they have a remix of a Them Jeans song coming out in about a month. It is a MONSTER. Keep your eyes open for that one. A psychiatric ward meets the Amazonian Rainforest, with a little bit of jacking house sprinkled on top)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future. This is not your father's house music. This is LOL Boys.


Expendable Youth- Cannibalistic (LOL Boys remix) [so fresh off the presses, you can see the fumes]

LOL Boys- Arabesque

Christina Milian- Chameleon (LOL Boys remix)

Mondkopf- Libera Me (LOL Boys Saved Latin remix)

Passion Pit- Sleepyhead (LOL Boys remix)

AC Slater- Hello (LOL Boys Sunday Sunrise remix)

LOL Boys- Gold for Cash (Really ruff demo version)


LOL Boys recently made a mix for Mixpak Records, and let me tell you, it is INSANE. Their song selection is top notch, and they weave it all together seamlessly. Check it out HERE, along with a great little interview, and you won't regret it. C'est du crack, esti.

By the way, these guys have the single greatest website on the internet. A sort of tribute to angelfire and geocities. It's like an acid trip with every click. Show some support, motherfuckers.

LOL Boys Website
LOL Boys Myspace
LOL Boys Twitter
LOL Boys Facebook



  1. simply awsome. keep up the props for the locals!