It seems like every time I'm not posting a feature, I just post a bunch of old songs with a summery feel. Who can blame me, I live in a place where snow and freezing weather blanket the city for at least half of the year. I'm in the mood for rebirth and renewal, man. Today's weather was gorgeous, so I'm feeling generous. Please enjoy the vibes.

Shwayze- Buzzin ft Wale (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Nitta remix)

This is a great song to cruise around in with the windows down, much like most of Schwayze's songs. It's really simplistic hip-hop for hipsters, but it is still really dope. I played the hell out of this remix when L.A. icon Skeet Skeet dropped it, as I really felt his flip on it. He cut it up a bit, improved the groove, and added Wale, which is, as everyone knows, a winning combination. In my opinion, Wale has fallen the fuck off recently, but his earlier stuff is great. Either way, it's a smooth remix that you can't help but nod your head to.

Bran Van 3000- Drinking in L.A

I'm not entirely sure if Bran Van 3000 were as big in the States in their prime as they were in Canada, but if they weren't, they definitely should have been. Bran Van 3000 is a collective of very talented musicians, writers, vocalists, artists and creative Montrealers, all rallied around its ringleader, Mr James Di Salvio, and this is their biggest and best-known hit. Their sound is varied as hell, usually with a soulful throwback vibe, tinged with electronic sounds. This is a timeless summer anthem that you should definitely know. If you don't, well, you're welcome.

Mikey Dangerous- You are so fine

Mikey Dangerous is an influential figure in the Montreal dancehall and reggae scenes. Known for his fiery performances (I saw him at Reggae Fest two years ago, and he was unbelievable. Definitely the most energetic performance that day) and his work ethic, Mikey Dangerous has also won a Juno (some shitty Canadian music award), so more power to him. I'll be honest, this is the only song of his that I have, but I've bumped it on more than one occasion. Great tune for those late afternoon BBQs. Bless!

Mikey Dangerous Myspace

Boats and Birds- Gregory and the Hawk (Protohype remix) [edit: Ooops, the artist's name is Gregory and the Hawk, not the other way around. My bad.]

Protohype is a duo out of Arizona who pioneer a genre that they call "Dub-hop", whose definition I'm sure you can figure out. They contacted us a few days ago, and sent us their soundcloud, which is filled with goodies. Their songs all have knockin' bass and glitchy percussion, and it works. As well, they've recently uploaded a remix of a cutesy indie pop song by Gregory and the Hawk, and I really dig it. They don't go overboard on the remix, and subtlety is something that is really quite lacking in the majority of reworks of slower songs. Their output is quite banging, I must admit. Kudos, Protohype.

Protohype Myspace

Andre 3000 ft Norah Jones- Take off your cool

I hate to say it, but this sounds nigh-perfect. It lasts less than three minutes, but what a nice blend of the blues, happiness, soul and heartbreak. (Not in that order). I wanna see youuu

buenas noches, kiddos.


  1. The Shwayze track is awesome just for sampling erhu.

  2. oh man, the bran van 3000 track takes me way back :)

  3. Dear lord, that Bran Van track. Bless your soul.

  4. the boats&birds (protohype remix) doesn't quit

  5. MAX AND SEAN KILLIN IT!! :D great job boyssss!!

  6. Not going to lie, the Gregory and the Hawk song kinda sounds like something from Twilight: The Musical.

  7. made it to number 1 on hype machine most popular. I didn't see the music from twilight on there -- just protohype.

  8. I wish. Nah, they are just images I come across on various flikrs & image blogs.

  9. Ditto, props to the Shwayze track for the erhu - sweet.
    this blog is pretty much fantastic.