the underworld

Today's post is going to be quite short. Just droppin some chill tunes I found after diggin the crates, ya know. Also for once there will be some electro and house beats, say WHAT.

EDX - Hoover (Adam K Remix)
This one from Adam K, progressive house type of shit. Not usually my style but the bassline hits so hard, I had to share. Boost your subwoofer and blast this.

Eric Lau ft Guilty Simpson - The D (Harmonic 313 Remix)
Harmonic 313 does crazy electro beats. You can pretty much say he has his own style of computer/8 bit muzak. Plus from time to time he comes up with hip hop electro remixes which I am a crackwhore for that kind of stuff. Listen to this one, I got addicted, computerize groove yessss. Visit his website if you feel like doing some word/color puzzle to get a free unreleased song, I got really frustrated when i fucked up at level 4 so I just gave up ahahahaah. ----> http://harmonic313.com/

Blackpocket - Ure A Star (Martyn Remix)
Slow ambient house vibe with a soul vocal = yes mama, I will be rocking this beat while sleeping on the beach.

John Robinson and Lewis Parker - A Place Called Home
Guitar/harp beat, underground hiphop type of song. John Robinson has a nice style. Check out the albums he did with Flying Lotus called "I Am Not For Sale" vol 1 and 2. Really original stuff


  1. Fuck this harmonic 313.

    level 4 is "FLASHBACK"

    passed level 5 easy and it won't let me download the damn song. cool concept anyways...

  2. might of been limited time offer kinda shit, watever

  3. 'a place called home' is chill as fukk cuzzzz