hips and rosy lips

I'm a firm believer in positive thinking, believe it or not. Since Montreal is still a desolate wasteland of snow and ice (ok, I may be exaggerating, but it's bloody cold), I'm hoping that posting cheerful summery sounding tunes with a lot of bass will help precipitate a rapid change in seasons. I'm ready to start seeing the fine dames of Montreal in sundresses, having that first beer on a terrasse, and BBQs, goddamnit.

Art Nouveau - Air France (Max le Daron Remix) by Max le Daron

A nice mellow moombahton remix of Art Nouveau's amazing Air France track, which was released fairly recently on Demento Mori. Max le Daron, a young Belgian producer making big waves these days, tweaks the original and makes it sound like a soundtrack to the best week ever at an all-inclusive resort in the Carribean. Max le Daron has opened for such acts as Douster, Buraka Som Sistema, Noob, Djedjotronic, French Fries, Club Cheval,BeatAuCue and Noisia, among many others, and is definitely earning his stripes as a producer to watch in the coming year. He's also working on a collaborative project with Javier Estrada, which I'm pretty stoked about. Big ups to the whole Moombahton movement, which I suprisingly still haven't gotten tired of. Airport lounge vibes for the win.

Max le Daron soundcloud

Sunnyside Up by ∆dmin

Sigh. Summery vibes, dreamy little melodies that meander around your head, and a warm, delightful little ambient groove that somehow takes me right back to the empty beaches of Vietnam I visited last summer. Good lord. Kudos, ∆dmin, kudos. Elevator music has never sounded so good.

∆dmin soundcloud

Skanky - Slack by skanky uk

I don't know if this sounds summery per se, but it still puts me in a good mood and makes me want to go out and meet new people. Bass makes you socialize. Skanky is a dope 16 year old producer out of North London who's coming out with some pretty wild material these days. This is a kickass futuristic tune, although it is a bit short. Check out his soundcloud for other fine chunes from this badman.

Skanky soundcloud

Shy Fx - Original Nuttah (Ezekiel's cumbiahton edit/mix) by Ezekiel2090

A very effective cumbia/gurachero/dub edit of jungle pioneer Shy Fx's tune Original Nuttah. The traditional slow bass and rhythms are seamlessly interwoven into the double-pace jungle drums and vocals. Much respect to Ezekiel, who has been holding it down for Monterrey, Mexico for a while now.

Ezekiel Soundcloud

Bombé- Riviera (Extended Mix)

Simply epic. This is a somewhat older Bombé track, but it fit the theme of today's post like a glove. As usual, Bombé proves himself to be a Sensei of drum programming, and melts an entrancing and memorable flute loop and glorious bass together to make this sound like some kind of boss fight at the end of a magical journey. Warm, positive vibes are what I need right now. Although the tune gets somehat more ravey near the end, I'd still groove to this on a summer night.

Bombé soundcloud




Ladies & gents, here comes your daily dose of hip hop.

Decided to throw in this mix a bit of everything. Sharing with you guys a track off the upcoming Snoop Dogg album "Doggumentary". Cool track featuring none other than Gorillaz. Gives Snoop a different flow comparable to that bollywood track he released couple years ago. Album dropping on March 29th.

The rest is pretty much songs I've been listening to in the past days. We got ourselves some tasty J Dilla. He produced the beat and spits on it, dope shit for sure. The 2 other songs are for pure hip hop lovers, classic vibes.

Snoop Dogg feat. Gorillaz - Sumthin Like this Night
J Dilla - Shake it Down
The Strangerz - Machine Gun Funk (Fresh Sly Mix)
People Under The Stairs - The Suite For Beaver Part 1



Urulu: Kookaburra EP

Top o' the mornin, my friends.

French label Get Flavor Records, who've put out releases from such artists as Dakunt and Stinj, among others, recently hit us up and introduced us to a fresh new producer out of Los Angeles, Urulu.

This young but already promising label is actually putting out his debut release on April 1st, an impressive 6 track EP entitled "Kookaburra", which is Get Flavor's seventh release, featuring remixes from Montreal's own Prince Club, UK Bass madman Damu and French duo Neitee & Yeutta.

Urulu "So What" (Original Mix) by get flavor records

Urulu, who you might know as the founder of the fantastic blog We Are Rebels (formerly Kid City Blog), is a relative newcomer on the production scene, but the quality of this debut release foreshadows a very promising career.

His productions are very innovative and refreshing, and his choice of samples are pulled from live recordings and weird youtube videos, among other sources. He is definitely a disciple of the global bass music school of thought, in my opinion, using a variety of regional styles and influences to masterfully craft his tunes. His first EP plays the Australian influence to the hilt (his moniker, Urulu, is probably inspired by Uluru, another name for the sacred Ayers Rock), and is rife with aboriginal chanting and "tribal" (sorry) vibes. Kookaburra is an extremely solid release, with heavy drums and spritual melodies. It'll warm your heart and make you dance with reckless abandon, too.

Today, we have an exclusive download for you, the Damu remix of Kookaburra, as well as another fantastic track off of the EP, So What, and an older tune, the Michael Jackson sampling Not the Only One.

Urulu- Kookaburra (Damu remix)

The Damu remix takes the aboriginal witchdoctor vibe to the next level. He buries the cheerful and uplifting feel of the original and warps it into a totally different creature. What could have been considered a light-hearted tribal anthem before is now mutated into a fierce, incredibly dark-sounding banger, filled to the brim with lazer stabs, steamroller basslines and terrifying reverbed vocals.This is the soundtrack to a shamanistic warehouse rave ritual. So swag.

Urulu- Not The Only One

Again, this EP drops on April 1st on Juno, so if you've enjoyed the insanity of the rhythms and the magical grooves featured in this post, please show Urulu some love and cop that shit. The purchase link will be added to Get Flavor Records' soundcloud at the beginning of April.

Urulu soundcloud
Urulu facebook
Get Flavor Records soundcloud
Get Flavor Records website


Dubbel Dutch

We are already incredibly lucky to be in Montreal for the sheer amount of musical talent there is, but it gets even better when you combine this local talent with international artists. This is precisely what you get at Blue Dog Motel every Friday for Boomclap and the menu this week is Mark Glasser. Straight out of Austin, Texas, be ready for some great UK Funky, old-school house vibes, Souther Swag and whatever else you feel like naming: Boomclap presents Dubbel Dutch!

DJ Sneak - Southern Boy (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Parson - I Rep The Dirty South (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

This is the exact type of Southern Swag we could use in Montreal, bring the warm house music and we'll provide the pretty women.

Yolanda Be Cool - Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I mentioned this was a song to look out for. Always amusing to read old posts, here are some fun facts:

-still posting some weird-ass pictures
-still complaining about hangovers
-still using the expression winning (way ahead of you Sheen!)

Dubbel Dutch - Throwback (Munchi's Zone Out To Moombahton Rmx) by Munchi

I suggest having his Throwback EP in your music collection. Great release on Palms Out and amply talked about, so mellowing out and going with Munchi's remix. By the way big shoutout to Munchi who had a seizure about a month ago. We wish for your recovery as much as the rest of the music world, for more info DJ Ayres has been doing a lot to help.

Enjoy the sun and songs, son.



I really must apologize for the rushed post , but I am faded. I am so completely exhausted because of work, and therefore unable to type anything of substance. I'll try to throw up another post once I wake up.

In the meantime, please try your best to experience the vibes. I've tried to include a little something for everyone, I guess.

Maceo ft Fats- Nextel Chirp
Alex Turner- Piledriver Waltz
Dead Rock Machine- I Got The Gist 68 (Mackpaye remix)
Serge Gainsbourg- New Delire
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts- I was on my way to hell

Catch you later,



MAYDAY & Ace Hood

MAYDAY always seems to come up with tasty productions. They know how to make a catchy beat and will most of the time feature dope hip-hop acts. This time, Ace Hood joins the crew and delivers a jello flow. Reeeal smooth music, makes work a bit less painful.
The video was released today, enjoy.

MAYDAY ft. Ace Hood - Highs & Lows

goo' day,



Zion I & The Grouch - Rockit Man

Credits goes to David Choe for the painting

Zion I & The Grouch just came out with a brand new video for their latest single "Rockit Man". This track is off their upcoming album, dropping tomorrow, called "Heores In The Healing Of The Nation". Good beat.

Zion I & The Grouch - Rockit Man


While your at it, make sure to peep this animation video done by an artist that goes by the name of Alexander Gellner. Really smooth transitions through out the whole clip. He calls it "One Minute Puberty". Top notch shit

good night,



Dark, sensual music is the soundtrack to right here, right now. Those r&b slow jams of yore are mutating into mysterious and sultry Four-AM anthems. The DNA of love songs is changing, and I definitely ain't mad at it.

Brandy - Never Say Never (Sinjin Hawke Bootleg) by Sinjin Hawke

This is a brand new bootleg recently unleashed upon the world by Montreal producer Sinjin Hakwe. Brandy's music is already really sensual and sweet, but Sinjin Hawke cranks the dial a bit further and warps this one into a carnal two-step banger. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of 2011. If this, and his recent material is a barometer for what's to come, oooh weeeee.


FaltyDL - Brazil (Grown Folk Remix) by Grown Folk

You know, it may just be that muted horn sample, but this remix evokes images of a piano bar in New York City. As it progresses, it morphs into a more ravey creature, but still retains that classiness, for lack of a better term. This is music that you'd listen to next to the rooftop pool of a fancy hotel, while stoned on MDMA with a fashion model. This is Grown Folk, refined dance music for the casanova in you.


High Powered Boys- Udon (Julio Bashmore's Sax-Dub) by MDMAwesome

Bynie pretty much nailed it when he described this remix as Sex Sax re-imagined as a softcore porno. Julio Bashmore's amazing take on High Powered Boys' (Surkin + Bobmo, for those not in the know) Udon is lovemaking music for the future. Teki dropped this remix on Saturday, and I definitely caught feelings on the dancefloor. Bashmore's remix is cinematic, sexy and groovy as hell. What more could you possibly want? (Oh, and he's coming to Montreal fairly soon. Keep your eyes peeled.)


The Weeknd- High for this

Unbelievable. I can already predict that this will be one of the best releases this year, and one of the strongest debuts in a long time. Toronto's mysterious The Weeknd have dropped their absolutely hypnotic 9 track debut album, and it is a sensual tour-de-force. Don't be surprised if you hear about this album a lot this year.

The Weeknd- House of Ballons album (.zip file, right click + save as to download)


Have a pleasant afternoon, everyone. Once again, we'd like to thank you for choosing Avenge The Virgins as your peddler of hot crack and great vibes. Come visit us again soon.


Stranger Day x Avenge The Virgins

Well, here it is, as promised. We were blown away when Stranger Day sent this over a week ago, and have been bumping it non-stop since. This North Carolina MC jumped on my favorite beat of 2010, does it justice, and even includes a gnarly shout-out at the end of the tune. We're pretty stoked about this, and we hope you are too. This shit is raw. Show some love.

Stranger Day x Girl Unit- Wut (Rap Edit)


Big ups to Stranger Day & Permanent Vacation.


Sunday: Laid Back

Where is Calibaba? I honestly have no clue at all, so here's my attempt at filling in for him, with that laid-back hip-hop shit. Definitely not as underground as Cal usually gets, but whatever. Enjoy the vibes. Some older stuff, some newer stuff.

Big L ft Big Daddy Kane- Platinum Plus
Common- I used to love H.E.R
Edan- I see colours
Promoe- These walls don't lie
Lupe Fiasco- Pen & The Needles
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina)- Smoke Dope & Rap

By the way, the Teki Latex & Jesse Rose show at the renovated S.A.T was pretty damn solid. Still recovering from the debauchery, but so very worth it.