hips and rosy lips

I'm a firm believer in positive thinking, believe it or not. Since Montreal is still a desolate wasteland of snow and ice (ok, I may be exaggerating, but it's bloody cold), I'm hoping that posting cheerful summery sounding tunes with a lot of bass will help precipitate a rapid change in seasons. I'm ready to start seeing the fine dames of Montreal in sundresses, having that first beer on a terrasse, and BBQs, goddamnit.

Art Nouveau - Air France (Max le Daron Remix) by Max le Daron

A nice mellow moombahton remix of Art Nouveau's amazing Air France track, which was released fairly recently on Demento Mori. Max le Daron, a young Belgian producer making big waves these days, tweaks the original and makes it sound like a soundtrack to the best week ever at an all-inclusive resort in the Carribean. Max le Daron has opened for such acts as Douster, Buraka Som Sistema, Noob, Djedjotronic, French Fries, Club Cheval,BeatAuCue and Noisia, among many others, and is definitely earning his stripes as a producer to watch in the coming year. He's also working on a collaborative project with Javier Estrada, which I'm pretty stoked about. Big ups to the whole Moombahton movement, which I suprisingly still haven't gotten tired of. Airport lounge vibes for the win.

Max le Daron soundcloud

Sunnyside Up by ∆dmin

Sigh. Summery vibes, dreamy little melodies that meander around your head, and a warm, delightful little ambient groove that somehow takes me right back to the empty beaches of Vietnam I visited last summer. Good lord. Kudos, ∆dmin, kudos. Elevator music has never sounded so good.

∆dmin soundcloud

Skanky - Slack by skanky uk

I don't know if this sounds summery per se, but it still puts me in a good mood and makes me want to go out and meet new people. Bass makes you socialize. Skanky is a dope 16 year old producer out of North London who's coming out with some pretty wild material these days. This is a kickass futuristic tune, although it is a bit short. Check out his soundcloud for other fine chunes from this badman.

Skanky soundcloud

Shy Fx - Original Nuttah (Ezekiel's cumbiahton edit/mix) by Ezekiel2090

A very effective cumbia/gurachero/dub edit of jungle pioneer Shy Fx's tune Original Nuttah. The traditional slow bass and rhythms are seamlessly interwoven into the double-pace jungle drums and vocals. Much respect to Ezekiel, who has been holding it down for Monterrey, Mexico for a while now.

Ezekiel Soundcloud

Bombé- Riviera (Extended Mix)

Simply epic. This is a somewhat older Bombé track, but it fit the theme of today's post like a glove. As usual, Bombé proves himself to be a Sensei of drum programming, and melts an entrancing and memorable flute loop and glorious bass together to make this sound like some kind of boss fight at the end of a magical journey. Warm, positive vibes are what I need right now. Although the tune gets somehat more ravey near the end, I'd still groove to this on a summer night.

Bombé soundcloud



  1. were you a student in concordia attending the hip-hop class during the winter semester of 2010?

  2. FALL semester****