the prodigal son returns

No, we're not dead. Barely hanging on, but not completely expired.

We've been at war with our hosting company, meaning that they wouldn't allow us to access our server and have been cutting off access to important files, so that was a main reason for the hiatus. We're going to try to change hosting companies and make the switch over soon, but it has definitely been a big-ass hurdle.

As well, I've just spent the weekend moving into a new appartment, and have yet to install the internet, so it is making my posting somewhat impossible. I imagine that my colleagues are as busy, but I uploaded a few files before the move, so I'll be able to throw up a few posts this week.

Today's post will focus on a few songs that I've been bumping the hell out of these past few weeks. I know Drake gets a lot of hate, but recently, he's been drinking an epic amount of codeine and has been running with The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye, so his sound has altered a lot. I definitely dig his new hazy, drugged-out take on r&b, and I'm sure you will too.

Drake- Trust Issues
Drake- Marvin's Room
Drake- Dreams Money Can Buy

Lana del Rey- Diet Mtn. Dew (demo)

A really dope, laid-back tune by a great indie songstress.

For those who still took the time to visit daily, we thank you. These technical problems are a real bitch to deal with, but everything should be back to normal pretty soon (hopefully).

Have yourselves a great evening.


Dope ass video for Marvin's Room.