DMX is back

Don't know about you, but DMX for me was the shit during the 90s. People used to go nuts when a DMX track started playing. At that time I didn't really know what the word "CRUNK" meant but his beats sure did get me crunk as fuck.

Dude has been struggling with drugs/crime/jail time and bunch of shit in the last years. His wife divorced him last year after 2 weeks being out of jail. Now, You can really feel why he released this new track called "Change Is Gonna Come". Swizz Beats samples the classic of Sam Cooke and gives it an "X" groove.

DMX - Change Is Gonna Come
Sam Cooke - Change Is Gonna Come

And one of my old school favorites.

DMX - Damien

back to the basics,



The Age of Wonder

Just a short little post this afternoon, unfortunately. Please enjoy the vibes. No descriptions at all. Put your own twist on things.

Dumbo gets Mad- Eclectic Prawn
Noah & The Whale- L.I.F.E. G.O.E.S O.N (Fake Blood remix)
Ango- Part Time (Salva remix)
Hercules & Love Affair- My House
Adele- Rolling in the Deep(Jamie xx Shuffle) (Prince Club house Edit)

HGLDT - Climbing and Other Pursuits (Free DL) by HGLDT

But wait, there's more!

For all of you in Montreal, there's quite a bit going on this evening.

1. Boomclap @ Blue Dog Motel

Featuring: HGLDT, Grown Folk & LOL Boys

2. Indecent Xposure presents: Sub Rosa @ 4419 St-Laurent (the old Coda)

Featuring: DJ Rashad, Zora Jones, Amadeus Boys & IFTW

3. Lookout Presents: LuckyMe @ Club Lambi

Featuring: Cubic Zirconia, Machinedrum, Jacques Greene, Lunice, Ango

Not too sure where I'll be hovering around tonight, but any of these is guaranteed to be a grand ol' time. Support your local scene.


Brand new Tyler, The Creator video for Yonkers, off of his upcoming album Goblin. Beat + video by Wolf Haley/Ace Creator/Tyler, The Creator.

Hot ass beat. Clap.

Avenge The Virgins <3 OFWGKTA. Check out our 7 part segment on them if you haven't already.

Much love.



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, both from Seattle, are 2 incredibly dope artists. Macklemore is the emcee of the duo. He's been recently featured on Zion I's album "Atomic Clock" on a track called Polarity, which was one of my favorite on the cd. He has a different and quite interesting flow. Seems like he's telling you a story coming straight out of his guts. You can really feel the emotions flowing through his lyrics.

On the other end, Ryan Smith is a "jack of all trades" artist. He produces amazing beats but also does artistic stuff on the side. The sounds used for the instrumentals are different than your typical hip hop chords/snares. This EP (The VS. Re-Release) is worth your time, 7 originals & 7 remixes. Good Stuff.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Otherside
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Otherside feat. Fences (Ryan Lewis REMIX)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Life Is Cinema




LuckyMe x Lookout

Montreal is a great city.

As evidenced by the amount of appreciation I try to show for my city on Avenge The Virgins, I truly love my hometown. Not only do we have an ungodly amount of fantastic musical talent, an open-minded meshing of scenes and decent venues, we also have dope parties. Pretty much any weekend in Montreal, you're guaranteed to find at least one really good event going on, somewhere.

One of the rising stars in the Montreal's promotion agency scene, Lookout Presents, play a big part in bringing great talent to our shores. Their track record is pretty decent, too. In the past year, the artists they've brought to Montreal include Hudson Mohawke, Mount Kimbie, Samiyam, Kingdom, Dam Funk, Delorean, Aloe Blacc, South Rakkas Crew, Yacht, and many more.

Therefore, when Seb of Lookout (also of Night Trackin) hit us up to help promote the LuckyMe showcase coming to Montreal this Friday, I couldn't resist. I've only ever met the dude once, for like 5 minutes, so I won't claim that Lookout is ATV fam, but we're always willing to put on for our city and help out.

Scottish label LuckyMe, founded by experimental hip-hop genius Hudson Mohawke, has put out some really great releases this year, and they've definitely shown a lot of love to Montreal as of late. Kudos to them for being ahead of the curve and realizing that this city is one of the epicenters of forward thinking electronic music.

This friday's line-up is really quite ridiculous. This amount of sexy r&b, rap and futuristic bass music in one room will definitely cause a few casualties. The walls will drip with sweat, children will be conceived on the dancefloor, and you may even spontaneously combust in a moment of pure bliss.

LOOKOUT, LuckyMe & Dirty Gold present:

Friday, February the 11th
Club Lambi, 4465 St-Laurent, Montreal

ANGO (Live)

Facebook Event
Buy Tickets on Paypal

Lookout even provided neat little pre-written blurbs, which makes my job so much bloody easier. However, I've also included a song by each artist as well as links to their soundclouds/facebook & twitter pages. If you enjoy what you hear, check them out on these different platforms and show them some love.

On the menu this evening...

Cubic Zirconia
Panteros666- X Lova (Cubic Zirconia remix)

Seriously, this band will destroy your club, your concert hall, your living room. It's acid inflected pop music that hints towards a tradition of great new york loft parties and the vacious structure of punk bands like ESG and Liquid Liquid. But you know, Cubic's music is more than that. It's not trying to be anything else than Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart & Daud Sturdivant going in as hard as they can. I mean, what shall we call it? We have to call it something -- that's the way of music journalism. Let's go for ethnic disco.


Jesse Boykins III- Chanel (Machinedrum remix)

New label mate Machinedrum will be present as well, riding off his stellar new releases on LuckyMe and on Hotflush as his new garage/future dubstep project Sepalcure. With a combination of the songwriting skills of Timbaland, the huge club sounds of Daft Punk and the crafty experimentation of Aphex Twin, Machinedrum will take us all on quite the musical ride.


Jacques Greene
Cassie- Must be Love (Jacques Greene's Marriage Proposal mix)

Jacques Greene hails from Montreal, Canada, and you may or may not have heard some music he made under a previous guise. It doesn't really matter. His current focus is glistening house music with the perfect balance of reverence and idiosyncrasy, and an unashamed devotion to R'n'B. Releases with LuckyMe and NightSlugs have announced his arrival in the house music world in fine style, and hint at a pretty good year to come.


Lunice- Freaky

Lunice is just THAT dude. So cool, so easy. But at night he’s a monster making bedroom dance videos to Footcrab and Sex Intelligent (remix stoopid). It was just over a year ago that Lunice started bumping his own beats at the Turbo Crunk nights. To think that he’s since played two European tours and attended Red Bull in London, cheeeez, Dude is doing those big things already.


Ango ft Katy B- Fireworks

Joining Montreal's community of influential DJs and Producers, this R&B beat maker has just begun to do his part to help rebuild the landscape of alternative dance music in North America. Ango's music is uniquely melodic and hopeful, bringing boogie-era synth and drum sounds into context with contemporary R&B bangers, electro and bass music.


Well, that pretty much covers it. Dig it.



fuck off monday

For more art, check out Michael C. Hsiung

Not too sure why I still hate Mondays, I practically have nothing to attend to except a half-retarded roman empire class. Nevertheless, I must've grown accustomed to despising Monday's which could explain why I'm still in bed.

Let's start this one off with some new DJ Sega material. He recently decided to switch the game up and started his DJ Sega Sixer Series. As he puts it : 

"Fuck puttin out a mixtape...if everybody's doin it, i wanna be different!!!!
Plus I just did one already...RYEot PowRR comin to you really soon!!!!
I'm presenting to you with my 6-pack mini-mixtape collection!!!!"

DJ Sega Sixer Series Vol. I by DJSega

I don't really have a choice to keep following the Sixer Series... Sadly, a six-pack simply doesn't suffice anymore. Oh and these are some quality songs! Riot Music & Miami to Atlanta to Philly are some serious heat and I'd be stoked to hear Brenmar get on that Beyonce song the same way Sega does. Here's the tracklist for those interested and his remix of Runaway!

1.) riot music - (donaeo + skream x dj sega remix)
2.) mia to atl to phl - (pryda x dj sega remix)
3.) music sounds better with you - (stardust x dj sega remix)
4.) why don't you love me - (beyonce x dj sega remix)
5.) runaway - (kanye west x dj sega remix)
6.) u don't like me - (diplo + lil jon x dj sega remix)
*(free sample bottle of the first track on the next 6-pack!!!!)
7.) rock dem hornz sega - (dj sega)

On a different note, Brenmar murdered it Blue Dog last Friday for Boomclap. Putting on one of the hottest, dirtiest, most grind-worthy set I've experienced in a goddamn while. For those in Montreal, this is undoubtedly the naughtiest weekly event going on in our city right now. Big ups to Markus G. & Sinjin Hawke on providing steady heat each week & N.B.G. for throwing this wild party.

Lil' B The Based God - Ellen Degeneres

Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo & Munchi Moombahton Remix)

To wrap this one up nice n' tight, check out Toddla T's Moombahton mix for BBC Radio1. With a guest mix by the creator of the movement, Dave Nada. Full of awesomeness to satisfy your musical needs. 

Benji B live on BBC Radio 1 2011-02-03 Toddla T sits in for Benji (Moombahton)





Laid Back Sunday #20

Sorry for the late post. I was quite occupied with work and I definitely had to check the Super Bowl. Green Bay Packers for the win, they really deserve it, big up.

As for tonight's edition of Laid Back Sunday, It will be "gangster" reggae oriented. For no particular reasons, I was listening to a lot of reggae in the past days so this results in me sharing with you guys some of the tunes I've been blasting. Hope you enjoy.

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Mr. Evil, Elephant Man, Jagwa, Sizzla Kolonji - Gang War Riddim Medley
This track is pure joke. It almost features all of the biggest names in the reggae industry. This beat will get you pumped up.

Jah Cure ft. Rick Ross & Mavado - Like I See It
Following with a beat combining reggae artists Jah Cure & Mavado and officer Ricky Ross. This track definitely didn't get the attention it deserves, this shit is HOT.

Busy Signal - Cool Baby (Poirier Remix)
I had the misfortune of missing Ghislain Poirier's DJ set at Igloo Fest. He apparently destroyed the dance floor. No doubt about that, Montreal's local talent, G.Poirier is probably one of the best party DJ in the city. He gives this Busy Signal joint a "jungle beat" twist.

Elzhi - Where It All Begins (feat. Hodge Podge)
Couldn't let down my hiphop heads out there. This is an old Elzhi joint off one of his rare emcee tapes. Really stoked when I found this beat. It has that pure hip hop vibe to it.

that's it for today,

see you next time.