fuck off monday

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Not too sure why I still hate Mondays, I practically have nothing to attend to except a half-retarded roman empire class. Nevertheless, I must've grown accustomed to despising Monday's which could explain why I'm still in bed.

Let's start this one off with some new DJ Sega material. He recently decided to switch the game up and started his DJ Sega Sixer Series. As he puts it : 

"Fuck puttin out a mixtape...if everybody's doin it, i wanna be different!!!!
Plus I just did one already...RYEot PowRR comin to you really soon!!!!
I'm presenting to you with my 6-pack mini-mixtape collection!!!!"

DJ Sega Sixer Series Vol. I by DJSega

I don't really have a choice to keep following the Sixer Series... Sadly, a six-pack simply doesn't suffice anymore. Oh and these are some quality songs! Riot Music & Miami to Atlanta to Philly are some serious heat and I'd be stoked to hear Brenmar get on that Beyonce song the same way Sega does. Here's the tracklist for those interested and his remix of Runaway!

1.) riot music - (donaeo + skream x dj sega remix)
2.) mia to atl to phl - (pryda x dj sega remix)
3.) music sounds better with you - (stardust x dj sega remix)
4.) why don't you love me - (beyonce x dj sega remix)
5.) runaway - (kanye west x dj sega remix)
6.) u don't like me - (diplo + lil jon x dj sega remix)
*(free sample bottle of the first track on the next 6-pack!!!!)
7.) rock dem hornz sega - (dj sega)

On a different note, Brenmar murdered it Blue Dog last Friday for Boomclap. Putting on one of the hottest, dirtiest, most grind-worthy set I've experienced in a goddamn while. For those in Montreal, this is undoubtedly the naughtiest weekly event going on in our city right now. Big ups to Markus G. & Sinjin Hawke on providing steady heat each week & N.B.G. for throwing this wild party.

Lil' B The Based God - Ellen Degeneres

Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo & Munchi Moombahton Remix)

To wrap this one up nice n' tight, check out Toddla T's Moombahton mix for BBC Radio1. With a guest mix by the creator of the movement, Dave Nada. Full of awesomeness to satisfy your musical needs. 

Benji B live on BBC Radio 1 2011-02-03 Toddla T sits in for Benji (Moombahton)





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