off the hook

There seems to be a correlation between the quality of the posts on saturdays and how much alcohol I consume on friday night. Today, there won't be any elaborate descriptions, so you're going to have to let your ears be the judge. I mixed in some progressive rock, some activist rap, some great electronic pop and some mindfuckingly crazy glitchy spooky-house. Pick and choose as you wish.

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Dupont Menage- Holy Cow
M83- Don't Save us from the flames
Steely Dan- Haitian Divorce
Lazer Sword- Batman (Nguzunguzu remix)

See you tomorrow for another edition of Laid-Back Sundays with Calibar.




Slim Thug x B.o.B

Recent joint by 2 of my favorite mainstream rappers : Slim Thug & B.o.B. These dudes always go hard. Mellow beat, good flow as per the usual with Mr. Thugaaa. This track fits perfectly with the mood portrayed in the last post by my man MDMAwesome.

Slim Thug feat. B.o.B - So High (Prod. by Nard & B)

Stay steady, more stuff coming tomorrow


Snake Eyes

October is looking to be a crazy month for shows, to be honest. So far, I've already got Angus & Julia Stone, A-Trak, Classixx, Etienne de Crecy & Chromeo lined up, and September isn't even over yet. You should expect a few noticeable changes on Avenge The Virgins in the coming month as well, since we're trying to step our game up and expand our reach a bit. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, but hopefully we'll be able to show you the fruit of our labour in a not-too-distant future.

Anyways, I felt like treatin you to some somewhat soothing music today. You know how I roll on rainy-ass days like today.

Mayer Hawthorne- No Strings (produced by Classixx)

I'm guessing this came to be after Mayer Hawthorne heard the great (and coincidentally, overloaded with strings) remix that Classixx did of his "Green-Eyed Love" tune a while back. These L-A disco kings always deliver quality productions, and this soulful monster of a tune seems to support their winning streak of dope work. Detroit native Hawthorne, one of the brightest stars on Peanut Butter Wolf's label Stones Throw, channels all of the Motown greats and delivers a silky smooth sexual salvo of a song. Here's to hoping that Classixx and Mayer Hawthorne work together again in the future.

Busy Signal- One More Night 2009

One more night, give me just one more night. I love Busy Signal's music with a passion, and this just happens to be one of my favorites. A lovers reggae tune for those nights where you just kick it back with the missus. This song is the audio equivalent of pillow talk, folks. No need for foreplay, you've got Busy Signal to heat up the vibe.

Tiga- You gonna want me (Hey Today! remix)

I'm not too sure if this is kosher to post, but what the hell. I love you, Turbo Records, please don't send a cease and desist! The people need to hear this masterpiece, for it shall be bulldozing their dancefloors into rubble very soon. My friends, you have been warned.

Well, now, I would have posted the song that goes with the video below, but, to be honest, it has been posted everywhere. Just enjoy this phenomenal visual roller coaster ride instead . El Guincho es mas awesome, cabron.

See you tomorrow,



T-t-t-t-techno music

The past few posts haven't brought you all that much head banging, feet smashing, ear busting, fist pumping music. After a much needed AtV sit-down meeting, I am proud to say a few decent ideas were put forth and I got really, really roasted. Point being, I'm back on that robot sh*t. Please stick with us for the usual treatment and enjoy the more diverse selection of posts coming your way.

 Health - Death (Renaissance Man Remix)
I have a hard time believing this still hasn't been released or at least played out more. Well the duo finally put it up on their Soundcloud a month ago. Seems like today is as good a time as another to share this flamboyant remix. There must be something in the chant-like vocals or the peculiar organ sounding xylophone hook that has got me putting the song on repeat.

Ogris Debris - Miezekatze
Never would've come across this song if wasn't for John Roman's chart. Never stumbled across such a weirdly appealing vocal hook in tech house. Never heard of Ogris Debris before either, I guess we could say this Austrian duo has never disappointed me. Also, never ever use "never" so often in a five line description.

Boychick - IWL
♪♪♪ I just discovered the hot keys to make a music note and this happened completely random. I mean coincidence? I think not. We're a music blog, this was meant to be. Right? ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
On with the blahblahblah for this song. Cal posted some Hilltop Hoods recently, give them a listen. His post is the reason a little light bulb appeared above my head and I realized the begining of this song resembles the chorus for Hilltop Hood's "The Nosebleed Section". The sample used in both of these comes from Melanie Safka.



Skeet Skeet & Emynd : Fuck You Money

Whats up, passing by to drop remixes by 2 guys we've been digging/supporting for a long time ; 1 by Emynd & the other one by DJ Skeet Skeet. Original by North Carolina rapper "Stranger Day" featuring Chip Tha Ripper, mixed by DJ Benzi. If you dig Stranger Day, he has a mixtape called Young, Dump & Dope which got release during this summer... In the mean time, Chip is fucking great, I did a post on him when he released his mixtape a while ago. His flow is always on point, gotta love his verse on this one.

Different vibes, both bangers.

Stranger Day - Fuck You Money feat. Chip Tha Ripper (Skeet Skeet Remix)
Stranger Day - Fuck You Money feat. Chip Tha Ripper (Emynd Remix)

And in case you didn't see the promo video for Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand, here ya go. Loads of random appearances by big names in the "music industry". Really enjoyed it, its not every day you get the chance to see Smif N' Wessun featured in a house/disco-electro clip.

have fun



Canadian Club Crunchers vol 5

Sorry for the tardy post, peeps. It is once again time for another edition of Canadian Club Crunchers, my little attempt at giving you an in-depth perspective on great Canadian talent in electronic music. So far, we've covered a great deal of ground, profiling artists from coast to coast, but there's still tons of great talent out there that I've never heard of. So, if ever you want to big-up a local producer or a friend of yours that you think is killing it, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail. We try to listen to every song that people send us, so give us a shout, we'd be happy to consider it. Without further ado, let's get on with the show.

Past editions of Canadian Club Crunchers:
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Botnek (Halifax/Montreal)

I posted BOTNEK's remix of Felix Cartal a few days ago, and in that time, I've been scouring the net to find more of their tunes. While my search wasn't that fruitful, I did learn a bit more about this great duo. Apparently, that remix of Skeleton won a remix contest, so they're not quite as unknown as I had previously thought. Although the dude we met last time described his music as disco, I'm not entirely sure about that label. While I do kind of get a kind of jovial and groovy vibe from their tunes that a lot of disco offers, BOTNEK's productions are way too intense to classify it as disco. They've got a great handle on fast, melodic dance music, and I can't wait for their apparently upcoming E.P.

It's always nice to discover brand new music really randomly, and I'm pretty psyched that I discovered these two dudes' stuff. One of them lives in MTL and the other in Halifax, but the productions are cohesive enough that you don't even notice the difference in styles or approach to production that each of them might have. Pretty dope shit, keep your eyes peeled for more stuff on their soundcloud.

BOTNEK- Restatta
Rich Aucoin- Brian Wilson is ALIVE (BOTNEK 'throwback' remix)


Knight Riderz (Alberta)

To be quite honest, I know next to nothing about Knight Riderz. I was first introduced to them through DJ Neoteric's first Mystery Mix, in which their track Party Alarm was featured. This Albertan duo is part of a wave of highly talented Canadian dubstep producers that are blowing up at the moment. I only have a few of their productions and remixes, but I believe that they excel at slightly high-bpm bass-heavy music, kind of a great hybrid between dubstep and dnb.

I'm probably not givin' a great description, but suffice to say, Knight Riderz are great at making crowd-pleasing dubstep bangers. They've got a knack for producing some great brostep, which undoubtedly makes its target audience go absolutely apeshit. The Hendrix-sampling "Voodoo" that I've posted works some steamroller bass into the equation to great effect. If you're into dubstep, and are looking to support some local talent, Knight Riderz are a great candidate.

Knight Riderz- Voodoo
Knight Riderz- Party Alarm


Autoerotique (Toronto)

This duo from Toronto have been killin the electro game for quite a while. Formerly known as VNDSLM, these dudes have spent the past few years crafting hard-hitting bangers that have been rinsed by some of the biggest names in electro-house. As well, Autoerotique have been known to eviscerate any crowd that they DJ to. Besides being some of Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records' first signees, Autoerotique have been hard at work in the lab, concocting dope remixes and originals that are sure to have you reaching for the jar of pills. What kind of pills, you ask? Well, that's up to you.

I remember seeing these dudes DJ at Coda back in the day, and they totally killed it. While I can't vouch for their recent performances, I've heard from credible sources that they were pretty bangin' at the Dim Mak showcase on Saturday. If you're looking for Canadian electro-house that can demolish speakers and dancefloors, Autoerotique might just be your bag.

Autoerotique & SonicC- K*M*A
Autoerotique- Bubonic


A la prochaine, mofos


Laid Back Sunday # 3

Credits goes to Amy Sherald for the painting

Sometimes a song can represent a certain souvenir. The 1st segment of this post brings me back some good memories. They remind me of the snowy days when I was living in Whistler BC. Maybe because it's pure backpacker hiphop but also because Whistler is such a mellow city that music with this kind of vibe really goes with the lifestyle going on over there.

There might be an other reason why I'll be posting some Hilltop Hoods today. Given the fact they are an Australian group, Whistler is filled with Australians. If you've been there before you'll understand what I'm saying. It's almost half Canadians half Australians, so I didn't really have a choice to learn a bit about their music... and drinking habits. Crazy Aussies ahahah

Hilltop Hoods - Recapturing The Vibe
Hilltop Hoods - Nosebleed Section

These songs are classics from this group but you should take some time to look at their other stuff if you dig the vibe.

On an other note, I would like to introduce a group that I had the chance to discover with the help of our magical ATV email inbox. Usually, I rarely post anything that comes in our inbox because most of the stuff we get are mashups and fucking pop remixes of some lady gaga song or some remix of a song that got already remixed 20 times. BUT, from time to time you get something descent. When I find that good stuff I don't really care if your well known or not, I'll post it because I love to support amateur talents. That's how we do it.

The group featured here today is more then descent. These guys are from Iceland and to be straight to the point : they produce some quality hip hop. Let me introduce you to Original Melody.

I guess the fact that they are from Iceland got me a bit curious on how their hip hop would sound like. After hearing the 1st tracks I was pretty astonished by the quality of the material, but when I learned their producer has made beats for acts such as : Chino XL, Shawn Jackson, Blu, everything started to become a bit clearer. Each song has a really different style from one to an other. I think the song I'm sharing today will give you a really good idea of their Icelandic sound. These guys have some crazy flow.

Original Melody - Long Time Coming

Their album called "Back & Fourth" will be out on October 1st. They will also release a music video right before the album release so make sure to check that out. Support the real hip hop, ya-dig.

This here, is an other track off their album. As you can see, a very original/funny sample was used for this beat but it fits in perfectly with their style.

hope you enjoyed this laid back sunday, see you next time