Laid Back Sunday # 3

Credits goes to Amy Sherald for the painting

Sometimes a song can represent a certain souvenir. The 1st segment of this post brings me back some good memories. They remind me of the snowy days when I was living in Whistler BC. Maybe because it's pure backpacker hiphop but also because Whistler is such a mellow city that music with this kind of vibe really goes with the lifestyle going on over there.

There might be an other reason why I'll be posting some Hilltop Hoods today. Given the fact they are an Australian group, Whistler is filled with Australians. If you've been there before you'll understand what I'm saying. It's almost half Canadians half Australians, so I didn't really have a choice to learn a bit about their music... and drinking habits. Crazy Aussies ahahah

Hilltop Hoods - Recapturing The Vibe
Hilltop Hoods - Nosebleed Section

These songs are classics from this group but you should take some time to look at their other stuff if you dig the vibe.

On an other note, I would like to introduce a group that I had the chance to discover with the help of our magical ATV email inbox. Usually, I rarely post anything that comes in our inbox because most of the stuff we get are mashups and fucking pop remixes of some lady gaga song or some remix of a song that got already remixed 20 times. BUT, from time to time you get something descent. When I find that good stuff I don't really care if your well known or not, I'll post it because I love to support amateur talents. That's how we do it.

The group featured here today is more then descent. These guys are from Iceland and to be straight to the point : they produce some quality hip hop. Let me introduce you to Original Melody.

I guess the fact that they are from Iceland got me a bit curious on how their hip hop would sound like. After hearing the 1st tracks I was pretty astonished by the quality of the material, but when I learned their producer has made beats for acts such as : Chino XL, Shawn Jackson, Blu, everything started to become a bit clearer. Each song has a really different style from one to an other. I think the song I'm sharing today will give you a really good idea of their Icelandic sound. These guys have some crazy flow.

Original Melody - Long Time Coming

Their album called "Back & Fourth" will be out on October 1st. They will also release a music video right before the album release so make sure to check that out. Support the real hip hop, ya-dig.

This here, is an other track off their album. As you can see, a very original/funny sample was used for this beat but it fits in perfectly with their style.

hope you enjoyed this laid back sunday, see you next time



  1. Great, great post. Been a while since I felt compelled to comment on a music blog HypeM sent me to, but it definitely helped you gave BC some love:) Great music scene up here.


  2. I listen to Hilltop hoods via HypeMachine. It make me think of Whistler as well. Thank you for this souvenir.

  3. love the hilltop hoods, great song!