Tycoon - Bomber Gurl by Dj Bomber Gurl

Real hardcore Philly club music. Guaranteed to get you hype & buck as fuck. This is definitely one of the rawest club tunes in a minute.

See you tomorrow.


I Dip, You Dip

Throwback vibes bitches. That's how we do it.

A beautiful day needs to be medicated with awesome music & a copious dose of herbs

Toots and The Maytals - Still Is Still Moving To Me (with Willie Nelson)
Freak Nasty - Da' Dip
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

have goo' day,


Big K.R.I.T. - Return Of 4Eva

Credits goes to Mario Corea Aiello for the painting

Big K.R.I.T. straight out of Mississippi, released a real dope mixtape. Good to hear some fresh southern rap material from time to time. You'll find bunch of big features such as David Banner, Chamillionaire, Ludacris & Bun B on this mixtape called Return Of 4Eva. If you like what you hear well go ahead and download the full mixtape, dude is making big moves.

Big K.R.I.T. - American Rapstar
Big K.R.I.T. - Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism
Big K.R.I.T. - My Sub



Brenmar- Be The One

Brenmar: The producer whose tunes are most likely to get you laid in 2011.

Brenmar- Be The One


Damian Marley ft Stephen Marley- Still Searching
KP & Envyi- Shorty Swing My Way

Lay It Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by dubbeldutch

If you're offended by this, you really need to get out of the house once in a while.




Lookout Presents x Dorian Concept


Once again, the boys at Lookout Presents show their versatility when it comes to booking. This relatively young Montreal booking agency has brought a whole bevy of awesome artists to Montreal recently, and their upcoming show this Thursday, April 7th, is no different. Much respect to them, if only because they are taking chances and bringing eccentric (albeit talented) acts to our shores.

Tomorrow evening, Montreal is host to Austrian keyboard maestro Oliver Johnson, more commonly known as Dorian Concept. This Vienna-based producer is a classically trained pianist, and somewhat of a prodigy on the keys. Before you listen to the tune I've posted below, I'd actually recommend watching the two videos that I've posted of him improvising on a MicroKorg, and bodying the fuck out of it. These videos have made him something of a minor Youtube phenomenon (over 200 000 views on a few of them), and showcase his immense talent.

Crazy stuff, huh? Now imagine him doing that live, in the recently re-opened Zoobizarre (now CFC), which is essentially a small grotto that moonlights as a bar. It's one of Montreal's most unique venues, and will be the new hunting grounds for the Night Trackin' parties, as Velvet Speakeasy seems to have fallen out of favor with many a booking agency.

Dorian Concept- Vertical Output

Facebook event page

Thursday, April 7th
@ CFC (formerly Zoobizarre), 6388 St-Hubert


With DJ Support from:

Jacques Greene (Night Slugs, LuckyMe)
Joe Shabadu (LuckyMe, Bauce Networks)
Rilly Guilty (Lookout)
Seb Diamond (Night Trackin')

8$ pre-sale (Buy your tickets here)

The vibe and energy is probably going to be mesmerizing, to be honest. CFC is a tiny, intimate venue, which is perfect for Dorian Concept's brand of funky, jazzy electronic music. Couple that with sets by veteran Montreal DJs Rilly Guilty and Seb Diamond, LuckyMe's Joe Shabadu and rising-star Jacques Greene, and you're left with a night that can take you on a journey from the most esoteric ambient electronic music to the slinkiest, most sensual r&b, all within a few hours. If you tire of nosebleed electro or aggressive music in general, and want to just vibe out to some great sounds, then don't miss your chance to meet new people and enjoy life tomorrow evening.

As well, the all-mighty XLR8R dropped one of their famed podcasts yesterday, and coincidentally, they asked Dorian Concept to do it. If ever the two videos and the song I posted are not enough to convince you to go, then this mix sure will. It will definitely give you a good preview of what to expect at CFC tomorrow. I'll include the little blurb that came with the mix, if only because it really nails the vibe much better than I can.

As for this mix, it finds the classically trained Dorian Concept indulging his penchant for both jazzier, pastoral sounds and frenetic, herky-jerky beats paired with hyperactive, pitch-bent synths.

XLR8R Podcast Dorian Concept 2011 04 05 by singleservingaccount2

01 Dorian Concept "Thank You All the Time Forever" (Ninja Tune)
02 John Coltrane "Your Lady" (Impulse)
03 Africa Hitech "Light the Way" (Warp)
04 Machinedrum "gbye"
05 Sam Irl "Safety Hertz (Cid Rim Remix)" (Fresh Minute)
06 FaltyDL "Tell Them Stories" (Planet Mu)
07 Manitoba "Paul's Birthday" (Leaf)
08 Sixtus Preiss & The Clonious "Specimen from Springbing" (Affine)
09 Funboy "Time Hates You"
10 Dorian Concept "Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Live Version)

Have a great afternoon, and show the good boys at Lookout some love by checking out this dope show tomorrow evening. You won't be disappointed, I promise.



Studying for finals, overtime at work, excessive partying. You've all heard these excuses before as to why we don't post as much these days, but it's true. Life gets in the way, but hey, at least we always provide that crack!

Todays's post has been a very long time coming, and I'm glad to be finally able to have a bit of time to devote to it. This morning, I'd like to shine the spotlight on a producer who is no stranger to Avenge The Virgins, the very talented Bombé.

Bombé- Rumba Rustla

Our first post on Bombé was back in November, when we introduced you to his dark rave anthem Brighton. Since then, I've tried to include a Bombé remix or original every month. His productions are always very percussive and a wee-bit heavy on the low-end frequencies, which is definitely a winning combination (no Sheen-o) in my eyes. His songs, while not always the most club-ready bass tunes ever, all share an extremely haunting atmospheric backdrop. Corny as it may sound, his productions are the very definition of epic. This is knife-fight music on steroids, with a healthy dose of chaotic drum programming thrown in for good measure.

Bombé- Solomon's Son
Dipset- Salute (Bombé bootleg)

If you consider the high quality of his remixes & re-edits, and the unique sound he pushes, it is surprising to me that this Philly powerhouse does not have more of a following than he does already. He also produces slightly housier fare as Kid Queasy, but he's told me that he is devoting as much to the Bombé project as possible, in order to refine his wildly unique sound. His mastery of kicks, snares, toms and other percussion is oftentimes dizzying. This is really rad electronic music that you can both skank out to in a club, and listen to on your soundsystem at home and not get bored of. Call it futuristic garage, tropical bass or whatever you'd like, it doesn't change the fact that this dude's a production wizard.

Dexplicit- Bullacake (Bombé remix)

Bombé has also released a free 3-track EP recently, the majestic three-part Ivy Castle EP. I'm going to avoid the medieval metaphors, 'cause that'd be pretty lame, but it remains that this is an extremely solid debut EP. He's definitely going for a darker, grimier sound, but it is sounding a lot more focused than his earlier material. You'd definitely be missing out if you let this insane EP pass you by.

Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 1
Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 2
Bombé- Ivy Castle Pt 3

Bombé is not only one the coolest cats that we've had the pleasure of corresponding with, he's also a talented-as-fuck producer. If you've enjoyed the virtual cornucopia of crazy shit contained herein, please show this dude some love.



Jacques Greene: Boiler Room

Last tuesday, Montreal's very own Jacques Greene DJed at London's famed Boiler Room, along with Reecha, John Rust, Oneman and Four Tet. The whole thing was streamed on Ustream, as per the usual with the Boiler Room, and it was amazing. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I'm a huge Jacques Greene fan, and always ready to support whatever he has coming out.

Pretty bummed that I cannot embed the video of it (although you can watch it on Boiler Room TV), but the kind folks at Boiler Room have been kind enough to put up his entire 50 minute set on soundcloud. It's filled to the brim with great tunes, ranging from his absolute behemoth of a tune Another Girl, to his remix of The Weeknd, passing by all sorts of mindblowing house and r&b. The mixing might not be 100% on point, but he is a maestro of groove/vibe building. Definitely one of the coolest sets I've seen so far this year.

BR #49 Jacques Greene by BOILER ROOM

Download the set via Itunes.

Hope you enjoy it!

Jacques Greene on LuckyMe
Jacques Greene on Nightslugs


Laid Back Sunday #25

Been some time since the last Laid Back Sunday, my bad. Don't worry, with summer around the corner we'll be on our A game. Tons of future projects in the making, including a brand new website ! WOOO

As for today's music, you know the deal, bunch of hip hop joints for you to chill zze fuck down. Sorry but I don't feel the need to describe the tunes posted today. They all deserve your attention & time. Have a great evening.

D-Tension - Pretty Little Whores feat. Vinnie Paz & Outerspace
Daa Bush Babes - S.O.S feat. Mos Def
Heltah Skeltah - Rock The World
The Firm - Phone Tap
Elephant Man - Five O (Remix) feat. Wyclef Jean

Video for The Firm - Phone Tap, very dope.

see you next time,