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Once again, the boys at Lookout Presents show their versatility when it comes to booking. This relatively young Montreal booking agency has brought a whole bevy of awesome artists to Montreal recently, and their upcoming show this Thursday, April 7th, is no different. Much respect to them, if only because they are taking chances and bringing eccentric (albeit talented) acts to our shores.

Tomorrow evening, Montreal is host to Austrian keyboard maestro Oliver Johnson, more commonly known as Dorian Concept. This Vienna-based producer is a classically trained pianist, and somewhat of a prodigy on the keys. Before you listen to the tune I've posted below, I'd actually recommend watching the two videos that I've posted of him improvising on a MicroKorg, and bodying the fuck out of it. These videos have made him something of a minor Youtube phenomenon (over 200 000 views on a few of them), and showcase his immense talent.

Crazy stuff, huh? Now imagine him doing that live, in the recently re-opened Zoobizarre (now CFC), which is essentially a small grotto that moonlights as a bar. It's one of Montreal's most unique venues, and will be the new hunting grounds for the Night Trackin' parties, as Velvet Speakeasy seems to have fallen out of favor with many a booking agency.

Dorian Concept- Vertical Output

Facebook event page

Thursday, April 7th
@ CFC (formerly Zoobizarre), 6388 St-Hubert


With DJ Support from:

Jacques Greene (Night Slugs, LuckyMe)
Joe Shabadu (LuckyMe, Bauce Networks)
Rilly Guilty (Lookout)
Seb Diamond (Night Trackin')

8$ pre-sale (Buy your tickets here)

The vibe and energy is probably going to be mesmerizing, to be honest. CFC is a tiny, intimate venue, which is perfect for Dorian Concept's brand of funky, jazzy electronic music. Couple that with sets by veteran Montreal DJs Rilly Guilty and Seb Diamond, LuckyMe's Joe Shabadu and rising-star Jacques Greene, and you're left with a night that can take you on a journey from the most esoteric ambient electronic music to the slinkiest, most sensual r&b, all within a few hours. If you tire of nosebleed electro or aggressive music in general, and want to just vibe out to some great sounds, then don't miss your chance to meet new people and enjoy life tomorrow evening.

As well, the all-mighty XLR8R dropped one of their famed podcasts yesterday, and coincidentally, they asked Dorian Concept to do it. If ever the two videos and the song I posted are not enough to convince you to go, then this mix sure will. It will definitely give you a good preview of what to expect at CFC tomorrow. I'll include the little blurb that came with the mix, if only because it really nails the vibe much better than I can.

As for this mix, it finds the classically trained Dorian Concept indulging his penchant for both jazzier, pastoral sounds and frenetic, herky-jerky beats paired with hyperactive, pitch-bent synths.

XLR8R Podcast Dorian Concept 2011 04 05 by singleservingaccount2

01 Dorian Concept "Thank You All the Time Forever" (Ninja Tune)
02 John Coltrane "Your Lady" (Impulse)
03 Africa Hitech "Light the Way" (Warp)
04 Machinedrum "gbye"
05 Sam Irl "Safety Hertz (Cid Rim Remix)" (Fresh Minute)
06 FaltyDL "Tell Them Stories" (Planet Mu)
07 Manitoba "Paul's Birthday" (Leaf)
08 Sixtus Preiss & The Clonious "Specimen from Springbing" (Affine)
09 Funboy "Time Hates You"
10 Dorian Concept "Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Live Version)

Have a great afternoon, and show the good boys at Lookout some love by checking out this dope show tomorrow evening. You won't be disappointed, I promise.


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  1. I love those synths! I also love this video of my boy jammin on the G2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O1iKYcUTTk