What a shitty day. Torrential downpour and bad moods.

As you may have noticed, we are lazy bastards. My good folks, I promise you massive amounts of updates in the near future!

Also, since I am typing this in the wee hours of the morning and since I am terribly fatigued and bored, you get the good ol' Three Word Review. Whoo.

Open Minds!- Abre tu Mente

Dominican Republic. Teenage Reggae Lite.

Nite Jewel- What did he say

United States. West Coast Cosmic.

Originalljudet- Limping Satie Melody

Sweden. Melancholic Experimental Piano.

Maggie Horn- Miss You

United States. Sultry Indie Serenade.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it.

See you tomorrow.



so warm outside can barely walk a block without sweating.

Today's post will be on today's hottest rap artist : B.O.B. This dude really deserves the fame he's getting recently. He's been coming out with steady quality music for the past 5 years. Even if his style now is way more "POP" then what it used to be, his shit is still kicking it.

I thought I'd share with you guys 3 of my favorite tracks off the 1st mixtape I downloaded from this guy. It was back in 2006 ; it had the infamous joint "haterz", which I am not going to post since it has been posted so many times. I prefer sharing the rare joints, yadigg ?

If you've never heard early B.O.B stuff, you're probably going to be surprised the fuck out. There is no cute love song, it's dirty rap lyrics with smashing basslines.

B.O.B - Hollywood ft. Playboy Tre
B.O.B - Heavy Breather ft. Playboy Tre
B.O.B - You Already Know ft. Young Cash

peace, enjoy