the lights are too bright

(Once again, respect to Liza Lacroix)

Well, the Dooze Jackers show was pretty awesome. Bynie and I hit Belmont last night, and we were pleasantly surprised. The opening djs were a bit too heavy on the bangers, though. Perhaps it's like that at all heavy electro shows, but I love it when people actually build a decent groove to allow the headliners to smash it. When you start playing heavy bpm "blog house" at 11 pm, people aren't going to be in the mood to dance as much when the headliner comes out. Then again, the average age at this show was pretty young, so maybe they've got more energy than me. People still looked like they were having a good time, so kudos to everyone who played.

Regardless, I was fucking smaaaaaaaaaashed. Those beans will be the death of me, man. Not much sleep + splitting headache = one of those days that I post laid-back tunes that I'm jamming to right now, with the lights off and the blinds closed. Oy vey. Too much dutch house in one night is to blame.


Coeur de Pirate- Place de la Republique (Live Rip)

A.J. Cattapan- Teeth

Blonde Redhead- Misery is a butterfly

Bran Van 3000- Call Me (I'll be around medley)



Not your first choice

Outkast ft Eightball & MJG- Throw Your Hands Up

This is an old classic, produced by Dungeon Family member Mr. DJ, who also produced many of Outkast's big hits (Ms Jackson, Art of Storytellin, B.O.B, The Whole World, and more). Given that we've had such a jaw-droppingly nice summer so far, I figured that unearthing this gem and sharing it with y'all would be the perfect complement to those afternoon BBQs and this great weather we all love. Everyone on the song brought their A-game, which is reflected in their amazing verses.

My only friend is a glock with the 4-5/ 4-5 in the mornin it don't stop/ daydreamin bout flossin a drop top/ blue lights snap me back to reality/ I hit the alley quick and toss what I got on me

Drop The Lime- Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)

I still have not gotten tired of Moombahton, strangely enough. This is a recent edit by Portland's Doc Adam. He smashes East Flatbush Project's Tried By 12 into one of the summer's biggest hits, Drop the Lime's huge Sex Sax, and makes some magic. Most Moombahton, of course, is just sloppily slowed down and pitched down dutch house, but Doc Adam's take on the whole trend is quite well done. Of course, I really like Sex Sax, so maybe I'm just biased. Regardless, this is a dope edit.

Stephen Marley ft Damian Marley & Buju Banton- Traffic Jam

Nothing says summer and sunshine like reggae music. I've been guilty of just uploading 2-3 year old tracks recently, but whatever. I'm a humongous fan of Junior Gong, and this is one of his best tunes, in my opinion. The beatboxing and thumping bass match the Marley brothers' effortlessly cool rhymes, and Buju Banton closes it off by(as usual) bigging up the 'erb. A solid mix of laid back vibes and great production.

I figured that I'd leave you guys with the videos for the original mix of Sex Sax, and for Traffic Jam. Drop the Lime's Sex Sax is chock full of cameos from minor New York celebrities like 77klash, Telli from Ninjasonik, Catchdubs and features Dirty South Joe as the mystery saxophone player. I, for one, really dig the look of the video, even if Drop the Lime does look a bit goofy doin' his little shuffle. As for the Traffic Jam video, well, it oozes Rastafarian swagger. One of my favorite videos, although it is a shame that they left Buju out of the video.

- Matt


Canadian Club Crunchers vol 1

Today's post will focus on a few Canadian artists, one that I've posted about before, and the others that deserve recognition because of the big moves they are making. Actually, given that the music scene in Canada is so unbelievably dope, I will be running a weekly segment called Canadian Club Crunchers to bring some of that talent to you. We've also included their respective myspace, facebook and soundcloud pages, just in case you guys want to keep tabs on them, become a fan, or just tell them how much you dig their shit. You can google their twitter as well, if you're so inclined.

If you guys know of any artists you think deserve mentioning on this segment, just hit us up at the usual place. On with the show.

Dooze Jackers (Montreal)

We've already posted about talented Montreal duo Dooze Jackers in the past, but they have been killin' it recently, so another mention was inevitable. DPV & Techjio have recently released two great EPs, Got Line!, on Rogue Records, which I mentioned in the previous post, and one called We Love Moogie, on DJs Are Not Rockstars. We love Moogie is one hell of an anthem, a pounding electro-house anthem that's sure to get massive amounts of love. Actually, if I can remember correctly, Canblaster's remix of that song got onto one of Brodinski's monthly charts, which is amazing.

I hit the guys up today, and they said that they were working on a BSBTRGDCLUB remix, which should be dope, and reminded me that their 'Got Line!' release party is this friday at Belmont Bar on St-Laurent. I have yet to see them live, so I'll report back on how it was. By the look of the video he included of the We Love Moogie party, it shouldn't dissapoint. Oh yeah, and by the way, here's a snippet of the new Kid Kaio remix of their upcoming track Zoo. Big Tings, Dooze Jackers, big tings. Their recent foray into the Dutch House style is bound to produce some quality shit.

Dooze Jackers - Zoo (Kid Kaio Remix) by Kid Kaio

Nujax- Beat Gon' Boom (Dooze Jackers remix)

Dooze Jackers' July 2010 Beatport Chart

Jokers of the Scene (Ottawa)

Ottawa's greatest and apparently only DJs (seriously, who else comes from Ottawa? I can't think of anyone) have been literally obliterating dancefloors for quite some time. Jokers of The Scene were some of the first signees to Nick Catchdubs & A-Trak's Fool's Gold label, and I distinctly remember seeing them at the first Fool's Gold showcase w/ Kid Sister, Mehdi, Kavinsky, A-Trak,etc. These dudes are the kings of hard hitting rave music, and conveniently switch up their style on every remix. They go from creeping excursions into house to straight-out bash your head against the wall electro. No matter the genre, these guys master it and create some of the most memorable synth lines you'll hear this year. Oh yeah, I hear they throw great parties, too. The first song I posted is a recently released Video Edit for their new single Revolting Joks.

These dudes are always scarily on point when it comes to chosing visuals. I'm pretty sure Dust La Rock does most of their promotional artwork (as per the usual for Fool's Gold releases), but nevertheless, I always seem to remember the art that comes with JOTS stuff. They're actually holding a contest in collaboration with Fader Magazine to see who can make the best video for Revolting Joks. I dig the fact that they encourage fan participation, and hope they pick something dope. If you are artistically inclined, head over to THE FADER to get all the necessary info.

Jokers of the Scene- Revolting Joks (Video Edit)
Boy 8 Bit- Wolfen (Jokers of the Scene remix)


Nacho Lovers (Toronto)

Last but definitely not least is Toronto's masters of house and techno, the gargantuan talent known as Nacho Lovers. This duo crafts amazingly smooth tunes that bring you back to the basics. Their tunes all share a certain "sensual/smooth/groovy" (for lack of a better expression, I suppose) feel, a sort of throwback to the finer virtues of electronic club music. They've got that "eyes closed, hands in the air" vibe down to a tee, and I am a big fan. I've yet to hear anything I haven't liked from these guys, but if you're into gratingly aggressive electro, this probably isn't your bag. Not to say it won't get you moving though; their baby-makin' deep house anthems are perfect for any after-hours rave as well. Expect the birth rate to go up in any city that Nacho Lovers go through, though. (Interesting fact: The first song of theirs that I'm posting is actually what inspired Dave Nada to create Moombahton. Get with it.)

Style of Eye- The Big Kazoo (Nacho Lovers Limb by Limb edit)
Nacho Lovers- Acid Life


Support local talent!

/waaaaaay too much text, but deal with it. I'm inspired.

Avenge The Virgins


bangers n' mash

this weekend was a total abuse of the good things, we got crunk as wild rabbits.

I always have a hard-on for banger electro. The kind of sound that makes you want tear shit up. The 2 songs here respond very well to my likings.

Fatboy Slim ft. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch, Right Now (Horse Got Smacked Edit)
1st joint remixed/mashup(yes i know mashup, eeeewwwww right, but this one passes the test). Remixed by some guy i randomly found on soundcloud. Cant really find any of his other stuff on the interweb but im sure we'll figure it out when this track starts mindfucking people on hypem.

Fantastadon - Fantasdonculous
This one has pretty much the same beat all over the 5minutes but fuck, its great. I be swingin' my head all night on this track. From Boston, this young producer delivers. Raw sound.

see you next time with some chill hip hop, back to the lyrics mang

have a great evening yall