bangers n' mash

this weekend was a total abuse of the good things, we got crunk as wild rabbits.

I always have a hard-on for banger electro. The kind of sound that makes you want tear shit up. The 2 songs here respond very well to my likings.

Fatboy Slim ft. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch, Right Now (Horse Got Smacked Edit)
1st joint remixed/mashup(yes i know mashup, eeeewwwww right, but this one passes the test). Remixed by some guy i randomly found on soundcloud. Cant really find any of his other stuff on the interweb but im sure we'll figure it out when this track starts mindfucking people on hypem.

Fantastadon - Fantasdonculous
This one has pretty much the same beat all over the 5minutes but fuck, its great. I be swingin' my head all night on this track. From Boston, this young producer delivers. Raw sound.

see you next time with some chill hip hop, back to the lyrics mang

have a great evening yall

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  1. hey guys its horse here, thanks for posting my track here is a link to my soundcloud page with download links ;) http://soundcloud.com/horspool76