the lights are too bright

(Once again, respect to Liza Lacroix)

Well, the Dooze Jackers show was pretty awesome. Bynie and I hit Belmont last night, and we were pleasantly surprised. The opening djs were a bit too heavy on the bangers, though. Perhaps it's like that at all heavy electro shows, but I love it when people actually build a decent groove to allow the headliners to smash it. When you start playing heavy bpm "blog house" at 11 pm, people aren't going to be in the mood to dance as much when the headliner comes out. Then again, the average age at this show was pretty young, so maybe they've got more energy than me. People still looked like they were having a good time, so kudos to everyone who played.

Regardless, I was fucking smaaaaaaaaaashed. Those beans will be the death of me, man. Not much sleep + splitting headache = one of those days that I post laid-back tunes that I'm jamming to right now, with the lights off and the blinds closed. Oy vey. Too much dutch house in one night is to blame.


Coeur de Pirate- Place de la Republique (Live Rip)

A.J. Cattapan- Teeth

Blonde Redhead- Misery is a butterfly

Bran Van 3000- Call Me (I'll be around medley)


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  1. DJs who don't know how to match their tunes to the time/atmosphere of a club, heard.