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Outkast ft Eightball & MJG- Throw Your Hands Up

This is an old classic, produced by Dungeon Family member Mr. DJ, who also produced many of Outkast's big hits (Ms Jackson, Art of Storytellin, B.O.B, The Whole World, and more). Given that we've had such a jaw-droppingly nice summer so far, I figured that unearthing this gem and sharing it with y'all would be the perfect complement to those afternoon BBQs and this great weather we all love. Everyone on the song brought their A-game, which is reflected in their amazing verses.

My only friend is a glock with the 4-5/ 4-5 in the mornin it don't stop/ daydreamin bout flossin a drop top/ blue lights snap me back to reality/ I hit the alley quick and toss what I got on me

Drop The Lime- Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)

I still have not gotten tired of Moombahton, strangely enough. This is a recent edit by Portland's Doc Adam. He smashes East Flatbush Project's Tried By 12 into one of the summer's biggest hits, Drop the Lime's huge Sex Sax, and makes some magic. Most Moombahton, of course, is just sloppily slowed down and pitched down dutch house, but Doc Adam's take on the whole trend is quite well done. Of course, I really like Sex Sax, so maybe I'm just biased. Regardless, this is a dope edit.

Stephen Marley ft Damian Marley & Buju Banton- Traffic Jam

Nothing says summer and sunshine like reggae music. I've been guilty of just uploading 2-3 year old tracks recently, but whatever. I'm a humongous fan of Junior Gong, and this is one of his best tunes, in my opinion. The beatboxing and thumping bass match the Marley brothers' effortlessly cool rhymes, and Buju Banton closes it off by(as usual) bigging up the 'erb. A solid mix of laid back vibes and great production.

I figured that I'd leave you guys with the videos for the original mix of Sex Sax, and for Traffic Jam. Drop the Lime's Sex Sax is chock full of cameos from minor New York celebrities like 77klash, Telli from Ninjasonik, Catchdubs and features Dirty South Joe as the mystery saxophone player. I, for one, really dig the look of the video, even if Drop the Lime does look a bit goofy doin' his little shuffle. As for the Traffic Jam video, well, it oozes Rastafarian swagger. One of my favorite videos, although it is a shame that they left Buju out of the video.

- Matt

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