Welcome Back To The Jungle

Please go SHAG something!

I'm still on that weird tribal house this weekend, even though I'm feeling less than tropical with the recent snow.

It's all about Club Cheval people, I recall Brig mentioning Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, & Canblaster in the past. These kids are completely insane and they produce the theme music to their insanity. The song itself gives me the impression I'm assisting some Jamaican war march. The drum goes hard. Brap Brap Brap  
Ah I just love me some Southern Fried music in the daytime, or nighttime, pretty much anytime. Malente delivers an amazing EP full of tribal house madness called Tarzan Boys. Everything is on point, but my favorite along with "Afrikan Boogie" is "Escape of the Zan".

Wicked release here on Palms Out. The whole thing consists of three massive house tracks each remixed by the finest, most talented and most innovative minds of tropical bass at the moment; Lol Boys, Brenmar & Melé. There isn't a single song in here which wouldn't tear the roof off a party.

Not really tribal nor house, but was feeling this reggae tune.



Stay Nasty

Seems like it's time today for my once a week post. I seriously have no idea what miserable state the blog would be in right now if Calibar and Mr. MDMA weren't at their best.

Tonight in Montreal you'll be able to find Dirty Nasty at Club Entourage. Should be somewhat amusing if I find myself some people to hit it with.

Dirt Nasty - 1980
First thing I ever heard of Dirt Nasty from back in the good days. Having lived a decent 22 days in the 80s, I can totally relate to this song. From what I can tell the 80s was pretty much all about cocaine, gold chains, more cocaine and chilling with Alf. Pretty boss if you ask me.

Mickey Avalon Ft. Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy - My Dick
If you haven't heard this song, you probably haven't seen Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and probably have no fun in your life. So sorry. This song is somewhat like "What's the Difference Between Me and You", but all about dicks... no homo

Pittsburgh Slim Ft. Dirt Nasty & Rare Formula - Popular With the Ladies
More whiteboys rapping about nonsense. Pretty much jokes, but I find it entertaining like the rest of his stuff. Sampling Calving Harris' "Acceptable in the 80s" creates a nice groove. Oh and can I add recurring theme? It's really all about the 80s baby.


Atlantic Conveyor - Nasty Things  
Sticking to today's theme, this song needs exposure!

Stay Nasty



Son Of Kick

Landed on this UK based group some time ago. Pure awesomeness to the core, they deliver a raw sound mainly composed of dubstep, drum n bass, electro, hip-hop, and whatever you could call it. They're getting more & more attention recently which is good considering the quality of sound they're putting out there. I decided to share 3 songs that really show how diversify their style can be. Hope you enjoy, all 320kbs btw.

Son Of Kick - Bad Groove feat. Jaggae and Two Tokez
This one is an anthem. I feel like screaming this shit while running in the jungle.

You really have to watch the video 1st for this one. They teamed up with 3 talented french emcee. Grems is a track wrecker, his style is crazy.
Son Of Kick - Guacha Rekix Original Mix

Last song is more on the dubstep side of things.
Son Of Kick feat. Arabyrd - Byrdkick (S.O.K 4KL Remix)

hasta la proxima




I'm working in an hour and a half, so I don't have a lot of time to write huge, thought-out descriptions. Here's a bunch of awesome songs, with a few words. Sorry about the hasty posting, I gotta run!

The Decemberists- Here I dreamt I was an architect

One of the first indie rock bands that I ever listened to. The album that this is taken from,Castaways and Cutouts, has a special place in my heart, if only because of that. Sweet, romantic & literate swashbuckling pop music.


Z-Ro - Mo City Don

Z-Ro has one of the Houston rap scene's most recognizable voices. His gravelly drawl and depressive lyrics make him a very unique figure in rap. It's not emo at all, but it ain't exactly your typical Houston hip-hop either. Cocaine Blunts used to run a weekly feature on Z-Ro and all of his classic tunes. Check out their archives if this tune gives you an inkling for finding more of his amazing material.


Jacques Greene- Sorted

Jacques Greene is a 20 year old producer from our very own hometown of Montreal. I had never heard of him until I saw a video of him and Lunice rockin a spaced-out Lil B set. Since then, I've heard his name mentioned almost everywhere. He produces proper house music, with an emphasis on deep bass, fantastic percussion and great synth lines, which explains why he has gotten picked up by two of the most forward thinking record labels out there. LuckyMe, Hudson Mohawke's label, signed his tune The Look, and Night Slugs, who are no stranger around these parts, are releasing the AMAZING (Baby I don't know) What you Want. Keep your eye out for this talented producer, his notoriety has only just begun to take the electronic world by storm. Oh, and this tune was released when he reached 303 followers on twitter. Fitting, no?


Azari & III- Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar remix)

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Azari & III. Their new release on Turbo, Into the Night, is a deeply sensual, diva-esque night-time anthem, as per the usual with them. I've included the video below for your viewing pleasure, and I'd like to present to you a remix by one of techno's finest rising stars. Nicolas Jaar was born in NY, but moved to Santiago de Chile at a young age. When he returned to New York, he discovered Ricardo Villalobos & Tiga, and started producing soon thereafter. His first release was at the tender age of 14, and now, at the age of 19, Nicolas Jaar is known as one of techno's finest talents. In this instance, he warps Into The Night to make it become a melancholic serenade, heavily relying on the sounds of a piano. Amazing.


Torro Torro- Knockin Boots

Oh shit, I'm running really late. Got carried away with the descriptions! Torro Torro is high-quality Torontonian electro house! Awesome stuff! Hope you dig!




Genius meets Octopus

Credit goes to Innes McDougall for the painting

Today's post will be featuring some underground acts that I've recently stumbled upon. They all have something in common : good FREE music produced for the real hip hop fans out there. Oh and did I forget to say their albums are all FREE ?. ----> dope

Nezbeat & Joe Good - Sky High
This cat comes to us from the mid-west, Kansas to be exact. His name is Nezbeat and has been out there doing his thing for quite some time. This track is off a pre-released EP to promote his upcoming collabo project with a guy named Joe Good. The album is supposed to drop next month, free of charge, 320 baby.

Seing Suge - Breaking
This track was released quite some time ago. Been featured by a bunch of blog compared to the rest of the shit shared here but that spacy instrumental got me hooked. The flow fits perfectly over the beat. This album is a collabo by artists : Emay, Star Slinger & Black Bird. Take a seat and chill.

Incise - Tock (Remix ft. The Stereotypes)
Remember a week or 2 ago, I posted a song by a guy named SoulChef? Well this guy is on a record label called Kitchen Dip Records and being the curious man that I am, I've decided to check out the other artists on the label. Discovered a dude named "Incise" which is actually one of the people who started the label. Cool beat. If you dig the vibe here's the full album.

If you like the artists featured above make sure to hit their facebook or whatever and let them know you like their sound. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear some feedback.




Let Me Know

Being an avid hip hop thugga like me, you gotta love talented instrumental producers. Decided to introduce you to 1 of my favorites named Onra.

Onra, a French beatmaker based out of Paris is well known for his use of original samples. Especially for his album called "Chinoiseries" he took some random Chinese sounds/songs and sampled the shit out of it to deliver a fresh and unique style of music. Time to get your notepads out and spit some lyrics over these beats.

2 beats from Chinoiseries
Onra - Dark Sea
Onra - Relax In Mui Ne

1 from an other album he did with his friend called Quetzal
Onra - Don't

hope you dig the vibe



spy vs spy

All respect due to Johnathan Koshi for the image

Sheeqo Beat- No Pares (Sheeqo Beat Madness 3Ball Mix)

3ball is an insane Mexican genre that I only recently came upon. I kind of think it sounds like some post-apocalyptic tribal x dancehall x guarachero x cumbia jumble of a track. Consider my mind blown. Need to find some more of this stuff. [Edit: Looked into it a bit more, it seems that 3ball = tribal, which is just another name for tribal guarachero. Dope stuff nonetheless]

Gesaffelstein- A Lost Era

Turbo Records' newest release. Seriously amazing 9 minute excursion into the depths of techno and tech house by a talented French producer. Buy the high quality version and the rest of the EP on Beatport.

Ricky Blaze ft Tony Matterhorn & Elephant Man- Cut dem off (remix)

A dancehall banger. A few years old, but still great.

Stiff Little Fingers performing Alternative Ulster in 1980. Great Irish Punk band that are still goin' at it.

Big ups to Fake Shore Drive. He tracked down all the samples used in Kanye's new album, and put them into a .zip for your listening pleasure. Check that out here.

See you tomorrow.


Laid Back Sunday #11

Once again providing some classic beats for you to enjoy your Sunday evening a bit more.

Bama Boyz - Sweet Home Alabama
This Alabama born & raised trio was well known back in the days for producing remixes for girl acts such as Beyonce, Destiny's Child and all that kind of shit. They still created some tunes of their own. For a certain reason, this one, with the sweet home alabama steeze, can stay stuck in my head for hours. Cheesy beat & lyrics but whatever man

The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny (Feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli)
The Coup has been doing their thing since 1991. They make political/activist hiphop with somewhat of a "The Roots" style. Raw drums and funky bass are part of their arsenal. I once saw them performing live in Whistler, very energetic group. The track here features Black Thought from The Roots and Talib Kweli. This one is a classic, no doubt about that.

J Dilla - Reality TV (feat. Black Thought)
This song is off the latest J Dilla album. I thought this track really stood out of the rest. Black Thought is one sick emcee. Crazy flow with head-slapping lyrics.