Welcome Back To The Jungle

Please go SHAG something!

I'm still on that weird tribal house this weekend, even though I'm feeling less than tropical with the recent snow.

It's all about Club Cheval people, I recall Brig mentioning Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, & Canblaster in the past. These kids are completely insane and they produce the theme music to their insanity. The song itself gives me the impression I'm assisting some Jamaican war march. The drum goes hard. Brap Brap Brap  
Ah I just love me some Southern Fried music in the daytime, or nighttime, pretty much anytime. Malente delivers an amazing EP full of tribal house madness called Tarzan Boys. Everything is on point, but my favorite along with "Afrikan Boogie" is "Escape of the Zan".

Wicked release here on Palms Out. The whole thing consists of three massive house tracks each remixed by the finest, most talented and most innovative minds of tropical bass at the moment; Lol Boys, Brenmar & Melé. There isn't a single song in here which wouldn't tear the roof off a party.

Not really tribal nor house, but was feeling this reggae tune.


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