I'm working in an hour and a half, so I don't have a lot of time to write huge, thought-out descriptions. Here's a bunch of awesome songs, with a few words. Sorry about the hasty posting, I gotta run!

The Decemberists- Here I dreamt I was an architect

One of the first indie rock bands that I ever listened to. The album that this is taken from,Castaways and Cutouts, has a special place in my heart, if only because of that. Sweet, romantic & literate swashbuckling pop music.


Z-Ro - Mo City Don

Z-Ro has one of the Houston rap scene's most recognizable voices. His gravelly drawl and depressive lyrics make him a very unique figure in rap. It's not emo at all, but it ain't exactly your typical Houston hip-hop either. Cocaine Blunts used to run a weekly feature on Z-Ro and all of his classic tunes. Check out their archives if this tune gives you an inkling for finding more of his amazing material.


Jacques Greene- Sorted

Jacques Greene is a 20 year old producer from our very own hometown of Montreal. I had never heard of him until I saw a video of him and Lunice rockin a spaced-out Lil B set. Since then, I've heard his name mentioned almost everywhere. He produces proper house music, with an emphasis on deep bass, fantastic percussion and great synth lines, which explains why he has gotten picked up by two of the most forward thinking record labels out there. LuckyMe, Hudson Mohawke's label, signed his tune The Look, and Night Slugs, who are no stranger around these parts, are releasing the AMAZING (Baby I don't know) What you Want. Keep your eye out for this talented producer, his notoriety has only just begun to take the electronic world by storm. Oh, and this tune was released when he reached 303 followers on twitter. Fitting, no?


Azari & III- Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar remix)

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Azari & III. Their new release on Turbo, Into the Night, is a deeply sensual, diva-esque night-time anthem, as per the usual with them. I've included the video below for your viewing pleasure, and I'd like to present to you a remix by one of techno's finest rising stars. Nicolas Jaar was born in NY, but moved to Santiago de Chile at a young age. When he returned to New York, he discovered Ricardo Villalobos & Tiga, and started producing soon thereafter. His first release was at the tender age of 14, and now, at the age of 19, Nicolas Jaar is known as one of techno's finest talents. In this instance, he warps Into The Night to make it become a melancholic serenade, heavily relying on the sounds of a piano. Amazing.


Torro Torro- Knockin Boots

Oh shit, I'm running really late. Got carried away with the descriptions! Torro Torro is high-quality Torontonian electro house! Awesome stuff! Hope you dig!




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