Genius meets Octopus

Credit goes to Innes McDougall for the painting

Today's post will be featuring some underground acts that I've recently stumbled upon. They all have something in common : good FREE music produced for the real hip hop fans out there. Oh and did I forget to say their albums are all FREE ?. ----> dope

Nezbeat & Joe Good - Sky High
This cat comes to us from the mid-west, Kansas to be exact. His name is Nezbeat and has been out there doing his thing for quite some time. This track is off a pre-released EP to promote his upcoming collabo project with a guy named Joe Good. The album is supposed to drop next month, free of charge, 320 baby.

Seing Suge - Breaking
This track was released quite some time ago. Been featured by a bunch of blog compared to the rest of the shit shared here but that spacy instrumental got me hooked. The flow fits perfectly over the beat. This album is a collabo by artists : Emay, Star Slinger & Black Bird. Take a seat and chill.

Incise - Tock (Remix ft. The Stereotypes)
Remember a week or 2 ago, I posted a song by a guy named SoulChef? Well this guy is on a record label called Kitchen Dip Records and being the curious man that I am, I've decided to check out the other artists on the label. Discovered a dude named "Incise" which is actually one of the people who started the label. Cool beat. If you dig the vibe here's the full album.

If you like the artists featured above make sure to hit their facebook or whatever and let them know you like their sound. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear some feedback.




  1. Wow incise sounds exactly like 6th Sense

  2. Thanks for the support.

  3. We appreciate the good look on the Good Hair "Sky High" track... We'll be sure to lace you with the rest of the album when it drops... Thanks for the support.

    Dekagon Records