Omari Shakir- Nonchalant

xo gang til we overdose

Omari Shakir is an artist out of Toronto who is part of Abel Tesfaye's xo collective. Not quite The Weeknd, but the vibes are similar. Codeine, Courvoisier and chronic runnin' through the veins.

Omari Shakir- Nonchalant

Have yourselves a good evening, my friends.



Me Gusta

As promised, here is the short feature on San Jose beatsmiths Me Gusta, a supremely talented duo that are releasing some of the finest instrumental hip-hop in recent memory.

Me Gusta- I'm Getting $$$

Sean Paul Richards & Dominic Lopez first started collaborating in 2008, and shortly thereafter started releasing beats as Me Gusta. The California sun and demeanor can definitely be felt in all of their productions. Hazy chops, blunted-out basslines and random samples are masterfully mixed together by the duo. They've released most of their tunes for free on their soundcloud and bandcamp pages, so you should definitly bookmark them if you dig the vibes.

Me Gusta- Her

I've definitely become a pretty big fan of theirs over the past few months, for obvious reasons. From weeded-out videogame-sampling anthems to speaker-rattling hip-hop jams, Me Gusta always brings the heat. Hope you dig it.

Me Gusta- My Broad



Bongiovanni- Know A Thing Or 2

Bongiovanni- Know A Thing Or 2

Damn, this dude is on fire. Another phenomenal track from Montreal producer Bongiovanni, part of the Booty Bakery crew. After releasing his fantastic edit of My Love a few weeks ago, Bongiovanni is back with another heater.

Know a Thing Or 2 is pretty much the distillation of pitched passionate perfection. Laid-back, smokey vibes are the flavour of the day.

From what I've heard of this dude's production so far, he definitely has a promising path ahead of him. Show some love to Montreal's underground.