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Once again, all respect due to Liza Lacroix.

I'll keep it rather short this afternoon. I know how busy you guys are.

Damu - LED (Jim-E Stack Remix) by JIM-E STACK

This is a brand new Jim-E Stack remix, so hot off the presses you can see the fumes. This San Francisco-born, New Orleans-based producer is definitely starting off 2011 on the right foot, with a slew of dope originals and remixes in the works. He even made an exclusive new mix for The Fader, which is all sorts of dope. They call it "manic, subversive, renegade, really young", and you can grab it at the end of the post if you so desire.

To be honest, I have no fucking clue what to call his music besides club music, but that's quite alright. Jim-E Stack's productions transcend genres, but have a metric ton of swagger as their common trait. This might be my favorite remix of his so far, as well. He warps Damu's futuristic UK Funky monster into a tornado of tribal rhythm, futuristic synth lines, progressive house energy and a bizarre sample that sounds like someone pulling their cheek. Fuck yeah. I've been listening to it on repeat for the past hour, raving alone in my room with the volume and the bass cranked up. So rad. Jim-E-Stack will blow up in 2011, mark my words.


Jamie Foxx- Fall for your type(Brenmar remix)

Brenmar is the don of club music at the moment. He's probably one of the artists we've posted about the most on Avenge The Virgins, for a damn good reason. He's a forward-thinking, innovative producer and DJ, and has released a crapload of high quality originals and remixes (Rihanna, NGUZUNGUZU, Cassie, Teengirl Fantasy and more) in the past year that have gotten airplay from tons of DJs.

The original Fall For Your Type is a personal fave, but Brenmar does it justice. And by that I mean that his remix is better than the original, and I can't help thinking that Brenmar needs to start working with vocalists, pronto. He's got a great handle on the r&b steez, I think. This is sexy, champagne-soaked music to procreate to.


Reminder for Montreal peeps: Brenmar is playing at Blue Dog Motel tonight. Pure vibes til' the early morn.

Luther Vandross- If only for one night

Perfect. There's nothing quite like great soul music to set the mood. Luther will be forever known as a boss. If, like me, you were born in the eighties, you might have been a by-product of Luther Vandross' panty-peeling voice. Actually, that's pretty unsettling. This is grown folk music.

Erick Rincon & Sheeqo Beat- Kink

J'adore 3ball aka Trival Guarachero aka Trival aka the sound of the future. More on that next week. Monterrey stay up.

Erick Rincon soundcloud
Sheeqo Beat soundcloud

Here's the aforementioned Jim-E Stack mix, and a few videos to distract you until our next post.

Mix 4 The Fader by JIM-E STACK

Enjoy the weekend.



Best of the Rest vol 2

Thanks for joining us for the second edition of my weekly segment, Best of the Rest, which features my five favorite submissions that we receive in the ATV inbox. It's quite tiring to go through everything, but this week, we were blessed with a very high number of great submissions. But, I had to pick 5, so here you go.

1. Coda (UK)

Coda- Jah Victory

Coda is a "live" dubstep outfit out of the UK, a group of musicians and DJs that collaborate together to make phenomenal tunes. The group includes a talented trombone player who adds an intruiging element to their productions. Deep, powerful brass and sub-bass are a mix made in heaven. Of course, it is somewhat heavy on the typical wobble sounds that most modern dubstep is known for, and they throw in a sample of Benga & Coki's Night, but I enjoy how haunting and epic it sounds. Their upcoming EP Breach is pretty neat, so keep an eye out for that if you dig the style.


2. Daniel Klauser (Chile)

Zonora & Douster- Dame Yerba (Daniel Klauser remix)

Daniel Klauser is a 20 year old Chilean producer who has been sending us stuff for a minute. He classifies this remix of Dame Yerba as Moombahswag, which I must agree is pretty damn accurate. The original, which is part of a really dope collabo between French talent Douster and Chilean MC Zonora, gets the Moombahton treatment, and the result is pretty dope. Klauser turns down the BPMs and cranks up the swag into the red. You know you've got a hit when you feature the sound of dropping coins, guns being cocked, traditional Andean rhythms and smooth raps en espanol, all in one tune.


3. Arcade Discoforgia (Italy)

Sleigh Bells- Run The Heart (Discoforgia remix)

I'm a huge fan of Sleigh Bells, so when I saw a remix of Run The Heart in the inbox this morning, I was definitely interested. Bassnectar has dropped a pretty huge remix of this same track, but this one stacks up pretty well. I really dig how Arcade Discoforgia chopped it up and turned the original's crunchy & sludgy pace into a really upbeat disco banger. This is definitely the most club-friendly version of the tune I've heard yet. Discoforgia's productions are usually on the frantic, high energy disco tip, so if you're into that kind of sound, show him a bit of love. The Ting Tings remix on his soundcloud is pretty sweet, too.


4. Dresscode (France)

Family of the Year- Psyche Or Like Scope (Dresscode remix)

Here's my monthly reminder: shit is popping off in Reims, France. There's a huge gathering of talent there, and this housy refix of a tune by Californian group Family of the Year by pop duo Dresscode only adds to my appreciation of the Reims scene. To be honest, the remix is rather simple, but it allowed me to explore their past productions on their soundcloud, and they've definitely got a special vibe. Having fellow Reims' producers Art Nouveau as one of your followers can't be a bad thing either. Dresscode makes awesomely earnest Indie/Electro pop music that's sure to make you smile and groove. Their songs make me want to smoke Gauloise cigs and drink cheap wine with a pretty French girl in a park. To be honest, if your music evokes those kind of feelings in me, I'm converted to your cause. Check out their soundcloud for a lot of dope originals and remixes.


5. Pearson Sound (UK)

David's Lyre- In Arms (Pearson Sound remix)

This is a brand new remix from Pearson Sound, one of David Kennedy's , a.k.a Ramadanman, aliases. Usually, I like to shine a bit more light on somewhat unknown producers in this segment, but what the hell. My obsession with UK Bass music has reached epidemic proportions recently, so I could not resist. Ramadanman is usually known for his booty shaking juke-influenced bass sound, but this new remix shows his versatility. Kennedy uses the sexy synth sounds, David Lyre's ethereal vocals and the muted claps to great effect. Dope stuff.


Hope you've enjoyed today's post.

Take it easy, everyone.



l'estomac plein

Today's post is going to be jam-packed with stuff, mainly because I haven't posted in a while. You know how I get when I haven't posted. I write a short novel and force dope tunes down your throat. You should be getting used to it by now.

Seriously, this post is probably going to take up half of the fucking page, but whatever. Dig it. A few of these tunes probably aren't even going to show up on the ol' hype machine feed, which blows (as it's good promo), but what can you do. If you enjoy the tunes, please pass them around.

Egyptrixx- Liberation Front

The first tune of the day is an amazing techno bomb by Night Slugs' Canadian fam, the great Egyptrixx. He dropped this at Igloofest 2 weeks ago, and the place went nuuuuuts. There's nothing quite like to dancing to dark bass music at 30 below zero, while going wild with 6000 other crazy people. Igloofest is over, but there's always 2012. If you live on the East Coast, try to hit this outdoor rave next year, I guarantee you won't regret it. (And if the Mayans are right, it might be your last chance haha) I've only been going for the past 3 years, but it's an unforgettable experience every time.

Stranger Day- Moonwalking on the sun (Produced by Emynd)

Yet another banger. Once again, Philly producer Emynd collaborates with Stranger Day and they cook up another heater of a tune. Stranger Day spits his trademark "barstool bounce" rhymes over a high-octane rework of The Clash's London Calling. No one really spits laid-back shit quite like the homie Stranger Day, and I'm a big fan of the steez. He's definitely in his own lane musically, and his choice of beats has been really top-notch recently. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ideal soundtrack to getting faded. Smooth party music, to put it simply. Keep an eye out for this dude, he'll definitely be blowing up sooner rather than later.

D.O.K- Chemical Planet (Bombé remix)

Bombé is another artist that has gotten love on Avenge The Virgins before. I am a big fan of his brand of percussive tropical 2step bass, and I keep looking forward to him hitting us up with new tunes. He's got an EP coming out in the spring, which we will waiting for impatiently, but to satisfy your hunger, he recently dropped this remix of the huge Chemical Planet by grime producer D.O.K. He reworks this Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sampling tune into a fierce tune that pounds you in the chest. While a few of his past productions have been more on the trippy, almost spacey tip, (still great, but not necessarily party tunes) this one is firmly anchored in the club. Rad stuff, my man. You've done it again.

The following song has been getting massive amounts of hype on the internet for the past month. Called "Sicko Cell", it has been rinsed in sets by Oneman, James Blake, Melé, and many others. So far, the producer of the track has remained anonymous, and predictably, people are rabidly trying to identify the man behind the magic. Personally, I'm thinking Joy Orbison, but Loefah, James Blake, Bok Bok, Ramadanman are a few of the names that have been suggested. Regardless, it's a dope tune that I can't wait to get, but I've looked into it a bit and found the song that samples the infamous line "I'm the information. Cocaine Powder".

Page ft Drake- I'm Still Fly (T-MAC x Burial remix)

This is a spacey and trippy re-edit of the original tune, a nice alterative to the rather thin-sounding Toronto rap club banger. Whoever produced Sicko Cell is definitely basking in the huge amount of anticipation surrounding this sure-to-be Top record of 2011. Pretty random sampling choice, but I ain't mad at it at all.

Tambor Urbano & Un Solo Pueblo- le ole ole le ole ola(LOL Boys edit)

I've been a huge fan of LOL Boys ever since I heard their blend of Ice Cream Paint Job on the hollerboard many moons ago. Since then, we've posted their tunes & remixes quite often on ATV, and have even done a feature on them, as part of my defunct Broaden Your Horizons segment. Markus G, one half of the group, now resides in Montreal and is definitely becoming known as a must-see DJ in the local scene. While I have yet to see both him and Jerome, the other LOL Boy, DJ together, Markus is definitely very capable on the decks. He used to throw a monthly called Footworkin at Blizzarts, but now he organizes BOOMCLAP, which is a weekly party that he, Nick from Indecent Xposure & Sinjin Hawke of Nujax put on at Blue Dog Motel.

(This week's edition features personal fave Brenmar!) They've already brought Samo Sound Boy, and threw a #based party featuring a tag-team of Jacques Greene & Lunice. Boomclap is definitely Montreal's hottest new night. This friday will be the first time I attend, and I'm pretty stoked.

Regardless, one of the dopest things about Markus' sets is that he always tosses in at least one or two edits that sample latin music, like a 3-ball edit or something. Therefore, it was nice to see this edit of Venezuelan musicians Un Solo Pueblo and Tambor Urbano pop up on their soundcloud a little while ago. A hell of a lot of bass, frantic percussion & chanting combine to make a fantastic edit. They've also remixed ATV fam Grown Folk's massive tune Steady Movin', which was featured on Sound Pellegrino's podcast 2 weeks ago. (See, we mentioned it again. It takes two seconds to download the podcast, get to it.)

But wait, there's more!

In other big news, the second edition of FREE GUCCI has dropped via Mad Decent. As you may remember, Diplo presented the first one, where he invited a bunch of his favorite producers to remix Gucci Mane tracks. The first edition featured dope-ass remixes from the likes of Emynd, Zomby, Douster, Flying Lotus and of course Diplo himself. The reaction to this first mixtape was overwhelmingly positive, so Mad Decent commissioned a second edition of the tape.

This time around, the very talented Sinden is the curator, and he enlisted a bevy of UK producers to work some magic on Gucci Gucci's acapellas. Hudson Mohawke, Melé, Toddla T, Terror Dainjah and a few other notable producers add their own flavour to the mixtape.

To grab this tape, named SINDEN PRESENTS FREE GUCCI 2: THE BURRTISH EDITION, all you have to do is submit your e-mail, and you'll receive a download link in your inbox right away. I haven't had too much time to listen to the whole tape yet (work work work), but the following cut, a remix of the Ray J collabo Remember When, is definitely major. It closely resembles the original, but grime legend Terror Dainjah injects just enough of his trademark sound into it to make it feel fresh. It helps that Wiley & Dream Mclean add verses too.

Gucci Mane- Remember When (Feat. Ray J) (Terror Danjah Remix Feat Wiley & Dream Mclean)

Gucci Mane is my favorite rapper with an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. He should be yours, too. East Atlanta trap music sounds really good when it is mixed with the sounds of the future that are coming out of the UK. Best believe it.

As you've surely noticed, I really like to put on for my city, and shine the spotlight on local talent. One of my favorite producers, Lunice, is getting a lot of love these days, and has just released a phenomenal EP, called Stacker Upper, on Scotland's LuckyMe records. You can grab the 12' here.

SHOT BY J.F.K, which I'm pretty sure is a project of one of the dudes who works at Montreal's famed streetwear boutique Off The Hook, shot a mini-documentary on Lunice, which features an interview of sorts and footage from his set at Igloofest. It is very nicely shot, and features a little insight into Lunice's approach to the production game. Rad shit and so very #SWAG.

On Monday, I'll be throwing up a nice big post on the Lucky Me showcase show coming to Montreal next friday, but in the meantime, I wanted to post some old-school Lunice for y'all. Off of his mixtape Bossa Rendez-Vous, this is Africa 2046. Pure vibes.

Lunice- Africa 2046




Ninjasonik - When Anxiety Attacks

You're probably already all familiar with NYC's "powerfuck" group Ninja Sonik (ahaha RIGHT, I invent expressions) . If not, well JUST DO IT, they wreck everything they touch. MDMAwesome told me some time ago there was rumors about them being dead but seems like they're back at it. GOOD FOR US.

Always loved & always will love their output. I remember buying the "Tight Pants EP" record like 4 years ago without really knowing exactly who they were. It has become one of my favorites (given the fact there's a beautiful pair of female MMMELONS on the cover sure helps the cause).

Anyway here's some tracks off their most recent mixtape : When Anxiety Attacks. Don't worry, you'll find the crunk-rap-electronic sound you're all used to.
Great mixtape.

Ninjasonik - Pharmacy Ft. Members Only & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
Ninjasonik - WeDontGiveaFuckZap!Pow!Die!Remix (Produced by: Zap! Pow! Die!)
Ninjasonik - Global Ft. Spank Rock (Produced by: Dj Hoff & Dj Teenwolf)


crunk music for everybody,

peace out



animal club

Check out more work by Sami Viljanto!

By now you've most likely seen the name "Club Cheval" on the blog a few times. As previously mentioned, we were expecting 2011 to be a tremendous year for this continental tornado of fatness. 

Myd & Sam Tiba

These two artists from France have been putting out some solid material in the past. Some of their dopest tunes have already been brought up on the blog so go grab them here or here!

Eccy - Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) by samtiba


His most recent release on Sound Pellegrino, "Kegstand", is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously grab the whole thing, both originals and their respective remixes are killer, but what amazed me the most in the EP is "Horreo"! The whole Club Cheval crew hop on this track and murder it. Think of some hip-hop song where you have the artists spitting some crazy verses one after another. Now try to envision this concept on an electro song. I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore so just listen for yourself!

Panteros666 - Horreo (Ft. Club Cheval) (128kbps)


Wild-card time! A week ago I  mentioned Monsieur Monsieur was finally releasing some new material, well without further ado here is the massive remix by Canblaster. Oh and as always show some love and purchase the EP here!

Monsieur Monsieur - Dirty Minded (Canblaster Remix) (128kbps)


If you think you're capable of handling more stuff, you're in luck my friends.

Canblaster's mix for XLR8R is insane, how can anyone is their right mind fit more than 50 songs in an hour long mix. On top of that, a ton of the songs are unreleased... So yeah.... Grab it here!

Sam Tiba has also done some retarded work on Sound Pellegrino's Podcast. Once again there's a Godly amount of unreleased music I want (the Myd remix of Swick's Be Stupid anyone?) Be smart, don't be a retard and suscribe to the Podcast!

As for some material that has been released, Top Billin dropped some Club Cheval remixes today. There's a few gems in this release so BUY BUY BUY!

Woah this was exhausting... Providing music for the masses.



Laid Back Sunday #19

Good evening everyone. This is your captain speaking. Today's music will reflect how I'm feeling today : fuck all. A bit of everything ranging from rap classics to pop hits. Put your pants on & lets do this.

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
AH ! This song will never get played out. I used to shake my ass to this beat when I was like 10 years old and still am rocking it. Edwyn Collins is crazy. He's a musician, an illustrator, an actor, TV show producer and record producer. I mean, the dude does it all.

Elaquent - High Score Interlude
Elaquent is the man for futuristic hiphop instrumentals. This beat is quite short since it's an interlude off his After Midnight album but for a certain reason I keep on playing this track on and on. Make sure to check him out. I've been following him for quite some time and he's been releasing straight fire since. The guy is from Ontario, support the local talents

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre - Hello
As I mentioned in the intro, today I'm really posting anything that pleases my ears. This jam brings back some good memories. Ice Cube was one of the first album I bought back in the 90s.

This is some serious live performance intro. Peep this

I Monster - The Backseat Of My Car (Sticky Black Vinyl Mix)
Ending this post with a completely different vibe. Remember the infamous Daydream track that was probably redone/remixed by 20 different people? Well we've posted the original by I Monster some time ago. This song here is an other track off the same album called Neveroddoreven. Cause we all like to do it in "ZZE Backseat of my caaar"

anyhow, hope you enjoyed today's randomness,

see you next time