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By now you've most likely seen the name "Club Cheval" on the blog a few times. As previously mentioned, we were expecting 2011 to be a tremendous year for this continental tornado of fatness. 

Myd & Sam Tiba

These two artists from France have been putting out some solid material in the past. Some of their dopest tunes have already been brought up on the blog so go grab them here or here!

Eccy - Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) by samtiba


His most recent release on Sound Pellegrino, "Kegstand", is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously grab the whole thing, both originals and their respective remixes are killer, but what amazed me the most in the EP is "Horreo"! The whole Club Cheval crew hop on this track and murder it. Think of some hip-hop song where you have the artists spitting some crazy verses one after another. Now try to envision this concept on an electro song. I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore so just listen for yourself!

Panteros666 - Horreo (Ft. Club Cheval) (128kbps)


Wild-card time! A week ago I  mentioned Monsieur Monsieur was finally releasing some new material, well without further ado here is the massive remix by Canblaster. Oh and as always show some love and purchase the EP here!

Monsieur Monsieur - Dirty Minded (Canblaster Remix) (128kbps)


If you think you're capable of handling more stuff, you're in luck my friends.

Canblaster's mix for XLR8R is insane, how can anyone is their right mind fit more than 50 songs in an hour long mix. On top of that, a ton of the songs are unreleased... So yeah.... Grab it here!

Sam Tiba has also done some retarded work on Sound Pellegrino's Podcast. Once again there's a Godly amount of unreleased music I want (the Myd remix of Swick's Be Stupid anyone?) Be smart, don't be a retard and suscribe to the Podcast!

As for some material that has been released, Top Billin dropped some Club Cheval remixes today. There's a few gems in this release so BUY BUY BUY!

Woah this was exhausting... Providing music for the masses.


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