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Once again, all respect due to Liza Lacroix.

I'll keep it rather short this afternoon. I know how busy you guys are.

Damu - LED (Jim-E Stack Remix) by JIM-E STACK

This is a brand new Jim-E Stack remix, so hot off the presses you can see the fumes. This San Francisco-born, New Orleans-based producer is definitely starting off 2011 on the right foot, with a slew of dope originals and remixes in the works. He even made an exclusive new mix for The Fader, which is all sorts of dope. They call it "manic, subversive, renegade, really young", and you can grab it at the end of the post if you so desire.

To be honest, I have no fucking clue what to call his music besides club music, but that's quite alright. Jim-E Stack's productions transcend genres, but have a metric ton of swagger as their common trait. This might be my favorite remix of his so far, as well. He warps Damu's futuristic UK Funky monster into a tornado of tribal rhythm, futuristic synth lines, progressive house energy and a bizarre sample that sounds like someone pulling their cheek. Fuck yeah. I've been listening to it on repeat for the past hour, raving alone in my room with the volume and the bass cranked up. So rad. Jim-E-Stack will blow up in 2011, mark my words.


Jamie Foxx- Fall for your type(Brenmar remix)

Brenmar is the don of club music at the moment. He's probably one of the artists we've posted about the most on Avenge The Virgins, for a damn good reason. He's a forward-thinking, innovative producer and DJ, and has released a crapload of high quality originals and remixes (Rihanna, NGUZUNGUZU, Cassie, Teengirl Fantasy and more) in the past year that have gotten airplay from tons of DJs.

The original Fall For Your Type is a personal fave, but Brenmar does it justice. And by that I mean that his remix is better than the original, and I can't help thinking that Brenmar needs to start working with vocalists, pronto. He's got a great handle on the r&b steez, I think. This is sexy, champagne-soaked music to procreate to.


Reminder for Montreal peeps: Brenmar is playing at Blue Dog Motel tonight. Pure vibes til' the early morn.

Luther Vandross- If only for one night

Perfect. There's nothing quite like great soul music to set the mood. Luther will be forever known as a boss. If, like me, you were born in the eighties, you might have been a by-product of Luther Vandross' panty-peeling voice. Actually, that's pretty unsettling. This is grown folk music.

Erick Rincon & Sheeqo Beat- Kink

J'adore 3ball aka Trival Guarachero aka Trival aka the sound of the future. More on that next week. Monterrey stay up.

Erick Rincon soundcloud
Sheeqo Beat soundcloud

Here's the aforementioned Jim-E Stack mix, and a few videos to distract you until our next post.

Mix 4 The Fader by JIM-E STACK

Enjoy the weekend.


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