Best of the Rest vol 2

Thanks for joining us for the second edition of my weekly segment, Best of the Rest, which features my five favorite submissions that we receive in the ATV inbox. It's quite tiring to go through everything, but this week, we were blessed with a very high number of great submissions. But, I had to pick 5, so here you go.

1. Coda (UK)

Coda- Jah Victory

Coda is a "live" dubstep outfit out of the UK, a group of musicians and DJs that collaborate together to make phenomenal tunes. The group includes a talented trombone player who adds an intruiging element to their productions. Deep, powerful brass and sub-bass are a mix made in heaven. Of course, it is somewhat heavy on the typical wobble sounds that most modern dubstep is known for, and they throw in a sample of Benga & Coki's Night, but I enjoy how haunting and epic it sounds. Their upcoming EP Breach is pretty neat, so keep an eye out for that if you dig the style.


2. Daniel Klauser (Chile)

Zonora & Douster- Dame Yerba (Daniel Klauser remix)

Daniel Klauser is a 20 year old Chilean producer who has been sending us stuff for a minute. He classifies this remix of Dame Yerba as Moombahswag, which I must agree is pretty damn accurate. The original, which is part of a really dope collabo between French talent Douster and Chilean MC Zonora, gets the Moombahton treatment, and the result is pretty dope. Klauser turns down the BPMs and cranks up the swag into the red. You know you've got a hit when you feature the sound of dropping coins, guns being cocked, traditional Andean rhythms and smooth raps en espanol, all in one tune.


3. Arcade Discoforgia (Italy)

Sleigh Bells- Run The Heart (Discoforgia remix)

I'm a huge fan of Sleigh Bells, so when I saw a remix of Run The Heart in the inbox this morning, I was definitely interested. Bassnectar has dropped a pretty huge remix of this same track, but this one stacks up pretty well. I really dig how Arcade Discoforgia chopped it up and turned the original's crunchy & sludgy pace into a really upbeat disco banger. This is definitely the most club-friendly version of the tune I've heard yet. Discoforgia's productions are usually on the frantic, high energy disco tip, so if you're into that kind of sound, show him a bit of love. The Ting Tings remix on his soundcloud is pretty sweet, too.


4. Dresscode (France)

Family of the Year- Psyche Or Like Scope (Dresscode remix)

Here's my monthly reminder: shit is popping off in Reims, France. There's a huge gathering of talent there, and this housy refix of a tune by Californian group Family of the Year by pop duo Dresscode only adds to my appreciation of the Reims scene. To be honest, the remix is rather simple, but it allowed me to explore their past productions on their soundcloud, and they've definitely got a special vibe. Having fellow Reims' producers Art Nouveau as one of your followers can't be a bad thing either. Dresscode makes awesomely earnest Indie/Electro pop music that's sure to make you smile and groove. Their songs make me want to smoke Gauloise cigs and drink cheap wine with a pretty French girl in a park. To be honest, if your music evokes those kind of feelings in me, I'm converted to your cause. Check out their soundcloud for a lot of dope originals and remixes.


5. Pearson Sound (UK)

David's Lyre- In Arms (Pearson Sound remix)

This is a brand new remix from Pearson Sound, one of David Kennedy's , a.k.a Ramadanman, aliases. Usually, I like to shine a bit more light on somewhat unknown producers in this segment, but what the hell. My obsession with UK Bass music has reached epidemic proportions recently, so I could not resist. Ramadanman is usually known for his booty shaking juke-influenced bass sound, but this new remix shows his versatility. Kennedy uses the sexy synth sounds, David Lyre's ethereal vocals and the muted claps to great effect. Dope stuff.


Hope you've enjoyed today's post.

Take it easy, everyone.


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